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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

[Coverage] Yisa Yu 郁可唯 《路過人間》專輯宣傳活動聖誕聚會 Christmas Gathering In Malaysia

[Coverage] Yisa Yu 郁可唯 《路過人間》專輯宣傳活動聖誕聚會 Christmas Gathering In Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, December 2019 – In conjunction with Yisa Yu 郁可唯 《路過人間》album promo tour in Malaysia, a Christmas gathering with fans was held in 大嘴叭 Loud Speaker Family Karaoke, MyTOWN Basement 1 on the 21st December 2019. It was a fun Christmas gathering as the fans get to interact with Yisa Yu in a close distance.

Sing-along Karaoke Session!
The Christmas Gathering began with Yisa Yu entering the Karaoke room and singing her latest hit song 《路過人間》. All of the fans who were present that day sang along with her during the session.

There were many fans who have attended the gathering including our own Malaysia fans who have won the passes via competitions, as well as fans from other countries.

MY radio announcer Byun was the host of the session. He has interviewed Yisa Yu during the gathering and the fans get to know more about Yisa. Yisa has shared with the fans regarding her love for e-sports and she mentioned that it would be a cool career for a female to try on.

When asked by Byun on what’s her favorite feature of her ownself, she mentioned that it would be her vocal. Indeed, every fans would agree on that, because her voice is really mesmerizing!

Byun also asked her regarding her usual routine during Winter Solstice as the celebration was just a day after the promo tour. Yisa mentioned that usually they would be eating Jiaozi at home. This is something different from the tradition amongst the Malaysian Chinese as Tang Yuan was more commonly consumed during the season here. Out of the surprise, one of the fans actually told Yisa that they have prepared Tang Yuan for her. What a lovely scene!

Gifts Exchange Session!
Christmas is also a season to share and gift exchange is something not to be missed out. There was a gifts exchange session amongst the fans and Yisa Yu was the conductor during the session. One of the lucky fans (the same fans who prepared Tang Yuan for Yisa) managed to draw the gift from Yisa Yu herself! What a lucky fans! In addition to that, Yisa also kept some candies in the pocket of her clothes and she tossed these candies to the other fans too!

Last but not least, there was a group photo session with Yisa Yu. It was a wonderful season gathering and Yisa Yu is indeed a humble singer with a great voice!

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