[Bloggers Event] Jack Purcell X Offday Pop Up Store Collaboration

[Bloggers Event] Jack Purcell X Offday Pop Up Store Collaboration

26th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – A few days ago, I was invited to take part in a blogging activity for Jack Purcell X Offday Pop Up Store Collaboration.

Location: Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar
Date: 21st August 2014

The collaboration activity has also showcased the newest range of The Converse Jack Purcell “Cross-Stitch”.

The Launching of The New Converse Jack Purcell sneaker Collection!
One of the main highlights during the blogging event is the launching of  The Fall 2014 Converse Jack Purcell sneaker collection! It was launched by Irman Hilmi and Eddie Lim!

It introduces the all-new Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch - a waxed cotton cross-stitch detail - outfitted in leather, a core texture for seasonal dressing. The premium and quality leather materials and subtle stitching details in the sneaker collection are refined and built with all around comfort. 

Plenty of Cool Items At The Offday!
Here at The Offday, there are a variety of items that are being showcased! All of these items and collectibles are unique and can be great eye-candies. If you are looking for a place to get some cool stuff, you might drop by here once in a while. Who knows? You might get what you want!

Handmade Bracelets Free For Bloggers!
Besides all the cool items, there was a counter preparing handmade bracelets for the bloggers during the launch day. I was lucky enough to get a free charming bracelet from these lovely ladies at the counter of DME (Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast)! Thanks!

You might want to check out their website here: http://www.theminidiary.com/
Or their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Theminidiary

Chance To Learn Latte Art!
Latte Art is something intriguing and I have always wanted to at least try doing it once in my life. Here, during the launch day of Jack Purcell X Offday Pop Up Store Collaboration, a few friendly people from Expresso Lab have given me a golden opportunity to do so!

Thanks very much! And yeah, thanks for the wonderful coffee!

You might wanna learn more about Expresso Lab here:

Cakes and Desserts!
Of course, who could miss out the food in a party? Yeah. The organizer has prepared some cakes and desserts for us, the bloggers, media and invited guests. Yummy!

Performances & Games For The Guests!
The guests and bloggers were given the chance to win something too during the event! They played some very simple games and some of them won some really nice prizes such as cash vouchers!

Besides games and interactions, there are also a few performances carried out during the event! Ray Cheong has performed his acoustic performance to welcome the guests to the venue!

Near the end of the activity, Eddie Lim, who just launched the new Converse collection stood out and surprised the crowd with his impressive harmonica play and singing!

I also took a photo as memory at the photobooth there!

That’s the end of the activity. It was a fun night out for the bloggers to mingle with each other and know each other more. Thanks Jack Low for inviting me to the event!

Here's the video footage of what happened during the launch day:

For more info about this event, please refer to my previous post here:

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