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[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016

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[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016

Kuala Lumpur, October 2016 – Organized by Astro本地圈, this is the third time for “Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016” to be held in Malaysia. The amazing dancing competition was held on 8th October 2016 at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang. Our team from has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

14 Dance Crews From 11 Different Countries!
Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016 this time has invited 14 teams of dance crews from 11 different Asian conutries. Each and every single dance crew teams have their own unique dance style and skill sets. They have competed with each other through showcases and the top 4 finalists competed again in battle rounds.

The teams that have participated include Lady Bounce (South Korean), 3D Color (South Korean), Tha Project (Philippines), Crafts of Kammotionn (India), Amami Crew (Japan), Smooth Boogie Crew (Hong Kong), The Zoo (Thailand), YK (Singapore), Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam), Last Minute Street Crew (Indonesia), Rejuvenate Dance Crew (Malaysia), Red Lycans (Malaysia) and Formosa Crew (Taiwan).

Taiwan Formosa Crew Crowned Asian Battleground 2016 as The Champion!
Malaysia Rejuvenate Dance Crew Won The Best Showcase!
After a series of showcases and battles, Taiwan Formosa Crew has topped the competition as the champion of Asian Battleground 2016. On the other hand, Rejuvenate Dance Crew from Malaysia has won the best showcase with the scoring of 86.2!

Showcase Scoreboards:
1. Rejuvenate Dance Crew (Malaysia) – 86.8
2. Red Lycans (Malaysia) – 82.1
3. Formosa Crew (Taiwan) – 80.9
    Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam) – 80.9

Both of the dance crews from Malaysia Rejuvenate Dance Crew and Red Lycans managed to get into the top 4 finalists alongside with Formosa Crew from Taiwan and Urban Clown Crew from Vietnam.

All of the top 4 finalists battled with each other through a drawlot method. Both Malaysia teams faced each other during the first round of battle. Red Lycans managed to get into the grand finale battle against Formosa Crew. In the end, Formosa Crew soared as the champion of the night!

Post Event Interview:
After the competition, our team have joined the media interview sessions with the winners!

Interview With Formosa Crew:

“We are very happy that we can crown the champion tonight. Although we aimed to get champion since the beginning, we never expected that it could really come true. For us, win or lose is not the most important thing. We just hope to try our best!” mentioned by Formosa Crew team leader Gino黄柏青.

“The competitors this time have good standards, we felt big pressures from them too. Our opponent (Red Lycans) is also one of the teams which we have been paying attentio. We respected our opponents too for their spirit.”

“My son came and supported us too. He also loves to dance.” added by Gino.

Interview With Rejuvenate Dance Crews:

“We have been practising since the formation of our team. As a dancer, we cannot just practise for the competition itself.”

“Our team have been formed since 5 years ago but the current 9 members have only been working together for the past 1 year.”

“I think we lost in the competition this time in the aspect of experience. Although we won the best showcase, battle is a totally different story. We need to improve ourselves in terms of dance battle.” Said Danny Lee from Rejuvenate Dance Crews.

Interview With Red Lycans:

“Although we didn’t win the Asian Battleground 2016, we are very satisfied with the result because we have already tried our best.” Said KidInn from Red Lycans (Astro舞极限 2016 champion).

“The strength of our finale opponent (Formosa Crew) is their bonding for 10 years and also their experience. Each and every single dance crews have their own strength and weakness. Ours is lacking in battle experience compared to theirs.”

“I used to learn how to dance via Formosa Crew channels. They are something like my idol in dancing. I never expected myself to be competing against them on the same stage.” Said KidInn.

“After the competition, we will still dance as the same team. For the past 7 months, we have been practising together and have been spending most of our times together. We won’t stop dancing and we will aim to do even better in future competitions.”

Renowned Judges Performed During Asian Battleground 2016!
Asian Battleground 2016 this time has invited popular and renowned dancer judges including Pacman, Anthony Lee & Mike SongLia Kim & FirebacC.Hsiang(钧翔)and Medusa.

All of them have mesmerized the audiences too with their special performances on stage.

For  those who have missed the Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016 yesterday, you can catch the show via Astro本地圈 official YouTube channel

For more information on Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016, please visit:

Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016 Youtube link

Red Lycans have been my favourite dance crew this year. Although they didn’t win Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016, I still think they are really awesome. Keep it up! Looking forward to see you guys in future performances!

