[Coverage] AlphaBAT @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur

[Coverage] AlphaBAT @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur

18th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – Korean Kpop Group, AlphaBAT has come over to Malaysia again to perform during Hari Raya Season last weekend. One of the venue for their performance is at 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall. The mall was filled with fans for AlphaBAT which consists of nine members, Beta, Code, Delta, Epsilon, Fie, Gamma, Heta, Iota and Jeta.

Date: 10th August 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
Time: 4pm

AlphaBAT came on stage with cheers and screams from fans!
While there was a delay in the event due to heavy traffic, the boys were welcomed by the fans with a whole round of screams as they appeared on stage! AlphaBAT has started off with their first song performance! They then introduced their ownselves one by one. They mentioned that they were very happy because there were more fans who came to meet them this time. Thus, they will try their best to make the fans happy!

Injured Epsilon Could Not Perform On Stage!
Epsilon who have injured could not perform on stage. Thus, he felt very sorry and he apologized to the fans. He said that he really wished to perform on stage for the fans too if he could!

Awesome Fans Servicing By AlphaBAT!
The boys from AlphaBAT really love their fans very much. When requested by the emcee to raise up their hands if they miss Malaysia, all of them raised up their hands immediately without any doubts. Besides, the emcee even taught them on how to say “I love you” and “I miss you” in Bahasa Malaysia. They learnt it up immediately and said it together, “Aku Rindu Padamu!” (Can view it in video coverage)

All of the fans were in joy listening to their favourite idols speaking in Bahasa Malaysia.

Up Close and Personal Interaction Between the Alphas and AlphaBAT!
Apart from all the fans servicing as mentioned above, the fans also stood a chance to be up close and personal with AlphaBAT. A few lucky fans were chosen to go on stage and play “rock, scissors, paper” with the boys. If the fans win, they would be given an opportunity to take photos with AlphaBAT. In the end, the fans won and all of them took photos happily with their favourite idols!

Special present for AlphaBAT! Birthday Surprise for Epsilon!
AlphaBAT members were also provided with a surprise present from the fans! They were asked to turn their backs while the fans placed the batons on the stage for them. Batons were seen in one of the music video of AlphaBAT. The fans requested them to perform again with batons on their hands! One of the members of AlphaBAT said that the baton is dangerous!

Aside from all these, one memorable moment during the showcase is when birthday cake was taken up to stage as a surprise for Epsilon. All of the fans and the members have sung Birthday song for him. He was very touched. When asked what is his wish, he said “Secret.”.

Final Audition for 10th Member of AlphaBAT!
AlphaBAT last visit during April 2014 was overwhelmed with attention from major newspapers, TV, radio and social media. An audition was held for 10th member during that time and finalists from Malaysia were chosen. During this event on 10th August 2014, the final audition was held and we had a chance to witness the process of audition too.

All of this summed up the Hari Raya Showcase that happened that day. Million thanks to New Pro Star for giving our team a chance to do a coverage on the event.

For video coverage,please visit:

In the meantime, if you want to check out the performance, can watch the videos below:

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