[Press Conference + Upcoming Drama] ntv7 Daddy Dearest 阿爸

[Press Conference + Upcoming Drama] ntv7 Daddy Dearest 阿爸
Daddy, an anchor to the family!
He’s a businessman who owns a textile factory as well as a father of three grown-up children with different characteristics. Plus, he’s a husband to an understanding and caring wife. He consistently struggles to juggle between work and family!

25th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – ntv7, the Home of Feel Good is going to bring you a story of a father who leads and protects his family through many storms of life in the channel’s brand new Chinese drama entitled, “Daddy Dearest”. The drama will be aired every Monday till Thursday at 9.30pm on ntv7 (Channel 107) starting from tomorrow 26th August 2014.

The drama has featured a great line-up of actors and actresses including veteran actor Jordan Voon, Remon Lim (Best Actress, Golden Awards 2012), Yise Loo, Moo Yan Yee and Ernest Chong (Best supporting Actor, Golden Awards 2010).

Press Conference Highlights:
(For Video Footage during Press Conference, please visit: http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/08/video-coverage-press-conference-of-ntv7.html )

Most Difficult and Most Memorable Moment During The Shooting is: “Whitening The Hair”!
During the press conference which was held a few days ago, “Ah Pa” in the film, Jordan Voon mentioned that his most challenging and memorable moment during the shooting of the drama was during the process of “whitening the hair”! He stated that he needs to spend around an hour to make his hair looks gray. Besides, he also needs to do treatment to the hair right after the filming of scenes. Luckily, professional hair stylists were there to help him out.

Yan Yee Praised Leslie’s Acting!
Yan Yee has shared with us a little about her role in the drama. She said that she is an antagonist during the earlier part of the drama. Through the shooting of the drama, she could experience how a family “Love” would feel like.

She has also praised Leslie who is playing the role as her husband in the drama. She said that he’s the type that can adapt to his role very easily. She said that in a few scenes, she could almost see a “husband” face through Leslie’s expression. In overall, she admitted that he’s a great actor!

Third Party In Relationship, portrayed by MayJune!
In the past, MayJune was always casted as the characters of the girl next door type, friendly and down to earth girl or daughter to rich family. This is the first time she took up the role as a third party in a relationship.

In the drama, she first attempted to tackle Ernest’s character but she failed to do so. Then, her character switched the target to Leslie’s character and thus became the third party to the relationship.

MayJune’s Real Life Boyfriend, Josh Played The Role As Yise’s Boyfriend in The Drama!

Yise has also shared quite a lot of her experience during the press conference. She said that she’s stuck between a pair of real couple as Josh who is MayJune’s real boyfriend was casted as Yise character’s love interest in the drama.

But Yise said that during shooting, she is usually closer with “Ah Pa” till some crews even joked that they are “lovers without time gap”. There was one scene whereby they acted till more like a couple than parent-daughter.

While Josh has some intimate scene with Yise, MayJune also has some intimate scenes with Leslie too. But fret not, due to the limitation, the intimacies of the scenes are only at the minimal level. But Josh admitted that since hugging is the maximum standard they can act, so he just hugged Yise tight during the intimate scenes. (MayJune jokingly responded during press conference, “Hug huh?”)
Such a cute couple!

More Info About the Drama:

Jordan plays Zhuang Zhi Yao or “Ah Pa”, a very influential man who owns a textile family while playing the role as husband and father. Although he may give others the impression of a stubborn and strict leader who always demand things to go his way, he actually has a soft spot for his family.

I’m in my 40s, but my character in this series is in his 60s. Thanks to my experience in playing many father figures before this, it eases me in playing the role.” Said Jordan.

My character in this series is very hardworking, capable and trustworthy. He plans thoroughly before taking any action, even when he encounters setbacks he will not give up so easily. He believes in doing what is right regardless of the cost and would not be swayed by anyone who tries to persuade him otherwise, unless he himself is convince that he should change his mind. But above all, he loves his children very much,” Jordan added.

Remon Lim on the other hand plays the role as Jordan’s wife, Wu Yu Ying or “Ah Ma”, a gentle and caring mother who takes good care of her family. She treats everyone she meets with love and compassion.

“Like many moms, my character in the series acts as a bridge between her husband and her three children. In other words, she’s a punching bag to them. They each come to her with their problems and dissatisfactions,” said Remon.

Sometimes she would be caught in the middle between two parties but she would still try her best to reconcile them and keep the family together, because it meant more to her than anything else in her life.”

Taking on the role of the eldest daughter (Zhuan Qie Ming) is Moo Yan Yee, who returns to acting after giving birth to her first child. “Qie Ming never had to worry about money as she’s well taken care by the two important men in her life – her father and her husband. As a result, she would always over-spend. Her relationship with her siblings on the other hand is kept well and is especially close to her younger sister,” said Yan Yee.

Leslie Chai plays the role as the husband of Qie Ming. His character, Lu Guo Qing is an over-confident man who looks honest and responsible outwardly, but deep inside he is crafty and calculative. Due to Qie Ming’s spending habits and his over ambitious personality, Guo Qing goes for big investments frequently but is faced with many failures, which puts a strain to their relationship.

Singer Yise Loo plays Qie Ming’s younger sister, Qie Qi. She’s always the peace maker in the family but her love life is often in a mess with her childhood friend cum fashion designer, Liu Jia Xi (Josh Lai). Jia Xi secretly admires her but Qie Qi is in love with a married man. On the other hand, the youngest son, Jie Han’s role is played by Ernest Chong. Due to his outgoing nature, he always ends up in a love triangle.

As the story progresses, the textile factory owned by Zhi Yao falls into a financial crisis when his youngest son, Jie Han made a poor decision in purchasing fraud goods, thus causing a great financial loss to the company.

How will Zhi Yao cope with this crisis while managing his own family problems? Don’t forget to catch “Daddy Dearest” starting 26th August 2014, every Monday to Thursday at 9.30pm on ntv7 (Channel 107)

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