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Saturday, 25 July 2020

[Press Conference] 8TV 《好声Family》Family Singing Show

[Coverage] 8TV 《好声FamilyFamily Singing Show

Kuala Lumpur, July 2020 8TV八度空间 is bringing us the first ever Family Singing Show in Malaysia titled《好声Family. The show will be on air from 2nd August 2020 (Sunday), 9pm onwards.


The show will be hosted by 8TV Gary叶俊岑 while Christopher黎升铭and Crystal王雪晶will be playing the role as the permanent judges. The show will also feature a variety of guest judges including Malaysian music director Yen Hue Tan 陈彦珲, Malaysian artistes such as Mei Sim云镁鑫, Geraldine颜慧萍, Orange陈慧恬, Daniel李吉汉 ,Haoren朱浩仁, Joe曾耀祖, Emily陈子颖, Jeryl李佩玲 and PongPong碰碰. The official radio station for the show is One FM.


 《好声Familyis the first time for 8TV to record a show using a hybrid method of pre-recording and LIVE stream recording performance and judging. Each episode will feature 6 groups of family contestants who will compete with each other. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the recording crew has come up with measures to fulfil the SOP in the filming process. The song recording and Music video filming are pre-recorded at the contestants’ own regions. The contest will be divided into two rounds, first round is “Own selection songs” performance and second round is the “Challenge songs” that include pop songs as well as the 70s and 80s classics.


The contest is judged based on a few elements including the vocal ability, interaction, performance designs and etc. 70% of the score will be based on permanent judges’ opinions while 30% of the score will be based on the markings by Yen Hue Tan 陈彦珲 and the production director. The winning group will be given a big sum of prize money.


Besides, the contestants themselves can also vote for their own favourite family competitor. The winner family from this vote will also be given a bonus prize money. Audiences can also vote for their favourite family group via 8TV Facebook page. 

Press Conference:

The press conference for 《好声Family kicked off with the premiere of the music video for the theme song titled "". The press conference then showed us some footage of what to be expected in the 1st episode. It shows us the chemistry between the artistes and their family in recording.


One highlight mentioned during the press conference is the fact that the show will include a number of heart-warming and tear-jerking scenes. They even showed us a screenshot of Gary叶俊岑 shedding his tears as he's touched by some of the moments in the show.


Daniel李吉汉 who is one of the guest judges in the show has done recording for his part. He mentioned that this show is more than just being a singing competition as it also emphasizes on the family interaction which is seldom seen in reality singing show. On the other hand, Jeryl李佩玲 and Geraldine颜慧萍 haven’t recorded their episode yet but they also shared their thoughts in taking part as the guest judges.

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Facebook page: 八度空间


YouTube Channel8TV八度空间



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