[Press Conference Coverage] Shane Filan “You and Me” Asia Tour @ KL Convention Centre

[Press Conference Coverage] Shane Filan “You and Me” Asia Tour @ KL Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur, 11th November 2013- Shane Filan from Westlife is on his Asia Tour and KL happened to be one of the stops for his tour. Last Thursday, he has had a press conference in KL Convention Centre to share more about his latest album “You and Me” with the media members on the floor.

It’s A Long While since Shane’s Last Appearance In Malaysia!
It’s been quite some time since Shane Filan has come to Malaysia. The last trip he came here was during the Westlife concert. This is his 6th time visiting Malaysia but it is his first time being here not as a group but as a solo singer.

About The Latest Album, “You and Me”!
Shane has described that his album was consisted of songs which are based on his true story such as his wife, his life and everything that is important and memorable for him. His main single is “Everything To Me”. He was asked by the emcee about what is his “everything”. He said that it would be his wife and his children because they are basically his world.

By the way, Shane has actually co-wrote many songs for Westlife. This time, he emerges as a pop writer for his own solo album. He is currently signed to Universal Music because the company actually encourages him to write songs for himself. And yes, the first song he wrote is his main single stated above, “Everything To Me”.

Sharing Of His Childhood Stories!
Shane was quite friendly and opened up to share more about his childhood stories. He is from a big family and he enjoyed singing since he was very young. Of course, other than singing, he also enjoyed playing football and he was used to be very talkative in class whereby his teachers would tell him, “Shane Filan..shh..be quite..”. (Shane was seen with a very relaxed and funny facial expression when he said about this.)

His Experience During His Asia Tour!
When he was asked on which country was his favourite during his Asia Tour, he said that there is no specific country which he loves the most. He felt that every country gives him a different feelings but nonetheless the same kind of good atmosphere for him.
Shane then asked the emcee for any food recommendation in Malaysia. The emcee then introduced “Char Kueh Teow” to him.

Media Q&A:
Any plans for a solo concert in Malaysia?
Most probably would be on next year if everything goes smoothly according to his plan.

Why did Shane agree to do the Shout Awards?
Because his recording label company asked him to do so? (He replied jokingly)
Well, The Shout! Award is a big TV Show and he was excited to be part of the show whereby he would be singing 2 singles from his latest album.

What did Shane miss the most in Westlife?
They are all really good friends. He has spent nearly half of his life together and it was fun. But it is also cool and exciting to be doing solo now.

What was the strangest fans’ reaction he has ever had?
It was during one of the Westlife tour. A cameraman has actually raised his hand to shake their hands. The whole camera was basically gone down and nobody can see anything from the screen.

During his down time, who has given him support? Was it his wife or his manager?
His manager is very positive to him in his career side while his wife is very positive to him in his personal side. Either way, he is grateful to have them both in his life.

Have him ever written a song about his manager?
It was the first time for him to be asked such a question. He jokingly replied that maybe he should make his second solo album all about his manager.

It was indeed a pleasant afternoon with Shane Filan. The conference ended with Shane posing for all of the photographers in the room.

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