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[Local Entertainment] Astro本地圈Celebrities Spreading Love Together, Lending Helping Hands in Cameron Highlands Bartem Valley

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Astro本地圈Celebrities Spreading Love Together
Lending Helping Hands in Cameron Highlands Bartem Valley

7th November 2013, Kuala Lumpur- Recently a flash flood has occurred in Cameron Highlands. Astro 本地圈 celebrity 曾洁钰 hometown, Bartem Valley was one of the areas affected. After knowing such news, Astro 本地圈 celebrities have headed to Bartem Valley on the next day to help out in cleaning the post-flood environment.  

The Astro本地圈 celebrities who were involved in the cleaning tasks included曾洁钰, Jazz白琳, Min 黄毓敏, Juztin刘界辉, Jordan盛天俊 and  Kim林长金.  Astro本地圈 crews and celebrities have helped to clean the drain, throw away ruined items, clean the housing area and move away obstructing objects.

When Astro本地圈 team arrived at Bartem Valley, the place was quite damaged. The tarred road has been coated with soils making it hard to move around. Collection of water has been seen at many areas too. Besides, some electronics items such as refrigerator, television, bed and etc were flushed out of the house due to the flood.

曾洁钰 stated that, after they have distributed their tools and equipments, everyone has worked hard to help in cleaning up the place. The Astro 本地圈 celebrities have cooperated with the villagers to transport the destroyed items to the rubbish collecting lorry. One of the obstacle faced during the process was, there was no water supply. This has made it a bit difficult for some cleaning task.

During this trip, the celebrities have also taken their time to chat with the victims. The victims (the villagers) have described the flood as a “Mini Tsunami” which has destroyed their home within a glimpse.  Some of the crop and gardens have been destroyed. This has wasted many villagers’ efforts in harvesting.

曾洁钰stated that, due to everyone’s initiatives, part of their works have been completed. She hoped that more people would help out so that Bartem Valley can be restored to normal again soon.

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