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Sunday, 29 December 2019



Kuala Lumpur, December 2019 – The BrandLaureate Brand Icon Leadership Awards 2019 has presented the “Greatest Brand Awards for The Decade (2010 – 2020) on 17th December 2019.

The event was graced by approximately 1000 guests, including VVIPs, award winners, and representatives of top brands across various industries. The star-studded event was held at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

These deserving winners, inclusive of Brand icons, reputable and preferred consumer brands, received The BrandLaureate 24K gold plated trophy and a glass-framed certificate, in recognition of the brand achievements and success.

During his opening speech, World President of The BrandLaureate Dr. KK Johan said: “ICONS are both esteemed individuals as well as respected organizations and corporations. These awards are dedicated to ICONS who have contributed significantly to the development of their respective industries and ultimately the nation!”

Dr KK Johan explained that Brands must be promoted and made known to consumers so that they are well-positioned in consumers’ minds, and not their competitors. He also highlighted the importance of the Awards theme of the night – TO BE KNOWN.

Make yourself be known, like the theme of this Award, TO BE KNOWN. There is nothing wrong with shouting to the world about your own greatness and achievements -- Big or Small. You don’t have to feel shy about blowing your own trumpet, because only you know how much work and sacrifice you have put in to have the success you are enjoying right now. If you don’t promote your own success, who will do it then, as everybody is busy taking care of their own backyard.”

The BrandLaureate is one of the most sought after, acclaimed, and accomplished Branding Awards in the world with over 500 international recipients and 1500 international companies who have received the Awards over the past decade.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)
Three memorandums of understanding were also signed and exchanged between The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) and BSchool Australia, Seera Australia, and Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) during the awards ceremony.

The MOUs represents BrandLaureate’s ongoing effort and initiatives to add value to recipients via various world-class educational programs to enable and enhance its future growth.

Entertainment Highlights
Apart from the awards presentation, the show also featured top-notch entertainment! One of the highlights include dance performance from Jinjo Crew, No.1 Breakdancing Group from South Korea. They have put up an energetic performance on stage which has hyped up the audience!

The show also featured Jeryl Lee李佩玲 and Masya Masyitah who are both very talented singer that have made their names big in the recent years. Both of them have their own solo performances as well as the duet performance of 《左肩》. Everyone in the venue was mesmerized by their marvelous performance.

Another memorable moment was when the legendary rock singer, Amy Search made his appearance on stage. He has impressed the audiences with his iconic performance of “Isabella”.

Besides, the show also includes a violin performance by Jessica Loo and a romantic singing performance by Eva & Louis.


The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement Award: The Greatest Banking Icon of The Decade went to YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow, the Founder, Chairman Emeritus, Director and Adviser of Public Bank Berhad.

The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement Award: The Man of The Decade was presented to YBhg Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Sri Paduka Lord Dr. Lim Kok Wing, the Founder & President of Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology.

The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement Award: The Woman of The Decade was presented to YBhg Dato’ Seri Dr. Farah Khan, the Founder & President of The Melium Group.

The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement Award: The Master Brand Founder of The Decade was awarded to YBhg Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai, the Executive Chairman & Founder of Top Glove Corporation Berhad.

Other notable Awards for the night
The BrandLaureate Book of World Records was presented to YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. M. Mahadevan as the First Psychiatrist in Malaysia and The Father of Psychiatry in Malaysia.

Another Book of World Records was also presented to YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Binti Dato’ Dr. Wan Ismail as The First Woman Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The BrandLaureate Premier Award 2019 was presented to Jinjo Crew, the BBOY Group from South Korea.

The BrandLaureate Greatest Iconic Brand of the Decade Award was presented to Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Bhd, and last but not least;

The BrandLaureate Certificate of Honour was presented to the 1992 Malaysian Thomas Cup Team for winning the Badminton Championship -- a record that they still hold until today.

More Awards categories
Other award categories include The BrandLaureate World Tech ICON Awards, The BrandLaureate Brand ICON of The Decade Awards, and The BrandLaureate ICONIC Brands of The Decade Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners of the BrandLaureate ICON Awards 2019: The Most Prestigious Award of the Decade (2010-2020)!

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