[Press Conference + Coverage] “一路有你” The Journey, Astro CNY Movie Media Premiere

[Press Conference + Coverage] “一路有你” The Journey, Astro CNY Movie Media Premiere

Kuala Lumpur, 11th January 2014- Yesterday, our team (loong-updates.blogspot.com) and our chief editor WLJack (wljack.com) have been given the opportunity to attend the media premiere and press conference of Astro CNY Movie, “一路有你” “The Journey”. It was a pleasant morning for us because we have the chance to enjoy a movie which is filled with beautiful scenery and heartwarming moments. The review for the movie will be up soon, hope you guys can stay tuned.

Currently, let us share with you more about this upcoming CNY movie and some highlights during the press conference!

I am sure many of you have already watched Woohoo! (2010) and Great Day (2011) before. Those two movies have been a phenomenal success and both of them were directed by director Chiu Keng Guan. After the long wait, Chiu finally returns with his upcoming work, “The Journey一路有你 which is set to be released in cinema on 30th January 2014, marking the completion of his Astro CNY trilogy films. 

This movie is presented by Astro Shaw and produced by Woohoo Pictures. It is a cross-continental story that involves the discovery of Chinese culture, not just as a tradition but as an expression of love and deeper meanings behind it.

Different from previous two films which cast prominent Astro and MyFM DJ as the main characters, the movie this time starred amateur actors such as 74-year old retiree Frankie Lee Sai Peng, Australian stage actor Ben Andrew Pfeiffer, winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007, Joanne Yew Hong Im, as well as the average men of the streets- kids and senior citizens which have little or no acting experience. This has added more realism into the movie as compared to the previous two movies. The characters inside feel like us inside the movie! In fact, they are us!

As stated in my previous coverage post on 1st Golden Wau Awards, Chiu Keng Guan was awarded as the Best Director for his film Great Day (2011) during that award show. According to him,the idea of making the Nation Movie project like The Journey popped up in his mind while he was producing the Astro Chinese New Year music video, Happy Dragon.

First Golden Wau Awards Coverage: http://www.wljack.com/2013/10/coverage-1st-golden-wau-awards.html

This project is a very bold approach by Astro. Besides the cast members and the filming crews, Astro has also invited the public to be part of the film in more than one ways. One of the significant achievements in this movie is the creation of a 90 feet hot air balloon which was made of over 10,000 recycled plastic bags contributed by the people of all walks of life from the country.

The movie was shot in 40 days over a period of four months and it was filmed around many outdoor locations across Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Penang, Kedah, Malacca and Johor. Many unique local Chinese cultures and lifestyles such as Astro CNY Countdown gala, “Pai Ti Kong” at the Clan Jetty, Penang and the Chingay Parade in Johor Bharu were all portrayed inside this film.

The Cast members are determined in acting despite being the first time on set!
This is the first time for a few of the cast members to actually take part in acting. Despite being new in this field, all of the casts have been very serious is playing their parts. Their efforts can be evidenced by the touching scenes which are well-delivered due to their realistic and convincing acting after many NG attempts. Director CHIU has admitted that he is very touched by the casts’ determination and efforts. He said that there is a scene whereby Uncle Frankie actually said to almost everyone in the set, “Welcome to the wedding” because Uncle Frankie was very serious and nervous to ensure that he played his role well. They NG for many times but all the actors and actresses were very cooperative to ensure their best performance would be captured into frames.

Uncle Frankie’s experience in this film!
There is a scene whereby he has to be held high above the sky as he was attached to the hot air balloon. This was a challenge for Uncle Frankie and he admitted that he was very scared during that moment. However, he was very satisfied after watching the premiere of the movie, stating that the effect was actually quite good. When asked whether he still wants to take part in filming, he said that he is interested but he would be a bit scared.

Joanne Yew on-screen partner with Ben Andrew Pfeiffer! Did she fall for him in reality?
She admitted that she likes Ben very much, but like as a friend. She admires him because he shared some of his stage acting experience with her and she also likes his blue eyes. On further questioning regarding her career in acting, she jokingly said that it will depend on whether director Chiu wants to have a sequel for “The journey” and cast her again.

 “The Journey” - best foreign movie during Taoyuan Film Festival!
Recently in October 2013, “The Journey” was voted as the best foreign movie amongst 61 films from 25 countries. This achievement has given more confidence for director CHIU. He hopes that the box office sales for the movie in Malaysia will be as good as the previous two films.

Red Carpet and Gala Premiere For The Journey!
The red carpet and gala premiere for The Journey will be slated at 8pm on 18th January 2014, with a talk show featuring the director and the main casts, which will be shown LIVE from Paradigm Mall via Astro AEC (Ch 301) and Astro Wah Lai Toi (Ch 311). Concurrently, the movie will also be premiered in 11 cinemas nationwide for 100 lucky audiences at each location. So do take note!

For more details on the movie “The Journey一路有你”, please visit:

The full review and summarized review of the film will be updated in wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com soon. Thanks! J

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