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[Upcoming Event] "Doctors 닥터스" Casts Meet The Fans In Malaysia (Featuring Park Shin Hye at Mamonde Garden Event and Kim Rae Won at ONE Asia Event)

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[Upcoming Event] "Doctors 닥터스" Casts Meet The Fans In Malaysia (Featuring Park Shin Hye at Mamonde Garden Event and Kim Rae Won at ONE Asia Event)

Kuala Lumpur, October 2016- Fans of South Korea Medical Drama "Doctors 닥터스", it's time for you to take note of these upcoming events as you can get a chance to meet your favorite doctors, Dr Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) and Dr Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) in Malaysia next week! So remember to mark your calendar!'

Here are the details of the events:

Kim Rae Won Meet The Fans by One TV Asia
Date: 10/10/2016, Monday 
Time: 7.15pm

Venue: Centre Court, Pavilion KL

Park Shin Hye Meet The Fans by Mamonde
Date: 14/10/2016
Time: TBC
Venue: Oval Concourse, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Remember to share this event post with your friends so that more of you can meet your favourite Korean idols here!

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[Media Interview] 8tv I Wanna Sing 我要唱好歌 Media Interview with William Wei韋禮安 and Percy Phang 彭學斌

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[Media Interview] 8tv I Wanna Sing 我要唱好歌 Media Interview with William Wei韋禮安 and Percy Phang 彭學斌

Kuala Lumpur, October 2016 - A song is only complete when there is a great combination of lyric, composition, melody and singer. In order to promote local musical creation with originality, 8tv has created a reality show “I Wanna Sing 我要唱好歌which will be premiering on 9th October 2016. It will be airing every Sunday at 8.30pm via 8tv.

The competition focuses on "original production and original creation" as its core theme. "I Wanna Sing" is open to Malaysians aged 15 to 40, whom are able to communicate in Chinese. The show will be hosted by the Orange 陳慧恬, who was also spring from a singing reality show. The judges-cum-tutors for this show include famous music producer Tan Yen Hue 陳彥琿, the new Chinese jazz female singer Winnie Ho 何芸妮, and the multitalented Cheryl Lee 李欣怡.

There will be three stages for this competition. Besides the regular judges, the production team has also invited Nicholas 張棟樑, Eve 艾怡良 and Weibird aka William 韋禮安 from Taiwan as the special judges of the show.

Our team from has been invited to do a coverage on the live recording of the show and also a media interview session with William Wei韋禮安 and Percy Phang 彭學斌.

Media Interview Session with William Wei韋禮安 and Percy Phang 彭學斌

P- Percy Phang 彭學斌
W- William Wei 韋禮安

Q1: Both of you have been invited too as the special judges for 8tv previous competition 非常好歌 The Ultimate Song. What's your overall impression regarding the competition this year?
P: I think the standards are getting higher year by year. This year in particular, they have included another aspect which is the performer, besides just focusing on the song and lyrics composing. With the guidance and adjustments from the tutors, the arrangement and overall performance of the songs this year is actually much more matured and higher in terms of quality.
W: I'm actually pleasantly surprised. This is actually my second time here, the first time was during The Ultimate Song. It left a very strong impression for me. That time I was still new to the show and I met some very talented new composers. Hence, I was really looking forward for the contest this time. Of course, it didn't disappoint. I can see a few great performances and also hear some really good songs. In some ways, I envy the music scenes in Malaysia. The music industry in Taiwan is lacking of such a platform, and there is a gap where new composers have yet to catch up or fill in the big shoes that have been left behind by the established/renowned composers. There are singing competitions in Taiwan, but not competitions that are based on music composing as this one. I really wish that there are such competitions in Taiwan, where we can nurture new composers, and it can be a platform for composers to connect and interact. Composers are usually very lonely, having a competition like this brings them together.

Q2: Any contestants or songs in particular that you are rooting for? Or is there any contestants who have left a strong impression for you?
W: I remember a contestant named Kay from yesterday night. I think the song was very well-written and there's really not much room for improvement. When at backstage, I told her that the overall performance was already quite perfect, she just need to learn how to cope with her tiny bits of nervousness. And she is just 19 years old, there is so much potential in her. For today, there was another contestant named 文傑, who sang an R&B song. In his case, it is what I would term as raw talent. I see a lot of possibilities in him. I also remember a contestant named June who has a great memorable voice.

Q3: Any suggestions or advice for the contestants?
P: I used to participate in a lot of composing competitions previously. Personally, I feel that it's a good environment for us to get to know new friends who also love music composing like ourselves; who are from different background, different universities, etc. A lot of these friends of mine are now still in different areas of the music industry. Some are now working as music producer while some are working as composers. For example, Cheer Chen 陳綺貞 or 陳建寧 from FIR, these are all the people who I always met in my previous competitions. Regardless of which era it is, competitions like this will be a good channel for new composers to interact and improve themselves.

