[Coverage] Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In Malaysia

[Coverage] Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In Malaysia

28th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur -  A few days ago, Alex Goot & Against The Current LIVE In Malaysia was held at Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara. It was a great concert and I have been given the opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Date: 24th August 2014
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Wisma Bentley Music, Damansara Mutiara

Organized by upstart digital age concert promoters Skinny Buddies Entertainment and supported by Youtube Malaysia, the concert has featured a stellar lineup of performers Skyward, An Honest Mistake, Alex Goot & Against The Current.

8tv Mark O’Dea Hosted The Show!
Mark O’Dea from 8tv Quickie hosted the concert. During his on-stage time, he interacted with the fans and also sang impromptu. (just the chorus of some songs) 

He asked the crowd to sing along! Not a real performance though but it’s a great effort to keep the fans entertained while waiting for each performer to get ready to rock the stage.

Kickstart Performance By Skyward! Youtuber sensations TheMingThing can sing!
The first group of performers who went on stage was Skyward, whose singers include Ming Han & Ming Yue who are also the rising Malaysia youtubers with over 157,000 subscribers on the channel TheMingThing.

While we always get to see their awesome videos being uploaded through their channel, we seldom get the chance to watch them sing. This concert has featured them as one of the local acts and their performance was surprisingly good!

The brothers can actually sing quite well and they have without any doubt livened up the atmosphere before the concert was even more heated up by the following performers! Besides, they have also performed their originals for the first time and requested the audiences to turn on the lights of their mobile phones and raise it up! It was a memorable scene!

An Honest Mistake Is No Mistake! Spectacular Performance!
After Skyward’s performance, the stage was taken over by the pop-punk band, An Honest Mistake! The band has brought up the atmosphere even more with their amazing performance!

The 5 member band which consists of Darren Teh (Lead Vocals/Guitarist), Leonard Chua (Electric Guitarist), Ashley Chan (Vocals), Tomas Tam (Bass) and Ian Ng (Drums) has presented to us a top-notch band performance. The audiences could feel the vibes and would want to dance and shake along to their awesome beats.

An Honest Mistake members Leonard and Darren jokingly bragged about the outing they have with Chrissy Constanza from Against The Current! It was a hilarious moment!

Against The Current! Fans Followed Their Current!
Anticipating who would be next performer on stage, Mark O’Dea asked the fans to shout “Against The Current” as well as “Alex Goot” without hinting who is really coming up next!

Without further ado, the members from Against The Current came on stage! Against The Current consists of three members which include Chrissy Constanza, Dan Gow and Will Ferri.

The moment when all of them appeared, the crowd screamed and cheered for them! A lot of the guys were screaming, “Chrissy!” as the sweet-looking young singer came on the stage! Chrissy Constanza was indeed lively as she moved from left side to right side of the stage to-and-fro while mesmerizing the crowd with her wonderful vocal.

Surprise Birthday Celebration For Chrissy! Red Panties Thrown On Stage?
It was Chrissy’s birthday on 23rd August 2014. As a birthday surprise for her, the emcee and the organizer crews have brought a birthday cake onto the stage! Everyone at the concert venue sang birthday song for her!

“It’s our first time here in Malaysia and I can’t imagine a better place to spend my birthday. It’s been amazing! I am having such an amazing time!” said Chrissy!

Out of the sudden, one of the fans threw a new red panties onto the stage. Will from Against The Current was very sporting as he then wore the panties on his head! Such a humorous guy!

They have put up a marvelous performance by singing their own song, Another You (Another Way) as well as some cover songs including Ain’t It Fun by Paramore, Chocolate and etc.

I said “Alex”! You Say “Goot”! Alex Goot, The Final Act Of The Concert!
After Against The Current’s performance, Mark O’Dea came on stage and interacted with the fans by asking them to say “Goot” when he said “Alex”! All of the audiences followed the instruction as they all really wanted to see Alex Goot on stage!

A keyboard was then placed in the middle of the stage. Shortly after that, the audiences’ favourite Alex Goot finally came on stage and he played a few songs continuously! His charisma was really great and his voice was awesome! 

Although there was some technical error during his performance (microphone problem), the crew has resolved the problem very quickly!

Alex Goot sang a few songs and taken a short break in between. After that, he reappeared again with Chrissy and they sang duet together! They sang “Good Time” and “Call Me Maybe”!

It was a really great concert and we totally enjoyed all the performances!

Million thanks to Skinny Buddies Entertainment for organizing the concert! It was a success and I wished that they could organize more events again in the future!

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