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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

[Entertainment] 《2013年度TVB全球華人新秀歌唱大赛》 Amy文小菲 Lost But Made Malaysia Proud

Amy文小菲 Lost But Made Malaysia Proud

Kuala Lumpur, 5th November 2013 -2013年度TVB全球华人新秀歌唱大赛》 finale has happened in Hong Kong 无线电视城 one week ago. The Malaysia representatives Astro新秀Justin吴宗翰and Amy文小菲although lost at top 8 finalists. Amy’s unique vocal has mesmerized the judge 林晓培. They demanded her to continue singing despite losing in the competition.

After the competition has been finished, Amy& Justin has received interview from Malaysian media members. Both of them felt guilty to their family members, friends and supporters. They have apologized for letting them down. Both of them sounded sad but have admitted that they have tried their best.

林晓培,陈奂仁love Amy’s voice
Amy has responded regarding 林晓培’s support and encouragement. She said that she appreciated her recognition very much. Apart from that, another judge 陈奂仁 also liked Amy’s performance very much. He was afraid that Amy might give up in singing after her losing in this competition. So, he has advised Amy to continue singing even after the contest has ended because this is not the end of her career, it’s just her beginning.

After receiving positive feedbacks from the judges, Amy’s confidence has restored and she gave herself 75 marks for her performance during the contest.  She also stated that she will continue to chase her dreams in music when she returns to Malaysia.

Justin self-admitted that he was still lack of skills
Justin felt disappointed with the results. He has admitted that his failure this time might be due to his skills instead of his song selection. After going through so many obstacles, he clearly realized that his improvement is much slower than the others. He gave himself 70 marks in this competition because he felt that his singing skill is still not up to his target. He promised that he will work harder to improve himself so that everyone can change their views on him.

When he was announced to be eliminated, Justin has bid farewell to the audience in a Rapping style. When asked about this, he jokingly said that he was trying to enliven the atmosphere after a sad song was played during the announcement. He was just following the relaxing background beat after the sad song and rapped along.

2013年度TVB全球华人新秀歌唱大赛》 1st place was won by China contestant郑兴琦, 2nd place and 3rd place were taken by China段欣芮 & Australia马守谦 respectively.

The emcee hosts this year were李浩林, 姚兵, 宋双佳&杨卓娜. On the other hand, the judge panels included famous China music producer赵小源, talented陈奂仁, Taiwan singer林晓培, Malaysia R&B singer张智成 & G.E.M邓紫棋.

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