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Monday, 18 August 2014

[Coverage] Myolie Wu 胡杏儿 Promo Tour For Adonis 2014 @ Garden Lifestyle Store & Café

[Coverage] Myolie Wu 胡杏儿 Promo Tour For Adonis 2014 @ Garden Lifestyle Store & Café

19th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – A few days ago, Myolie Wu胡杏儿has come over to Malaysia for a series of ADONIS爱美雅  promo tour. Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com has been given a chance to do a coverage on the event at Garden Lifestyle Store & Café in Midvalley Megamall.

Adonis has been formed for 26 years.  Their main aim is to 打造自信与光彩的代言人. Their thorough beauty care is to allow the customers to shine naturally and charmingly via their inner and outer beauty. 

The company ambassador, Hong Kong TVB Best Actress Myolie Wu胡杏儿 has been playing the role as ambassador for 7 years now. Every year, she will fulfill her duty as the ambassador and come to Malaysia to share about Adonis爱美雅 beauty care and products.

Myolie Tight Schedule!
After the event in Malaysia, she will be going to China for a promotion of upcoming movie “失戀急讓”/ “临时同居” . She is currently also busy filming a show with Anthony Wong黃秋生.

Relationship between Myolie and Adonis!
Myolie thanked Adonis for choosing her. She has faith in Adonis service and products. At the current stage, she felt like she’s already a family member for Adonis instead of being just a commercial figure. Adonis has provided her with care from head to toe, from inner beauty to outer beauty! Plus, Adonis always came out with improved products and services for the customers. She felt very happy getting all these new treatments from Adonis.

Adonis Giving The Best To Their Customers!
always placed their customers’ needs as their main priority. In order to provide the best for the customers, Adonis use natural materials in making their products plus always come out with new treatments that would satisfy the customers.

Bikini Photos With Friends! Any Intention Of Making Her Own寫真集?
Myolie Wu uploaded a few bikini photos previously during a trip with her best friends and has received many praises from the fans. She clarified she only took the photos for fun and she has no intention of doing a寫真集(photo book). She stated that she’s too old to make one now.

There are also netizens who criticized that she has a flat chest. She replied that size is not a matter, most importantly is the balance of the body appearance. If the size is too big, it is not necessary to be suitable too. It depends on personal preferences.  

Myolie Loves To Do Charity
Myolie Wu admitted that she loves to take part in charity events. When asked whether she will form her own charity fund raising organization, she stated that she will consider it as she hopes that she could do something in return for the community.

ADONIS爱美雅have given away freebies during the promo tour. During the promotion period, you can purchase two times facial treatment for only RM198.

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