[Coverage] "2014 Unbreakable Bond(友情滙聚音樂會)" Live Concert In Malaysia

[Coverage] "2014 Unbreakable Bond(友情滙聚音樂會)" Live Concert In Malaysia

19th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur - "2014 Unbreakable Bond(友情滙聚音樂會)" Live Concert in Malaysia has been held a few days ago at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a chance to do a coverage on the event which featured prominent Hong Kong artistes such as Jordan Chan(陳小春), Sharon Chan(陳敏之), Michael Tse(謝天華), Kate Tsui(徐子珊), Bosco Wong(黃宗澤)and Sammy Leung(森美).

Date: 16th August 2014
Time: 8pm
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

There was some delay in the concert and it started at around 9pm. The concert lasted for approximately 2 hours with each artiste performing around 3-4 songs respectively.

Before the performers came on stage, a video showing the photos of the artistes have been shown. The fans shouted and screamed in joy when they saw the video as they knew the performance is about to start soon.

Sammy Leung森美 Kicked Off On Stage With Singing! Great Emcee Hosting Skill Displayed!

While most of us were informed from the promo poster that Sammy Leung would be the emcee for the show, we didn’t expect that he would be singing on stage as well. His skill in singing was actually quite good. After his first song, he proceeded with his usual emceeing and we could witness how good he was in hosting the show! He spoke with funny lines and intermittent impromptu singing! Overall, it was really entertaining watching him speak on stage.

Besides emceeing, he has done some giveaway on stage to some lucky fans. An aunty fans who was an opportunist, took the golden chance to kiss him on his face. He didn’t expect this from the aunty fans but he jokingly said that he wished to get the kiss from the other younger fans actually.

Bosco Wong黃宗澤On Rocker Style! Unleashing His Wilder Side!
Bosco黃宗澤 has surprised everyone with his rocker style performance on stage. Not only he was singing rock songs, he also wore costumes and make-ups which were totally like a rocker punk! While he has come over to Malaysia for so many times, this was one of the rare times for his fans to witness his wilder side!

He has performed a few English songs alongside with some of his original songs in TVB Dramas such as “底線 & “最後祝福”. A lot of members from his fans club 黃家軍has attended the concert to give him their fullest support!

Kate Tsui徐子珊Singing Wanting Qu’s Song! Charmed Her Fans With Dance!
Wanting Qu’s songs seemed to be Kate Tsui徐子珊’s favourite choice for performing as she has picked two of her songs to sing during the concert. She started her set with 我的歌聲里 and then she also sang “Drenched”.

Besides singing, she also has a small conversation with the fans on stage. She said that she has her own album and she reminded the fans that she used to be dancer-singer. Thus, she proceeded with dancing blended with her singing on stage. All of her fans shouted in joy and were mesmerized by her dance.

Long Legged Sharon Chan(陳敏之) Wowed The Audience With Her Beautiful Attire! Giving Her Best In Putting Up A Good Performance!
Sharon Chan(陳敏之) who is famous for her long legs has wore a beautiful attire during her appearance time on stage. She came on stage after Kate Tsui.

She has given her best in putting up a good performance by singing the songs from one of her TVB drama in the past few months, “MyLady”.  Despite not being a dancer-singer artiste, she has also danced and sang on stage! Her efforts were appreciated by the audiences with cheers and screams as she performed Kelly’s “大日子”!

After her performance on stage, Sharon and Sammy have chosen a few lucky fans to go on stage and play games with them. It was a funny interaction session.

Laughing Gor, Michael Tse(謝天華),Impressed The Fans With His Well-Known Dancing Skill! Went Down The Stage To Up Close Interact With Fans!
Michael Tse(謝天華) who is famous for his role Laughing Gor have come on stage with a series of great dancing! It’s without any doubt that his dancing was really good!

Besides dancing, he also sang a few songs from his TVB Drama which mostly has a狙擊at the end of the titles. Ironically, he is the original singer for all of these theme songs. During his performance, he even walked down the stage and interacted with the fans up close! All of the crowds went crazy as they saw him walking towards them! It was one of the memorable moments during the show!

Near his ending performances, he took the opportunity to promote his upcoming concert in Hong Kong titled “友情岁月which featured “洪兴五兄弟from 古惑仔 (Young And Dangerous).

Jordan Chan(陳小春) Stepped On Stage Duet With Michael! Hesitated To Speak Mandarin or Cantonese!!
Jordan Chan(陳小春), the last performer of the night came on stage during the ending part of Michael’s performance and sang a duet with him. It was great to see both of them get together on stage because both of them used to be partners in quite a number of occasions last time. In fact, it brought back some nostalgic memories!

Jordan Chan hesitated on whether should he be speaking in Mandarin or Cantonese as he was about to sing a few Mandarin songs. He then sang a few of his songs and has amazed the fans with his spectacular voice.

Jordan Chan and Michael Tse also hinted that they wished that洪兴五兄弟 can come over and perform in Malaysia. However, they need to get the long-haired one (Ekin Cheng) to agree with them.

Many Fans Presented Gifts To Their Idols!
Worth mentioning is, throughout the whole show, the fans for each artiste have given their idols some gifts like flowers and etc. Both the artistes and the fans were in joy when they get to meet each other on stage as the fans gave them the presents. Some even took the opportunity to selfie with their idol, on stage itself!

Finale Song “友情岁月”,  A Song That Totally Matched With The Title Of The Concert!
As the concert reached the finale, all of the artistes came back on stage and sang together 友情岁月”! It was a moment that has left a great impression on the audiences’ mind!

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Million thanks to Gs entertainment for giving us a chance to do a coverage on the event!

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