[Performing Arts] ENFINITI ACADEMY Presents ALADDIN – RELOADED A Musical Comedy

[Performing Arts] ENFINITI ACADEMY Presents ALADDIN – RELOADED A Musical Comedy

Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – Youth On stage adds cheer to the holiday season each year with the high-quality year end productions and showcases by Enfiniti Academy talents. In conjunction with the upcoming ALADDIN RELOADED A MUSICAL COMEDY which is happening from 2nd December 2016 – 11th December 2016 at PJ LIVE ARTS Theatre, our website has been invited to join a get-to-know session with Enfiniti Academy to learn more regarding this upcoming musical comedy.

“Aladdin – Reloaded” Details:
Dates: 2-11 December 2016
Venue: PJ Live Arts, Jaya One
Ticket Price: RM 43.00, RM 63.00, RM 73.00 and RM 123.00
For ticketing info and purchase, please visit www.tix.my
For more info, do visit:

Following the success of “Seussical Jr” 2013, “Seussical the Broadway Musical” in 2014, “Aladdin – A Musical Comedy” was a musical pantomime staged in 2015, suitable for the entire family to watch together.

Based on the legendary stories of Aladdin, Enfiniti Academy created a fun, original and interactive musical that incorporated topical humour, slapstick comedy and popular songs that got the audience laughing, cheering and dancing along. A musical comedy of love, friendship, determination, magic and adventure. Working alongside professionals, it was a great learning experience for adult and child students alike.

The Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2015 winners for “Seussical The Musical”, back by popular demand, Enfiniti Academy stages the refreshed “Aladdin – Reloaded” produced by Enfiniti Vision Media.

Aladdin – Reloaded Featuring All New Contents!
Aladdin- Reloaded is a holiday season show suitable for the whole family. This pantomime brings your childhood tale of Aladdin to the PJ Live Arts Stage as never seen before.

This time around, the show will be featuring brand new contents, jokes and choreography which are going to be different from the original “Aladdin – A Musical Comedy” which was staged in 2015.

Meet Joanna Bessey, the director of the production!

The production is directed by Joanna Bessey with musical direction by Liew Marsh and choreography by J.Redza. The lead cast of Aladdin- Reloaded comprise of professional actors such as Rashid Salleh (Kopitiam Sitcom), Tria Aziz (Singer/Actor/Comedienne), Peter Davis (MMA Star). They will be joined by a cast of extremely talented children and young adults who will warm the hearts of the audiences, both young and old.

Synopsis of Aladdin – Reloaded (A Musical Comedy):
The wicked wizard Abanaza is seeking the magic lamp that contains the all-powerful Genie, so that he can rule the world, and is just steps away from succeeding! Is all hope lost? No! Help is at hand! A family of wannabe heroes are here to foil Abanaza’s evil scheme! The innocent local lad, Aladdin, his brother, the cheeky Wishee Washee and their fearsome mother, washerwoman Widow Twanky are ready to intervene and save the day! Throw in a magic carpet, a mystical Spirit of Ring, The Emperor & Empress Of China and a beautiful princess and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic tale and great entertainment. Packed with songs, slapstick, silliness, audience participation for the whole family and all the fairy tale magic of traditional pantomime.

Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre and Entertainment Arts (ENACT) was founded by Tiara Jacquelina in 2011, to be an incubator for the next generation of performing artists. Its mission is to raise future leaders of Malaysia who are dynamic, energetic, creative, inspiring and passionate, to create a country that is equally rich economically and culturally.

Some Additional Info We Get During The Get-To-Know Sessions:
Apparently, Peter Davis will be having a very funny scene in Aladdin Reloaded as hinted by Rashid Salleh.

Tria Aziz was wondering why she was always being featured in green coloured costumes. Maybe that’s her lucky colour.

And we also get to see some of the backstage practice and rehearsal for the show!

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