[Coverage] Promo Event of TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 @ Sunway Pyramid

[Coverage] Promo Event of TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 @ Sunway Pyramid

Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – Co-organized by TVB Entertainment News and Astro, the annual awards ceremony TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016  (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016) will be held on 26th November 2016 (Saturday) at Arena of Stars, Resort World Genting, Malaysia.

The awards ceremony will be live broadcasted in a few countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The voting for the awards will be open to all Malaysians and fans will be able to cast their votes for their favorite dramas and artistes.

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016  (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016)
Date: 26th November 2016
Venue: Arena of Stars, Resort World Genting, Malaysia

In conjunction with that, a few of the nominees including Joyce Tang滕麗名, Koni Lui呂慧儀, Hong Cheung張穎康, Ali Lee李佳芯 , Grace Chan陳凱琳, Sisley Choi蔡思貝, Mat Yeung楊明 , Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 and Candice Chiu 趙希洛 have come over to Malaysia during last month to promote regarding the upcoming award ceremony as well as meet & greet with the fans in Malaysia.

Here are some snippets of what happened during the call votes promo activity in Sunway Pyramid:

All of the artistes who have come over to Malaysia were invited to the stage to meet and greet with the fans in Malaysia!

Mat Yeung 楊明:Hi everyone! Haven't seen you guys in a while... if you guys want to see me again next month during the official award ceremony, don't forget to vote for me, no. 6! I've been nominated for Favourite Supporting Actor, Favourite Top 15 Drama Character, Favourite Enrichment Programme, Favourite Variety Program Host. So remember to vote for me!

Sisley Choi 蔡思貝:I have been nominated for Favorite Lead Actress and Favorite Top 15 Drama Character. I'm really very happy that both roles in the two series were well accepted. I know I've still got a lot more to improve, and i may not be the Lead Actress of your choice, but i will continue to work hard and improve my acting. Hopefully I will be nominated again for the years to come and one day be the Best Lead Actress in everyone's heart.

Ali Lee 李佳芯:I hope you all will like me and vote for me. I was really surprised that I have been nominated for 4 award. We are also working together in 學是學非 (Sidewalk Scientist). Hopefully it will bring joy to all the audience when they are watching it. 
[Personally, WLJack is a big fans of Ali Lee, so please vote for her,ok?] 

Katy Kung 龔嘉欣:I've been travelling to Malaysia quite frequently this year, for 姊妹淘馬來西亞篇 (All Things Girl Malaysian Version) and 星級健康 Wellness on the Go). I'm very happy as it is my first time having 3 nominations in Malaysia - Favorite Top 15 Drama Character, Favorite Most Improved Actress and Favourite Supporting Actress. I am surprised that I am nominated for Most Improved Actress because I have been in this career for 8 years already. Thank you all for supporting me! Hope to see you all next month!

Grace Chan 陳凱琳:I really love coming to Malaysia because everyone here is so enthusiastic and warm. Besides just supporting me, you guys should also support the people around me. I'm really excited to be nominated this time, even though my chances are not as high. I will continue to participate in more drama series in the future.

Candice Chiu 趙希洛:I'm really excited! This is also my first time here in Malaysia, and really never thought i would be nominated as Favourite Supporting Actress. I'm really nervous! 
I'm already very thankful and proud to be nominated... However, I want to promote Joyce as Favourite Supporting Actress. So vote for her!! If you really want to vote for me, just vote me as Favorite Top 15 Drama Character! 

Joyce Tang 滕麗名: Did you guys like the drama 一屋老友記(House of Spirits? Yes? Then don't forget to vote for us! We have had a pleasant time making this series, and we're really happy to see the result. So tell you what, you can vote me as Favourite Supporting Actress, and vote for Koni the next day, then for Jonathan the another day.

Koni Lui 呂慧儀:I purposely wore high heels today!! Hahaha... And no one wanted to stand next to me! 
(Candice: we nicknamed her long legs! And today she's even taller!)
(Jonathan: wait wait wait... I need to clarify some things here... Koni is usually not taller than me. I'm actually the tallest person here okay? I'm even taller than Mat)

Jonathan Cheung 張頴康Finally I have got the chance to come to Malaysia and I'm really glad to see all of you. I hope you guys will support 一屋老友记, and vote vote vote for us! Especially, vote for me too, I'd really like to come back again next month. The schedule this round is so packed, and I only managed to try Bak Kut Teh, there's a lot of other food to try.

Games Sessions and Interaction With The Fans!
A few lucky fans were picked among the crowd to have two game sessions with the artistes.

Game 1: Name the Drama Series
Scenes from the different drama series are flashed on the LCD screen; participants need to name the drama correctly as fast as possible, and as many as possible within 30 seconds.

Game 2: Tongue Twisters
Total of 6 tongue twisters, to be read out by each team member, one each. The team that completes the task in the shortest time wins.

After the games session, all of the artistes walked towards the crowd to give out small gifts and also taking selfies with their fans. 

The TVB Star Awards 2016 is getting closer, audience can vote online starting from 13th October 2016 to 19th November 2016. Those who vote would get a chance to win 2 tickets to the awards ceremony and also other amazing prices.

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Coverage and photography by co-editor Sing Ean.
Edited and published by WLJack.

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