[Coverage] 换乐瑞士360- 40 days filming featuring Host萧慧敏

《换乐瑞士360- 40 days filming featuring Host萧慧敏

Kuala Lumpur, 22th August 2013 - 《换乐瑞士360 is broughtto you by Astro 本地圈 and is hosted by Siow Hui Mei 萧慧敏. This is a big challenge for萧慧敏 because she has to learn to cook and bring 13 Malaysian food recipes to be shared and exchanged with the people in Switzerland during the 40 days of food exploring trip.

萧慧敏 while skilled at hosting was a beginner in cookery. Thus, before the programme was filmed, she has undergone some practice and learnt how to cook nice dishes like popiah, nasi lemak, curry chicken and etc. She even sought for some guidance from her mother in making TeoChew Steam Fish, Chinese Cruller and etc.

A sequel to 《换乐Europe360but with main focus on Switzerland!
Following 《换乐Europe360 on 2012 which travels around 6 European countries , 《换乐瑞士360is a sequel which again brings the audience to European country to experience the atmosphere at that region of the world.   Distinct from the previous program, this time around, the production team has fixated the film setting to be at Switzerland which has a unique culture and great scenery. 《换乐瑞士360 provides a golden opportunity for the audience to explore this beautiful country.

Delicacies with its unique background story!
In every episode which lasts for 30 minutes, 萧慧敏 will lead the TV audience to use their eyes to witness the mesmerizing scenery and discover the famous spots in this wonderful country. Besides, the audience can also learn the lifestyle in Switzerland. The program will also feature a variety of Switzerland food and also explains the story and origin of the food.

Wonderful Trip at Switzerland!
Switzerland is like a fairy tale country. This time, 萧慧敏 has visited large city in the south of Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, which borders Italy. 《换乐瑞士360has also left a footprint at Bellinzona, the administrative capital of the canton Ticino in Switzerland, which is famous for its three castles that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000. 萧慧敏has even taken Revolving Gondola Lift up to the Mt.Titlis and attempted some exciting snow activity too!

Different hosts, different feeling!
Lenna, the Winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2011 was the host for  《换乐Europe360萧慧敏 said that Lenna is very pretty and at every angle during the scenes, the audience can be mesmerized by her beauty while watching the programme. For 萧慧敏 herself, she jokingly said that while she doesn’t look as pretty as Lenna, she will try her best to distract the audience with more talks regarding on food.  She also stated that her advantage compared to Lenna is that she can act ugly in the scenes. Surely, 萧慧敏’s hosting will definitely be a different experience and I am sure it would be a fun TV program to be watched too.

Dreams achieved! Many Challenges Throughout the course!
萧慧敏 has a dream to host a food program for years. Her dreams have finally come true. However, she has gone through many challenges throughout the program. She doesn’t know how to cycle. In this program, she is required to learn it within days for the filming. She was also required to learn many Malaysian food recipes before she went to Switzerland. It’s really not an easy job.

Cookery skill improved! 萧慧敏 demonstrated her skills during the press conference!
From a zero to a hero, 萧慧敏 who used to be a beginner in cooking has learnt to cook good food after the 40 days of filming. Her skill was evidenced by her demonstration of how to cook a Rosti  at Marche, The Curve yesterday.

《换乐瑞士360is going on air from 25th August 2013 onwards at 9pm via Astro华丽台 and Astro至尊HD.

So, stay tuned for the show because it is going to be like a fun ride to Switzerland!

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