[Coverage] Park Shin Hye Appearance in Malaysia For Mamonde Flower Day

[Coverage] Park Shin Hye Appearance in Malaysia For Mamonde Flower Day

Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – Being Mamonde’s brand ambassador, popular Korean artiste Park Shin Hye has come over to Malaysia last month to officially launch Mamonde Flower Day. Were you there to see the beloved neurosurgeon Dr Yoo Hye-jung that day? Our website has been given the golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Mamonde Flower Day With Park Shin Hye
Date: 14th October 2016
Venue: 1 Utama, LG, Oval Concourse

Mamonde Flower Day!
Mamonde Flower Day is celebrated to inspire us to show love and appreciation to those we love and admire the gift of a flower. It is also a day dedicated to admire the beauty around us, be it the beauty of people or the beauty of Mother Nature. The LG, Oval Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre was decorated like a flower garden with Hibiscus (Mamonde’s flower of the month) as the highlight alongside with other four key flowers including Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Lotus and Camellia.

Participants at the event were treated to games stations such as Flower Dice and Cotton Candy, photobooth, 5 Key Flowers activity booth and a contest with a chance to win prizes. Most importantly, the fans get to meet their goddess, Park Shin Hye during the event!

Meet and Greet With Fans!
Park Shin Hye arrived at the scene and greeted the fans in Korean. All of the fans were screaming in joy as they saw their favourite idol appeared on stage. She looks absolutely stunning!

Park Shin Hye also mentioned that she managed to try some of the delicacies in Malaysia. One of the food she likes the most in Malaysia is satay.

She was very grateful and happy to have the opportunity to be in Malaysia for the first time and get to meet the fans in Malaysia!

Exchange Of Flowers With Mamonde’s Management Staff!
Apart from greeting the fans, Park Shin Hye also exchanged flowers with Mamonde’s management staffs as a gesture of appreciation and love for welcoming her to the launch of Mamonde Flower Day.

“The Mamonde Flower Day is a significant event for the brand as we wish to instil among Malaysians an appreciation for flowers as a symbol of love and gratitude towards nature and mankind. We are truly honoured to have Park Shin Hye grace our event as she personifies the true beauty of a flower and what Mamonde stands for,” said Celine Diong, Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia.

Lucky Fans Get To Take A Photo With Park Shin Hye!
Besides that, the organizer also provided opportunity for the fans to take photo with Park Shin Hye. It was done in a draw-lot manner. Some of the lucky ones manage to take photo with her.

Since its launch, Mamonde has transformed women through the amazing benefits and energy of flowers. Mamonde’s years of research have revealed the moisturizing and skin nourishing ingredients of flowers which helped women radiate with blossoming beauty.

Apart from celebrating Mamonde Flower Day, Mamonde also launched two new additions to its Moisture Ceramide range which was an inspiration from the Hibiscus flower, the Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener and Moisture Ceramide Emulsion.

The Mamonde Moisture ceramide Range contains the natural moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus and ceramide that are similar to skin components which keeps the skin feeling well moisturized and healthy.

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