[Press Conference] Temptation Reloaded

Details of the show is:
Venue: Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium
Date: 11th October 2013
Time: 7.00pm
Kuala Lumpur, 22nd August 2013- A press conference was held on 20th August 2013 regarding the upcoming grand Bollywood concert, Temptation Reloaded that is going to be happening in Malaysia on 11th October 2013 at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil. The concert will feature Datuk Shah Rukh Khan & friends including Yo! Yo! Honey Singh & Madhuri Dixit. 

Anyway, just in case you guys do not know who is Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, he is a superstar in Bollywood and he is also one of the most entertaining live performers ever. He is the face of the Temptation Tour that was born in the year of 2004. Temptation Tour is a Worldwide Tour across 45 cities at one stretch including some famous spots such as USA, UK and Canada. The basic objective of the tour is to reach out to the fans & spread the magic of Bollywood worldwide. Datuk Shah Rukh Khan is definitely a legend in Bollywood and he has recognized as many awards winners.

The other two featured stars Yo! Yo! Honey Singh & Madhuri Dixit are both prominent artists as well. Yo! Yo! Honey Singh is today youth icon and his own unique music has carved him as a notable individual. Honey has even won the highly prestigious ETC Punjabi award for ‘Best Sound Design” before.Ho

Madhura Dixit on the other hand is an Indian film actress who has appeared in many Hindi Films. She is well known for her beauty and her exquisite dancing performances.
Besides the three big stars, the organizers have reassured the media members that there will be more lineups to be announced soon!

Temptation Reloaded, a Grand Bollywood movie comes to LIVE!
Hitman Solutions Sdn Bhd and 2SPICY Entertainment Sdn Bhd has hinted that the audience can expect an extravaganza show from Datuk Shah Rukh Khan and the other lineups. It will be full of wonderful performance with a storyline thus making it something like a LIVE show of a bollywood movie. The concert will last for approximately 3 hours.

Affordable Tickets Price For The Fans! Diamond Category for a better experience of the show!
The tickets for the concert were priced from RM 99 to RM 1999 targeting for audience from different socioeconomic range. This is a great strategy as Brown Category priced at RM 99 can allow more fans to witness the magic of Bollywood LIVE. On the other hand, the higher priced Diamond category ticket was aimed at those who wanted to sit nearer to the stage and watch the show at a closer distance that can grant them a better experience of the show.

Temptation Reloaded is ready to rock the stage at National Stadium Bukit Jalil!
Some media members have worries regarding National Stadium Bukit Jalil as the venue for concert because one of the recent major football events was not able to be held successfully at that stadium. Organizers have confirmed that the stadium is currently not suitable for sports event but it is totally ready for concert events. So, rest assured regarding the venue.

Tickets Price and Venue Layout:

The tickets sales Online (www.vip.my) and Other Outlets (Rock Corners) will start from 25th August 2013 onwards.
Do stay tuned for more details on the event!

Last but not least, I hope to thank the organizers for the wonderful hospitality during the press conference. KL Tower was a great place for the press conference. The performances during the press conference were very impressive and entertaining too. I am sure Temptation Reloaded will be even more exciting and I am anticipating it now!

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