Q4: Will William Wei consider collaborations with the other judges or tutors of the show?
W: With Percy? Hmm... We have some little secret project going on, but we can't say yet. (Laughs)
P: Actually during this round, I did see a lot of potential composers, and there might be room for collaborations in the future. I'm quite impressed by a composer named 文彬, two of his songs in this competition have gained my attention. I think he is quite talented. I feel that he is quite experienced in composing pop music.

Q5: Percy, Would you consider training or mentoring these new composers?
P: I'm not sure if I can train them because I haven't interacted with them personally. But I'm really very impressed by some of them.

Q6: William, have you started mentoring some new composers? Perhaps in Taiwan?
W: Not at the moment. Perhaps in the future. Now I'm pretty wrapped up with my own promo tours and performances on top of writing my own music. But like in this show, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to be able to share some experience with the contestants backstage. I'm quite envious of them. If only I had this same exposure in the past when I was still new to this industry, it would have been much easier for my life. There will be less time wasted trying to find solutions to a lot of things. As long as they are interested to know, I'm quite willing to answer their questions.

Q7: Would you consider this show as being a different one from the usual singing competition whereby the focuses this time is on music composing? Or do you think looks and appearances still play a major role?
W: The weightage is more for music composing itself in this competition of course. However, in the current music industry scene, looks still matter. Nonetheless, the music composition is the precious factor in this competition.

Presented by 8TV, Red Box & Green Box Karaoke and China Press as media partners, the new reality show "I Wanna Sing" aims to discover great voices, great songs, great lyricist and music composers.

To find out more, please visit or follow the official 8TV Facebook page: 八度空間 or Instagram: @8tvchinese.

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You can also watch 8TV through your subscription at 708 channel.

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[Coverage] Penny Tai戴佩妮 “好賊日” Malaysia Music Showcase and Media Interview (馬來西亞聽歌音樂會+媒體聯訪)

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[Coverage] Penny Tai戴佩妮 好賊日” Malaysia Music Showcase and Media Interview (馬來西亞聽歌音樂會+媒體聯訪)

Kuala Lumpur, October 2016- One of the most prominent mandopop songstress from our own shore, Penny Tai 戴佩妮 has recently released her new album “in August this year. In conjunction with the release of the new album, she has had a music showcase and media interview a week ago in Fahrenheit KL Venue. Our team from has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Date: 25th September 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 4pm
Venue: KL Venue, Fahrenheit 99

Crime Scene-Like Venue Decoration!
Corresponding to theme of the album, the event venue was decorated like a theft crime scene with “restricted zone” tapes all over the place. Walking through the “crime scenes”, the fans were also invited to “steal” the posters from the wall. There were also surprises behind those posters, whereby specific posters were marked with special stamping. The lucky fans with the stamped posters could walk away with merchandises.

Apart from that, fans were also given a chance to play games with Penny if they could fulfill the criteria stated by 988 Radio Announcer May aka Madam May. It was a really fun and interactive event.

A New Journey For Penny In Music Career After Her Marriage!
This is Penny Tai’s 12th Album since her debut. For her, this album is something like a diary of her life ever since she was married 3 years ago. It documents the changes in her perspective and also feelings as a wife.

This album also symbolizes a border that separates her past with her present. It’s something like bidding a formal goodbye to her past stories. She is currently living a happily married life instead of dwelling in the sorrows of 街角的祝福.

Sharing Of Her Thoughts! Singing In Tears! Heartfelt moments for both Penny and fans!
During the event, Penny mentioned that she was a very fortunate person because she has never thought that she could come so far to what she is today. She is very comfortable with her current state as she can be both the person who sits back and relaxes as well as being the person who can go on stage to perform when she wants to.  

 Penny also added that she does not have the intention to leave the field yet, but she is also not trying to please all the passerby and meet the expectations of others. What she is today is the accumulation of her efforts and experiences over the past 16 years. All those past is what inspired her to write the song “現在的自己”.

As she sang the song, emotions built up and she broke down in tears. However, with the support from everyone, she was able to condense her emotion again and completed the song melodiously.

A down to earth personality! Great interaction with fans!
has always been known to be very friendly with her fans and it was very evidential during the event. During the event, she has been joking around with the fans sportingly, taking selfie with fans, braiding the fans’ hair and even changing the names of her songs. She was just so adorable.

It was a really pleasant afternoon for the fans as well as her music lovers. Really looking forward for her to have another showcase or concert again in Malaysia!

That’s all for our website coverage on the event. If you are interested to have your events covered by our website, do not hesitate to contact me via

Coverage by co-editor SingEan.

Edited and published by Chief Editor WLJack.
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