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Monday, 9 January 2023

[Movie] What! The Heist 发财联盟 Press Conference and Premiere Screening @ GSC Mid Valley Megamall

 [Movie] What! The Heist 发财联盟 Press Conference and Premiere Screening @ GSC Mid Valley Megamall

Kuala Lumpur, January 2023 - "What! The Heist 发财联盟" one of the upcoming CNY 2023 films, will be released on 19th January 2023! The show featured both of Malaysia's and Singapore's most prominent stars, Jack Lim 林德荣 and Mark Lee李国煌!! Apart from this film, Mark Lee has another CNY film in the works that will compete with it.


This is not Jack Lim's first collaboration with Mark Lee. They previously collaborated on the film "Ah Long Pte Ltd 老师嫁老大"! Mark Lee hopes that this film will exceed their box office sales target.


What! The Heist 发财联盟 will be released in other countries apart from Malaysia and Singapore. It will be released in Taiwan after the Chinese New Year. Jack Lim will appear as a couple with Mei Yan, his radio FM partner. They both stated that it is not awkward for them because they have worked together for so long. Hee, on the other hand, was nervous about filming a scene with Mei Yan, according to Jack Lim.


Ahirine Ahirudin 爱慧玲, one of the cast members, does not speak Mandarin. As a result, during filming, she is frequently forced to make guesses about the conversations of her co-stars. Jaspers 赖宇涵joked that he needed to look up a dictionary to assist Ahirine with the English script.


This time, the entire cast had a great time filming together. If the film does well at the box office, Jack Lim and Mark Lee joked that they might do a sequel and even film in India in the future.


Let's all go to the cinema to support the show this 19th January 2023!


Details of What! The Heist 发财联盟


Release date: 19 Jan 2023  

Genre: Comedy, Crime | 喜剧, 犯罪

Director: Matt Lai  

Casts: Mark Lee, Jack Lim, Jaspers Lai, Huige, HaoRen, Patricia Mok, Mei Yan, Yuan Teng
李国煌 , 林德荣, 賴宇涵, 辉哥, 朱浩仁, 莫小玲, 颜薇恩, 原騰

Synopsis: A criminal known as "Godfather" escapes from prison to complete a mission named "Lottery Heist" assigned to him by his boss. They begin to carry out their grand plan after recruiting an unsuspecting actor desperate for money to help his sick daughter. The strategy entails swapping lotto balls in order to win the jackpot, which is worth $100 million. As they progress, it becomes clear that Godfather's boss intends to kill everyone involved after the mission is completed. The Godfather and his new recruit must now devise a plan to save their lives while keeping the money for themselves.



Credits to GSC and my photographer buddy TianChad for the awesome photos!



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