[Coverage] 2013 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant Recruitment Audition

Kuala Lumpur, 21st August 2013 – Miss Astro International Pageant Recruitment event has taken place a few days ago (17th and 18th August 2013) in 7th Heaven, Pavillion KL. The recruitment has attracted the participation of many pretty Chinese ladies within the age range of 18 years old to 25 years old.

Famous professional panel members as the judges of audition!
This recruitment event has featured famous host presenters Chui Ling and萧慧敏International Model Amber ChiaFounder of Diva Production Deric LimFamous Artist Jojo吴俐璇Zero to Ten Fashion Designer YC YapWinners and candidates from previous Miss Astro International Pageant such as林家冰、陈楚寰、张佩 and 萧美婷 as the judges for the audition. Even popular HK artist Myolie Wu was also one of the guest judge during 18th August 2013 audition.

Outstanding Appearances and Confidence are the criteria!
To become a Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant finalist, both appearance and confidence are essential criteria that each candidate must possess.  Many candidates have pretty facial complexion as well as sufficient confidence. However, the judges were only looking for the cream out of the crop and they would only select the best few out of them. The judges were strict but were all justifiable in making their selection decision.  

One of the judge, winner from previous Miss Astro International Pageant, Lenna has mentioned that, No candidates came in with complete package of what it takes to be the Miss Astro Chinese International. However, the training throughout the programme will eventually allow the candidates to learn, improve and become someone more eligible to bear the title of Miss Astro Chinese International.

Another judge, Jojo said, As a judge, we need to be strict on the candidates because it is unfair for us to be lenient to those who came in last minute and were not well-prepared. For those who are not ready yet, we would advise them to give themselves some time for self-preparation and try again next time.

Chui Ling on the other hand stated that, It is not too hard for us to make our decision because some candidates clearly have the qualities that we are looking for while some really does not possess it.

Throughout the audition session, indeed, there were some candidates who came in without even knowing their own directions. Some even enrolled at the eleventh hour, not dressed appropriately or even presented talents which led the judges to a point of being speechless. However, there were some better candidates too who were able to gain the positive impressions from the judges.

By the way, the candidates for the pageant were not supposed to have any cosmetic surgeries done on them. So, depending on the situation, the authority has the rights to decide whether or not to disqualify these candidates.

Self Introduction is very important!
Self introduction may sounds like an easy task but it can turn out to be difficult for the candidates too. All the contestants were expected to be wise in introducing themselves in a way that can show the judges who you are as well as expressing the good points of yourself. Some contestant came in with scripted introduction. It was neat but a few judges might not like the scripted dialogues and conversations. Some came in with introduction too short that the judges need to ask more in order to know these candidates more.

Talent showing is crucial!
The candidates were required to show the judges some of their talents during one of the station. A lot of them came in with singing. Some of them came in with dances. Well, this is an important part for the judges to like or dislike the candidates. So the candidates who can perform spectacular and unique talents are likely to gain more of the judges’ affection.

Myolie Wu, as the guest judge!

She was always known as the TV Queen in TVB but some might not know that she was actually from TVB Miss Hong Kong Pageant too. Throughout the audition, she has shared some of her experience with some candidates who were lucky enough to meet her during the audition.

Questions commonly asked by Myolie were, “What do you plan to do after winning the contest? Artists, model or host?” “Do you have a boyfriend? What will you do if your boyfriend objects your decision to participate in the contest?”

Her questions mostly were quite benign and she was quite friendly to the candidates.

Overall, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant is neither a game nor a child play. Candidates who are planning to enroll in the contest should have something up their sleeves before entering the contest. But undeniably, it will be a great learning experience and stepping stones for those ladies who wanted to shine and reach out for their dreams!

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