[Coverage] TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2013 (featuring陈展鹏,岑丽香,罗仲谦)

[Coverage] TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2013 (featuring陈展鹏,岑丽香,罗仲谦)

TVB has been producing many great dramas for the Chinese audience worldwide. The variety of programmes under TVB has always amazed the TV audience. Well-aware that Malaysian TV audience is one of the greatest oversea supports for Hong Kong TVB, TVB will be organizing an upcoming award show in Malaysia, TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2013. This awards show allows the Malaysian fans to vote and support their favourite artistes as well as their favourite dramas & programmes.

“TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼 2013” will be held on 1st December 2013 (Sunday) at KWC Star Stage, Kuala Lumpur which will be attended by many notable TVB artistes.

The voting for the awards show is open to public in Malaysia from 1st November 2013 to 22nd November 2013. 

Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Eliza Sam岑丽香 & Him Law罗仲谦  Promo Tour
In order to promote the awards show, the nominees including Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Eliza Sam岑丽香 & Him Law罗仲谦 have already come over to Malaysia past few days from 8th-9th November 2013 for a promo tour activity. 

Our team has managed to attend their promo activity in Taman Segar Pasar Malam, Cheras.

Fully-crowded Market Area! Audience Came To Witness Their Favourite Artistes Live!
Even before the artistes have arrived at the venue, the Pasar Malam area was already packed with fans who were waiting eagerly for their favourite idols’ appearance. At 8.30pm, the artiste Ruco, Eliza & Him have arrived right on time. There were many hardcore fans for Him at the venue. Some of them even asked Him to take off his clothes. (Because Him Law is famous for his very fit and muscular body)

Interaction with fans!
As usual in TVB artistes promo event, the fans who attended the activity would have the lucky opportunity to have a close-up interaction with their beloved artistes. This time around, they played a few games such as confession to their idols and also guessing the drama based on the songs played. Below are some photos during the games sessions.

Pulling Votes for the upcoming TVB Awards Show in Malaysia!
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼 2013 will be held in Malaysia soon. Thus, the emcees have asked the artistes to grab the chance to promote themselves in order to get more votes for the awards.

Ruco is currently one of the hottest candidates in  最喜爱 TVB男主角. Him on the other hand is nominated as最喜爱TVB男配角 while Eliza will be competing for the awards of “TVB最具潜质女艺员”.

Media Interview With The Artiste!
After the games and interaction sessions with the fans, the media members have an exclusive interview with the TVB actors and actress at the venue itself.

Ruco was asked regarding his rumor with Linda Chung. Well, he has clarified about it being a rumor only but he jokingly replied that it was a good way for promotion too.

Him has revealed that he would be singing during the upcoming awards show. So, to all Him’s fans, do take note!

Eliza  was very happy that she could be nominated. She also admitted that she would be even happier if she could win too. Either way, she’s very satisfied already because the nomination is a proof that her efforts were recognized by others.

As a last reminder, the voting for “TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼 2013” is open to public in Malaysia from 1st November 2013 to 22nd November 2013. Please remember to vote for your favourite idols and TV shows.

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Photo credits: Jia Yan
Edited and Published by WLJack.

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