[Coverage] Nick Vujicic Living Life Without LIVE in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 22th August 2013- Nick Vujicic has given a talk at One World Hotel a few days ago (20th August 2013) and has provided a lot of motivation to anyone who has attended the talk.
Anyway, just in case you do not know who is Nick yet, Nick is born without arms and legs and is born in Melbourne, Australia. He has to go through life circumstances which are much difficult than most of us. He has become very popular after the video of one of his talk spread through online media such as youtube. I am sure most of the college or university students would know who he is because most of the lecturers love to show his video to the students as a source of motivation.

Before the talk began, the participants were served with buffet-style meals that were consisted of a variety of dish such as fish fillets, curry chicken and etc. Vegetarian food was also provided. Apart from that, MPH has also opened a booth there selling books by Nick Vujicic. The talk has attracted hundreds of people from all walks of life. Some even came all the way from other countries just to attend the talk in Malaysia.
At around 12.30pm, all of the guests were invited to take a seat inside the ballroom while waiting for Nick to arrive. Before he arrived, everyone took the opportunity to take some photos with the stage as the background.

Without much waiting, Nick has finally reached the venue and he was welcomed with lots of applause from the audience. Respect can be seen from everyone’s eyes. He then came on stage and started introducing himself and breaking the ice with the audience by using his great sense of humor. 

This is his fifth time giving talk in Malaysia. He asked whether anyone has seen him in youtube before and he jokingly asked whether he looked better in real person. Anyway, he seems to be a good husband and a good father too because he told the crowd how much he loves his wife and his 6 months old son, Kiyoshi.

During the talk, he shared with us the ways to reach our full potential. He believed that we should have a purpose in our lives because having a purpose gives us strength to reach out for our dreams. He also mentioned about the importance of family love and how it made him believe in himself. He also emphasized the importance of “Hope” and “Faith”. He would ask the audience to repeat those important keywords after him.

Despite of being born without limbs, Nick has a strong determination and has never given up in his life. Now, he was able to achieve things which not even normal people could achieve. He was invited by a lot of countries to speak for the people there. He was even featured in TV and magazines in different countries too. Other than that, being limbless does not stop him from being independent and to take care of himself. Nick graduated from the college with Bachelor of Commerce Majoring In Financial Planning and Accounting. Currently, he is a motivational speaker who travels around the world to encourage people from different places.

He told the audience that for us to be happy, instead of chasing for things that we do not have, we should leverage and appreciate what we have with us. We should not take everything we have for granted.

Besides, he also said that, many people were disabled by fear and were not courageous enough to do something they wanted to do.  He advised the audience to have “hope” in life and believe in themselves.

“You will never see your full potential, until you reach your full potential. But you will never reach your full potential until you seek for it.” Quoted by Nick Vujivic.

This audience was from Indonesia and he thanked Nick for the inspirational and motivational speech. 
Other than the talk, there was a Q&A session whereby the audience was given a chance to ask Nick some questions. Some guests have shown their gratitude to Nick as he has given them inspiration and hope in life. Some guests asked him about how he would handle his breakdown and etc. All the questions asked were answered very well by Nick.

It was a very meaningful talk by a really inspirational individual.  It would be a waste for those who didn’t attend the talk. However, you can still get a glimpse of how he inspires others via his youtube videos.
Nick Vujicic, you are really awesome!

Last but not least, thanks Taylor’s University CPE for bringing him to Malaysia!

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