[Tech Stuffs] Macpie Distribution Appointed as the new Authorized Distributor For Nokia Mobile Products In Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, June 2020 -  Macpie Berhad, through its subsidiary Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd, has announced its appointment as the new authorised distribution partner in Malaysia for HMD Global, the Home of Nokia phones.


Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd will be distributing Nokia mobile branded smartphones & feature phones in Malaysia through its channel partners & corporate partners.

Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd is led by its Executive Director, Mr. Sean Ng. With more than 18 years of experience in the mobile technology business industry, Mr. Ng has profound knowledge and keen insight into the industry with an extensive network of business partners and industry players.


Back in the year 2012, he developed a smart device renowned in Malaysia branded together with his other co-founders and it had quickly gained prominence, market share, and a firm footing in the ASEAN region. In just two years, the brand had expanded to Indonesia and is making headway into other ASEAN markets. Mr. Ng believes in taking a hands-on approach to leading business and marketing strategies, branding management, logistics & multi-national supply chain management, operation strategies, and big-data business analysis.

We are truly humbled with the opportunity given to us and we would like to thank the team at HMD Global who have helped us make this a reality. Given our strength in the mobile business and the capability of the team at Macpie Distribution, we believe we will be able to work hand-in-hand with HMD Global to continue the expansion of Nokia mobile phones in Malaysia.


“Given their unique proposition, “It just keeps getting better”, Nokia mobile phones, are known for giving users a sense of security and stability. Macpie Berhad commits to supporting the growth of this new chapter of Nokia mobile phones in the Malaysian market, and will strive to ensure the brand’s devices are accessible to benefit users from all walks of life.


As we move towards 5G technology, we are confident that HMD Global’s focus on innovation and quality, will result in more accessible 5G mobile phones from Nokia mobile in the future. With the majority of Nokia Smartphones certified as Android Enterprise recommended devices, they provide an excellent fit for large corporations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking for pure, secure and always up-to-date devices for their employees,” said Mr. Sean Ng, Executive Director of Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd.


Vijay Thangavelu, Country Manager (Malaysia and Myanmar), HMD Global, said : “At HMD Global Malaysia, we are proud to serve loyal Nokia mobile fans as well as new users who believe in our award-winning devices. This structural change is a part of our transformational agenda, to ensure we introduce new ways of working with our channel & corporate partners for our business to ‘just keep getting better’. We are excited to work with our newly appointed partner, Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd, and hope together we will grow our smartphone share of business while continuing to support our feature phone demand”.

Vijay adds, “At HMD Global we have a simple idea at the core of our operations: that mobile technology should enhance the everyday lives of everyone around the world. Our wide selection of phones is a step towards realizing that vision, and we go even further by ensuring our devices improve with usage for years to come through timeless design and regular security and performance updates.”

These principles are integral to each and every one of the phones across our device portfolio, and that sets us apart in the mobile phone market – we engineer phones you can trust to be your everyday digital companions. As far as 5G is concerned, we view this as an exciting opportunity to make cutting-edge technology more accessible to the masses. We hope to contribute by bringing 5G technology to a more affordable segment as we enter the market,” he concluded.


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