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Thursday, 14 November 2013

[Coverage] Neway K歌榜颁奖典礼2013

[Coverage] Neway K歌榜颁奖典礼2013

Neway K歌榜颁奖典礼2013 has taken place at Penthouse, The Icon on 8th November 2013. This is the first time for Neway to organize such an awards show and it was attended by many local celebrities and stars whom we are familiar with such as 馬嘉軒,蘇盈之,許亮宇,黃威爾,張起政,Bell宇田,陳珂冰,蔡憶雯,顏慧萍,趙潔瑩,可晴,Fuying & Sam,林樂偉,黃俊源,dayDreamGINA。當晚的表演嘉賓:Zen俊倩,Virus吳禹錡,Hau徐梽豪,佳旺.It was also attended by an overseas artist, Regen @ Hotcha!

Whole Night Full Of Performances!
It’s the awards for the Karaoke Hits and their singers. Each winner for the Top 10 Hottest Local Tracks has performed their winning songs for the audiences LIVE during the show. The awards show is not just about speeches and appreciation. It is basically like a mini concert with splendid line-ups of local singers!

Appreciation Of Local Singers!
Most of the local singers have been putting a lot of efforts in their music! This awards have provide a recognition of their works. 

Surprising Award Presenters!
The show is not just only star-studded with the nominated singers but it has also featured surprising guest awards presenters. Some of the notable figures invited include Namewee, 谢婉婷 and even Cony & Brown from Line. These few guests were some of the surprises during the awards show.

Cony & Brown were the awards presenters for 网络投票最佳人气奖 (Popularity awards). Nicholas Teo was the winner for this award. When Nicholas went on stage, the interaction between him and both these iconic figures is hilarious.

Daydream’s performance during the show!
Daydream was one of the local acts performing during the awards show. They were invited to perform a 10 minutes medley consisting of songs of local production. However, due to some technical issue during the night, they have spontaneously performed a birthday song instead followed by their hit song憂愁. After another few awards were given away, Daydream was once again invited on stage to finally perform their medley.

Nicholas Teo’s Humorous reaction for his fans!
Nicholas Teo is without a doubt one of the limelight during the event. This is because it has been a long time since he has actually appeared in any concert/awards show in Malaysia. He has taken a break for the past 2 years without any album releases. His appearance this time has made his fans’ dream come true. One of his lucky fans was even given the golden opportunity to present the awards of 我最喜爱男歌手奖 to him.

Nicholas being sporting, allowed his fans to touch his body and asked the fans to be the witness that he has a well-build body like the “Silver” and “Bronze” winner of the same awards, Eric and Henley too.

Post-Awards Show Opinion:
Although the awards show might have some issues or technical problems, it is definitely a great event to encourage more local artists to produce more and better songs for the music lovers to sing in the Karaoke Room! Hopefully this awards show will become an annual event!

Full List Of Winners for Neway K歌榜颁奖典礼2013
Neway 十大热门本地K歌奖
BFF – 赵洁莹&颜慧萍
分开以后 – Fuying & Sam
忧愁黄威尔 & Daydream
雨是甜的 - Bell宇田

银:La Dam Boom – Gina
铜:傻约翰 – John 黄俊源


金:* Bell 宇田, Fuying & Sam *Double Winner
铜:Pink 陈珂冰

Neway 推介全方位创作歌手奖


Neway 推介唱作男歌手奖


Neway 推介唱作女歌手奖

Bell 宇田



Neway 五大热门海外K歌奖

爱你 – Kimberley 陈芳语
连续剧 – Joey 容祖儿

Neway 2013年大跃进歌手奖



银:Fuying & Sam

Neway 推介最具舞台魅力奖

Regem 张惠雅


铜:Wincci 苏盈之


铜:Henley 许亮宇

Another thing worth mentioning, the theme song for this awards show 新的情歌is actually quite nice! Do check out the song!

For more photos of the awards show, please visit:

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