[Coverage] Press Conference of “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014》

[Coverage] Press Conference of “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014

Organized by JS Entertainment & Mega Ultimate, “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014will be held on 29th August 2014, 8pm at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium!

In conjunction to the concert this time, Chilam has made a public appearance on 27th August 2014, 7pm at Upper Atrium, Paradigm Mall for the Grand Public Press Conference. During the press conference, Chilam has shared about his preparation for the concert as well as hinted to the fans regarding what type of fun they could expect from the concert. Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given an opportunity to do a coverage on the press conference.

Press Conference:

Chilam Will Be Bringing The Whole Fun Of His Concert To Malaysia!
During the press conference, Chilam mentioned that he will try his best to perform during the concert and will be bringing the similar amount of fun from his Hong Kong concert to the Malaysian fans! When asked whether will he be showing off his body figure like how he did in Hong Kong, he replied that every country has its own restriction, so he is afraid that he cannot be too exposed here. However, depending on the audiences, he might still do it.

The emcee then asked the fans on the floor whether they want to see him showing off his body during the concert! The crowd gave a positive reply by screaming, “Yes!” Chilam then jokingly replied that he will need to go to the gym these few days prior to the concert to brush up then.

Second Special Guest For The Concert Announced!
Besides Him Law who is going to become the special guest for Chilam’s concert, the organizer has announced the second special guest! Maintaining the tradition of Chilam Crazy Hours Concert, the special guest will have the same surname, ”! Previously, Nick Cheung 張家輝, Jacky Cheung张学友 and his wife Mrs Cheung张太太 have become his special guests during his concert in Hong Kong.

This time in Malaysia, he would be having Malaysia R&B singer, Z-Chen 張智成 who also has the same surname, to become the second special guest. Chilam mentioned that there will be a song whereby he would be singing together with , Z-Chen 張智成 on stage!

Want to watch of them sing together on stage? Remember to attend the concert on 29th August 2014.

Continue Film Shooting In England Post-Concert!
After the concert in Malaysia, Chilam will be flying over to England to continue his film shooting of the movie version of “Triumph In The Skies”.  He will be having a lot of scenes with the actress Amber Kuo 郭采洁.

When asked whether he will be facing Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文in any of the movie scenes, he replied that Sammi's role is in a totally different set of character network line, thus he won’t be having any acting scene with her. However, Chilam will be cooperating a lot with other male actors including Louis Koo 古天樂. He said that he has been Louis’s friend for years because he has taken part in drama and movie with Louis before. He mentioned that both of them has matured a lot since the last time they met and Louis is still as fit as ever.

Any Family Members Who Would Make An Appearance During Concert?
Due to the fact that Mrs Cheung, Anita Yuen has been a special guest for him during the concert in Hong Kong, the emcee asked whether she would be making special appearance for his concert in Malaysia. He replied that, she won’t be performing but she would be sitting among the audiences to watch him perform on stage.

When asked whether any plans to bring any other family members to his concert? He replied that “Yes!”, “The Fans” because the fans are his family!

Will Chilam Be Interested to take part in《爸爸去哪兒》?
《爸爸去哪兒》 is a very popular TV show recently and the emcee has asked Chilam whether he would be interested to take part in it. He replied that he would not reject the offer. However, he said that life is fair, everyone only has 24 hours and his 24 hours are already spent on his work and preparation for concert. Thus, he think that he might not have enough time to take part in it.

Birthday Celebration for Chilam On Stage!
As we all knew, 27th August is Chilam’s birthday. The organizer is thoughtful enough to prepare a special airplane-shaped birthday cake for him on stage during the press conference. All of the fans who were present at Paradigm Mall have sung the birthday song for him!

For video coverage of the press conference, please visit:
That’s all for the press conference. Do remember to attend his concert on this Friday 29th August 2014!

Concert tickets are ranged from RM458 (VIP), RM358 (PS1), RM268 (PS2), RM188 (PS3), RM138 (PS4), and RM98 (PS5). For more details and reservation of VVIP concert tickets, please contact +6010-778 1778 (JS Entertainment) or 03-9107 7223 (Mega Ultimate).

This concert is jointly-organised by JS Entertainment and Mega Ultimate and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Melody FM as the Official Radio, My FM as the Supporting Radio, Paradigm Mall and gateway@klia2 as the Official Malls, Neway as the Official Karaoke, Genting Rewards Card as the Official Loyalty Card, and Special Thanks to Spectrum Outdoor Marketing.

To purchase concert tickets after July 13, 2014, please log in to www.ticketcharge.com.my

or contact hotline 03-9222 8811 (Kuala Lumpur) / 04-645 9811 (Penang)

or log in to www.redtix.airasia.com or contact hotline 03-8775 4666

or walk-in to nationwide TicketCharge and AirAsiaRedTix ticketing outlets.

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