[Coverage] “Café Waiting Love” 《等一個人咖啡》Press Conference! The Movie Will Be In Malaysia Cinema on 28th August 2014

[Coverage] “Café Waiting Love” 《等一個人咖啡》Press Conference! The Movie Will Be In Malaysia Cinema on 28th August 2014

26th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – After the success of “You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我們一起追的女孩”, here comes the second film adaptation from the trilogy of Giddens Ko’s romantic novel series. Based on a poll carried out among the netizens, this is also the most wanted novel-to-be-made into film out of 72 Giddens Ko’s novel.

Distributed by MM2 Entertainment, produced by the collaboration between 安迈进国际影业, 群星瑞智艺能 & 居尔一拳,  “Café Waiting Love” 《等一個人咖啡》 is set to be released in Malaysia theatre on 28th August 2014!
Press Conference:
A few days ago, a press conference of the movie “Café Waiting Love” has been held at Purple Cane, Paradigm Mall. Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event!
The event was attended by the director Jiang Jin lin 江金霖 and a few main cast members including Megan Lai赖雅妍, Vivian Sung宋芸樺 and Bu Lu Si布魯斯.

All Voted For Megan’s Character Abusi! Some Female Fans Formed Online Group, “To Marry Abusi!”!
When asked regarding who is the “最符合的角色”, Megan’s Abusi has received the highest votes. Vivian Sung said that Megan has the expression as Abusi throughout the filming process and she praised her for that. Megan said that she has to maintain her gesture as Abusi to prevent people from recognizing her as Megan.

Megan humbly said that she has gained a lot of female fans from different age categories for her character. When asked about how fans have reacted to her character, she said that some of the fans thought that Abusi is played by some Korean male artiste. They have even formed group, “To Marry Abusi!”! The fans were surprised when they realized that it is Megan who plays the character.

Bu Lusi mentioned that during one of the event, the fans commented, “Si-Ying is very pretty!”, “Abusi is very handsome!”, then, “Ah Tuo…..”, hinting that Abusi has totally outmatched him in gaining the affection from female fans! (laughter)

Being Shy At first, Vivian Sung Eventually Felt Similar to Her Character!
This is the first time Vivian Sung was being casted as one of the main character in a movie. In the movie, her character is a “臭三八”, thus she has tried her best to be as 三八 as she can.

She mentioned that she was very shy at first. However, after being advised by Giddens Ko and the director, she started to feel the similarity between her and the character Si-Ying thus making it easier for her to immerse herself as being Si-Ying.

Bu Lusi’s Crazy Experience During The Past!
Bu Lusi has left a great impression for the audiences who have watched the movie. His friendly, cheerful personality and good body shape have been good criteria to be casted for the film.

Apart from all these, Bu Lusi also has a similarity with Giddens Ko. He used to have some crazy experience with his friends during the past. He used to play a urine prank on his friend. Since then, it became a trend among his friends.

However, his friends eventually play the revenge prank on him by replacing his shampoo with urines. He felt weird with the shampoo as he accidentally tasted the urine. His friends would make joke of his hair after that incident. But all of them are open-minded so everyone just see it as a fun memory.

Sharing of Giddens Ko’s Secrets!
During the press conference, the invited casts have also shared some of Giddens’ secrets. Megan said that she felt that Giddens was trying to express himself more through the film by inviting a lot of special guests for the bonus appearances! During all these bonus scenes, it felt as though he’s trying to make fun of some prominent characters from other movie.

Vivian Sung also shared that Giddens likes to give away his tissues to others as inspiration for the people around him. Bu Lusi on the other hand stated that Giddens will definitely be around the set when they are filming scenes which have Vivian Chow in it!

Media Q&A:
Megan’s Abusi Matched Face with Lee Min-ho!
Media member has asked Megan regarding her reaction towards others’ opinion that her appearance in the movie resembles Korean artiste Lee Min-Ho.

Megan replied that most people were surprised and thought that she is a Korean male artiste in the movie. She personally took this comment as a compliment. She even jokingly said that she has gained a prominent Adam’s apple after acting as Abusi.

More info about the movie:
During 2011, Giddens Ko has turned his best-seller novel “You Are The Apple Of My Eye那些年,我們一起追的女孩” into a film. The film has received a positive reception from the audiences. Following that, Giddens has collaborated with 柴智屏 and used three years in preparing the filming of his next masterpiece from his trilogy of romantic novels, “Café Waiting Love” 《等一個人咖啡》.  

The film was directed by Jiang Jin lin 江金霖. As anticipated by both the novel fans and the film fans, the well-loved characters Si-Ying 思萤, Ah-Tuo 阿拓, Café Owner 老板娘, Abusi阿不思 and etc are being brought to the screen. In addition, the goddess-like actress Vivian Chow 周慧敏 was invited to play the role as the老板娘The other cast members include, Megan Lai赖雅妍, Vivian Sung宋芸樺, Bu Lu Si布魯斯, Pauline Lan 藍心湄 and etc.

In the movie, Vivian Chow plays the role as the Café Owner for 《等一個人咖啡》 Café. The character is a quiet person and is drown inside the love of the past, waiting for the person who has protected her, waiting for the person who has created the special latte, “老板娘特调with her. However, is she really waiting for the person? Or did her heart just stuck at her own memories? Let’s find out more in the cinema soon.

Vivian Chow said that the reason for her to take part in the movie is because the script is humorous, plus the character suits her very well. Most importantly, she only needs to take part in the shooting for a few days. Currently, it’s very difficult for her to stay away from home for too long.  She also sings the theme song for the movie 《等一個人咖啡》. This is her first time coming back for acting and singing after 17 years of hiatus.

Short-haired Megan Lai plays as Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee the customer’s request. She hopes that the café owner can smile again. She tries her best to learn how to make the legendary “老板娘特调”!

Worth mentioning, this time Giddens Ko & producer柴智屏 have casted newcomer artistes Vivian Sung and Bu Lusi as the iconic Si-Ying and A-Tuo. Si Ying is a college freshman who gets a part-time job at “ Café Waiting Love” coffee shop. She is a very lively girl. Ah Tuo on the other hand is a college senior who likes to make new friends and try out new things in life.

Currently, “Café Waiting Love” has received very good reception from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hopefully it will receive a good result here in Malaysia too!

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