Sunday, 28 August 2016

[Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour Showcase In Malaysia 2016 @ Paradigm Mall

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[Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour Showcase In Malaysia 2016 @ Paradigm Mall

Kuala Lumpur, August 2016 – Roy Kim, a South Korean singer, songwriter has come over to Malaysia last Friday for his first ever Promo Tour Showcase to promote his 3rd album “The Great Dipper”. Our team from has been given a chance to do a coverage on both his press conference as well as his showcase. (Check out my coverage on the press conference: )

Roy Kim Malaysia Showcase 2016
Date: 26th August 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall
(Meet and Greet Session, Photocard giving, album signing event)

Caught Pokemon In Malaysia!
Still remember Roy Kim mentioned during his press conference that he was playing Pokemon Go? He informed his fans during the showcase that he has already caught 20-30 Pokemon in Malaysia.

Roy Kim Performed LIVE!
Roy Kim started off his showcase by singing the “Cloudy Day 天黑黑”, a Chinese song covered by him in his digital single album.

After that, he performed some of his hit songs like “Love Love Love”, “Home” while playing his own guitar. During the performance, Roy Kim has interacted well with all the fans. He moved from the center of the stage to both left and right side to make sure all of his fans could see him.

Brief Interview On Stage!
On stage, there was a short interview session with Roy Kim. During the interview, he mentioned that his favorite food in Malaysia is Kangkung Sambal.

He also shared some of his music career experience with the fans. He said that he grew up listening to the music his mother listens to on the cassette tapes. He really likes guitar and piano music.

When asked on why many of Roy Kim’s song titles are in repetitive words, he said that single word song title seems to be too short. So he named the first song as “Boom Boom Boom” instead of “Boom”. He was surprised that the song became a hit. That’s why he decided to name another of his song in a repetitive words pattern, “Love Love Love”.

Roy Kim Took Off His Clothes On Stage?
Roy Kim initially went on stage with a light blue formal jacket. However, he said it is too hot at the venue, so he decided to take off his jacket and the fans went crazy.

This showcase was organized by Warner Music Malaysia. During the showcase, apart from having performances, the organizer also prepared album signing, meet & greet and photo cards giving sessions to fulfill the fans’ dreams.

That’s all for the coverage! Stay tuned to for more Malaysian updates, events and news!

Covered by Sing Ean.
Published by WLJack.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Press Conference Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour In Malaysia Press Conference @ Pullman Hotel

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[Press Conference Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour In Malaysia Press Conference @ Pullman Hotel

Kuala Lumpur, August 2016 – Roy Kim, a South Korean singer, songwriter has come to Malaysia to meet his fans for the first time. Our team from has been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on his press conference which was held in Pullman Hotel, Bangsar today!

Venue: Pullman Hotel, Bangsar
Date: 26th August 2016
Time: 10am

Roy Kim Greeted The Malaysian Media! He was playing Pokemon Go?
Roy Kim appeared in Pullman Hotel this morning and had an early meet & greet with the Malaysian media members. As he entered into the conference room, he told everyone that he was actually playing Pokemon Go in Malaysia. He is currently at Level 7 because he just started to play the game. Host emcee Emily Poon informed him that he is at the right place to play the game because there are many Pokemons available around Bangsar area.

When did he first started writing a song?
Roy Kim mentioned that he first started writing a song and singing it was during his high school time. It was part of his homework that time.

Parents Not Keen For Him To Become a Singer!
Roy Kim never expected himself to be able to become a singer. He said that his parents were not too interested for him to become one. Thus, he also found it reluctant to show his parents his production even until now.

Tired Of Singing?
There were times whereby Roy Kim actually felt tired of singing. It was when he first debuted at 19 years old. That time was his starting up years and he felt tired because he was singing just for work but not totally enjoying it. However, things get better for him now and he likes it.

Preference to be known as Singer or Songwriter?
When asked on whether Roy Kim preferred to be known as a singer or a songwriter. He said that he would be happy to become both.

Roy Kim’s Favourite Singer?
Roy Kim likes the songs by Damien Rice. On further questioning, he mentioned that he is now writing a new song while he is in Malaysia which is a bit of Damien Rice Style. When it is release, the song is going to be sort of a “Made in Malaysia”.

What Is Roy Kim’s Favourite Songs From His Own?
It is hard for him to choose because all of his own songs were like his own babies. But if he really has to choose, it would be Home.

Would you define yourself as a weird dude? What is the weirdest things that you have done?
Roy Kim admitted that he may be one of those weird ones. But he is a good mannered ones.

The weirdest thing that he has ever done was creating a song which sounded beautifully after he has taken some Korean liquor. It happened during a time whereby he was drunk alongside with his producer and they actually wrote a song which sounded nice at that moment. As they woke up from their hangover, they realized that the song actually sounded like a crap and he has to re-record it.

What’s Roy Kim’s Future Plans?
Roy Kim has released three full albums so far for the past 3 years. He hopes to tour around and rests after this. He also mentioned that he didn’t actively go for TV Shows for the past 3 years because he wanted to stay fully focused to his singing career. However, this year he has started to go for some TV Shows and it went well for him. He would like to try more but he had to go back to school in Washington soon.

