[Concert Coverage] Encounter: Anime, Echoes from the ACG World

 [Concert Coverage] Encounter: Anime, Echoes from the ACG World


Kuala Lumpur, January 2023 – AOrchestra’s first concert titled Encounter: Anime, Echoes from the ACG World has taken place over the weekend of 7th and 8th January 2023. The main goal of AOrchestra is to provide fans with orchestra performances of ACG's iconic songs (anime, comic and gaming). Despite being their first concert, the show was absolutely incredible and impressive!


As the night's emcee, popular cosplayer and TikTok influencer PUDDS (Pui Ting) has demonstrated a lot of energy to hype up the crowd with her hosting skills. She provided a summary of the origins of each OST prior to each song performance. It was a great recall moment for ACG fans as well as a good lead up for new ACG audiences.


Alvin Ong, the founder of AOrchestra, has done an outstanding job of bringing together musicians who share a passion for "Animation, Comics, and Games" (ACG). Throughout the show, the performances were conducted by talented conductors such as Justin, Ean Tan and Ian Kit. It also included musicians who played traditional Chinese instruments in addition to the full ensemble. The audience was mesmerised and captivated by the variety of instruments!


They have enlivened the atmosphere with a good mood and setting by opening the show with Violet Evergarden and To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X. The animated footage as the backdrop complemented their excellent musical performance! All of these gave ACG fans a great tympanic and visual treat!


Following these two songs, PUDDS appeared on stage to provide tissues to the audience in preparation for a sad upcoming track titled Tanjiro no Uta - Demon Slayer. This is a unique interpretation by Alvin Ong. It was a really entertaining experience because the musicians provided the sentimental captured through the OST and the anime Demon Slayer.


To soothe the crowd's feelings, the show then proceeded with Anime Lullaby, which kept the fans entertained. They then brought in another wave of emotion with Vogel Im Kofig - Attack On Titan! Chiau Hung, the pianist, has really captured our attention with her outstanding piano skills as well as her excellent Attack On Titan Survey Corps cosplay!


In addition to songs from Japanese anime, Encounter: Anime, Echoes from the ACG World featured the song Big Fish & Begonia from a Chinese anime.


The orchestra also performed songs such as Ashitaka Sekki - Princess Mononoke, The Bygone Days - Porco Rosso, and Mother's Broom - Kiki's Delivery Service, without forgetting ACG fans' favourite Joe Hisashi's animes.


In addition, the orchestra performed Liz and the Blue Bird Mvt.4. Finally, this concert was a wonderful treat for Genshin Impact! fans, as it featured a total of more than 13 minutes of Genshin Suite featuring multiple OSTs from the legendary game! They also played the OSTs with some "spoiler footage" from the game as the background screen.


Last but not least, AOrchestra also provided the encore song which was loved by majority of the ACG Fans! It concluded with a spectacular finale of "Gurenge - Demon Slayer Theme Song"! PUDDS sang along during the show and encouraged the fans to sing together!


Overall, it was a really enjoyable show worth every penny of the tickets! AOrchestra deserved a lot of applause! ACG fans should definitely follow their page and keep an eye out for more of their upcoming events!


On a side note, this is not my first time covering PJPac. With its hall ambience, I thoroughly enjoyed the venue. I'm looking forward to attending more events at this venue in the future!


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