[Upcoming Event] Astro《舞极限2013》Teams Dancing Skill Tremendously Improved After Training In Japan!

 Astro《舞极限2013Teams Dancing Skill Tremendously Improved After Training In Japan !

Kuala Lumpur, 7th November 2013 - Astro《舞极限2013 Top 5 teams have been sent for training in Japan as planned by the organizer. Through this training, their dancing skills have been improved tremendously. Apart from being able to learn from the Japanese trainers, they have also experienced the dancing culture in Japan which is full of determination. This has provided a lot of inspirations to these competing teams.

The teams who have successfully passed through three previous matches include The Survivor, Trouble-queenz, Choreo-freakz, Kickerz& d’Vogue. 5 teams with a total of 23 dancers have been sent by Astro本地圈 to Shibuya, Japan for 14 days. This is a place which is popular for its street dance. The dancers have received an intensive training from prominent trainers. They have also been challenged by the local Japanese dancer teams and it was full of excitement!

The trip is very fruitful especially for Alex from Kickers.  Alex stated that, he has learnt dancing from Ryo of Beat Buddy Boi three years ago. This time, he was able to learn from Ryo again and it has made him recalled how much Ryo has changed his life and career 3 years ago. Ryo has complimented that Alex has improved a lot. In addition, he has also provided more advice for Alex.

Luckystar from Trouble-Queens has mentioned that Nanako from‘Queen Of Swag’was her idol last time. It was a priceless experience for her to finally meet Nanako in person. She hoped that one day she would become a dancer like her. Sue Yin & Mable on the other hand admired Ryo of Beat Buddy Boi very much.

Besides, this trip has coincidentally allowed the dancers to meet up with Justin Bieber’s dance crews. Justin Bieber’s dance crews were having a special class at Japan. Thus, the contestants have also grabbed this golden opportunity to learn from them.

After the training, the top 5 teams have learnt to assimilate whatever they have learnt into their dance. During their stay in Shibuya, they have performed 3 minutes of street dance which is full of creativity. The best team will be granted the “Steal Or Release” authority. This can allow them to “release” one member from their team or “steal” one member from other 4 teams. The winner for this session was Kickers. Kickers has “stolen” Shahrul from Choreo Freaks causing Choreo Freaks to have only two members left, which are Aizad & Frankie.

The Battle With Japanese Teenager Dancers! Malaysia Teams Respected Them!

On the second day, the contestants have to face “The Battle” whereby they have to versus against the Japanese dance team. The Japanese Dance Teams are quite competitive and most of the dancers are made up of teenagers aged from 13 years old to 24 years old. Plus, all of these teenagers were trained under famous trainers.

Alex stated that, after Shahrul has joined their team, they have to practice more to improve their bonding together. However, due to the fact that they only returned to their hostel at late hours, plus there were no dancing rooms for practice, the team has to practice under the bridge which was lit by street lights. Fortunately, some of the members have known Shahrul even before the competition. Thus, their practice together was not that difficult.

During “The Battle” between Malaysia team and Japanese team, the organizer has also invited two prestigious dancers from Japan, Shuho Chiba and Pino  to become the judges.  Only Kickers managed to win Japanese team Phanse Base. The final winner of “The Battle” was Beat Soldier Strong from Japan. Kickers said that they have learnt a lot not only from the trainers but also from their Japanese competitors. They respected the Japanese opponents for being so skillful at such a young age. Choreo Freaks who is currently lacking of one member has been eliminated during the competition. Hence, they will not be competing during the finale. However, all the other teams will be unleashing their new dancing skills on 23rd November 2013 in 《舞极限2013 finale. Stay tuned for it!

Finale Promo Event will be held on 9th November 2013 at Sungei Wang Plaza
《舞极限2013》 Finale Promo Tour:
Date: 9th November 2013
Time: 2pm
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Concourse

Wanted to witness the performance of 《舞极限2013teams who have just come back from the training in Shibuya? Then, you should mark down the calendar and visit Sungei Wang Plaza on the 9th November 2013 (Saturday), 2pm as《舞极限2013 promo event will be held on that day. During the promo tour, there will be a giveaway of 200 finale tickets to the Facebook Page fans on first come first served basis.

《舞极限2013finale will be held on 23rd November 2013 (Saturday), 8pm at KWC Fashion Mall, Star Stage. Who will be the winning team this year?

Do stay tuned to Astro华丽台(Channel 311& Astro至尊HDChannel 310for more about 《舞极限2013 every Sunday Night, 9.30pm.

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