For the upcoming three to four months, he will continue to be a student before he can start to work again for his new songs.

Roy Kim likes being both a student as well as being a singer. He hasn’t been resting that much when he is being a singer. Thus, going back to school as a student would be considered as a “rest” for him.

That’s all for the press conference coverage. Roy Kim would be going on for a promo tour in Malaysia for these two days. Here are the details of his tour:

Roy Kim Malaysia Showcase 2016
Date: 26th August 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall
(Meet and Greet Session, Photocard giving, album signing event)

My FM Dare Dare Come 2.0 Go!
Date: 27th August 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: SJK (C) Sam Chai, Ipoh

Well, do check out his showcase and My FM Dare Dare Come 2.0 Go! That’s all from me. Stay tuned to for more Malaysia entertainment news and events!

Saw one of my friend Caleb from The Salad Show during the press conference

Published by WLJack.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

[Coverage] FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 @ Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

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[Coverage] FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 @ Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, August 2016 FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 just happened last weekend at Stadium Negara. It was their first concert after 7 years since debut and it was a really great success! Our team from has been given a chance to do a coverage on the event!

FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会
Date: 20th August 2016
Time: 8pm
Venue: Stadium Negara

Kick Off The Show With Energetic Dance And Astonishing Background Visuals!
The fantastic concert started with an energetic entrance by both Thomas and Jack with their vibrant moves alongside a breathtaking background visuals! The first song sang was 我就是谁”. Every fans on the floor were screaming in joy as they see their favourite idols performed on stage!

Finally, After 7 Years Of Wait!
Thomas Jack (TJ) took their time to interact with their fans in between their songs. They said that they were very delighted to finally make the concert happened after 7 years of hardworks since their debut. It was a really meaningful night for them!

Throughout the show, footages of their journey were also shown on-screen which has brought back many memories to them as well as to their fans!

Gui Gui’s (鬼鬼吴映) as Guest Appearance!
During the performance of TJ’s 躲猫猫”, Gui Gui’s (鬼鬼吴映洁, the Taiwanese Mandopop artiste suddenly appeared on stage and blended in to their performance of that song. The bubbly artiste then performed another song on stage which was Joyce Chu’s “好想你.

Medley With An Array Of Very Familiar Songs!
Apart from performing their own songs, TJ also performed a medley consisting of very familiar songs especially for the generations who were born at 90s and beyond. The medley they sang included songs like Everybody, Bye Bye Bye, As Long as you love me,  My Love, 恋人未满,我难过,流星雨 as well as Kpop songs like Gee, Sorry Sorry, Rising Sun, Bang Bang Bang.

Michael Wong 光良 Special Guest Appearance!
Apart from Gui Gui, another major guest appearance during the show was no one other than Michael Wong光良Malaysian most prestigious Mandopop singer. He appeared right after TJ performed the song of 光良唱过我的故事”.

As he appeared on stage, he has performed a few of his songs like 掌心, 第一次, 勇气and 童话 with TJ.

During his moments on stage, he mentioned how things have changed regarding fans response towards duo groups nowadays. When he performed on stage that night, it reminded him some of his times as 無印良品 (光良品冠).

Great Interaction With Fans!
Apart from having a selfie on stage with the crowd behind, they also went down to the floor to greet their fans!

There were some really touching moments in the concert. One of it was when the fans raised up their supportive message flags to TJ! It’s a really heartwarming moment!

TJ Went All Out! Show of their bodies on stage?!!
During one of the gap in between their performances, they showed a footage of TJ in the backstage changing their performing attires. They teased the fans in the footage with their bodies.

Later on, they brought it on stage as well showing off their well-built bodies on stage. This is definitely an all out effort by TJ to their fans!

Fantastic Finale For Fantasy Concert!
In addition to the upbeat performance by TJ, there was an amazing finale for the show. The concert ended with the last song  which has also featured a marching band. It was a real grand finale to a great concert!

The fans were hoping for an encore for the show. Although there was no encore songs, TJ provided a unique encore finishing whereby 小东 did a stunning dance move before the final closing of the concert.

Back On Stage To Talk To The Fans!
Thomas Jack is one of those artistes which really care about their fans. Right after the show, they actually went back on stage to talk and interact with their fans. The fans were very happy to see them back on stage for a brief little gathering.

This concert was joint organized by Galaxy Group ( 银河集团 ) and More Entertainment 摩爾娛樂Main sponsored by Honor, Co-sponsored by Jasmine, Redbox Greenbox Karaoke, MY FM as official radio station, 8TV ntv7 as media partner, Sunway Putra Hotel as official hotel, 面对面板面专卖店 as official restaurant, Spectrum as official advertisement board partner, special thanks to Universal Music Malaysia, Audio Synergy and Screenpaper.

Overall, it was a really spectacular concert! Me and my co-editor Thin Wy enjoyed it very much! Million thanks to More Entertainment 摩爾娛樂 for inviting us to cover the show!

Published by WLJack. 
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