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[Coverage] Janice Yan 阎奕格 Meet The Fans Gathering at Red Box Plus, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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[Coverage] Janice Yan 阎奕格 Meet The Fans Gathering at Red Box Plus, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, June 2016 - Just a few days ago, me and my co-writer Kent Room have this golden opportunity to meet and greet with Janice Yan 阎奕格 at Red Box Plus, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. It was a fun and delightful event whereby we get to interact with Janice as well as knowing her more.

VenueRed Box Plus Karaoke, Pavilion.

There was a short Q&A session during the event whereby the host MYFM DJ Wan Wai Fun asked Janice on a few questions as listed below:

Who is the singer you hope to collaborate in your future performance?
- Eason. I have worked with him before. He is a very talkative person and he is willing to teach. It is quite comfortable to work with him.

Among the 星光四少,who is the one you hope to have more collaboration with? For me, I will choose 倪安东 as I have performed with him before and we both are English spoken.

What's the music style you wish to attempt in future? (This a drawlot questions and it's from my co-writer Kent Room)
I hope to try Muse band style or those more heavy metal type. I believe it will be a breakthrough for my music career.

Apart from the short Q&A session, Janice has also performed for the fans during the meet and greet session.

There was also a game interaction between Janice and the fans! The game played was “答错线” which we saw in 超级无敌奖门人. She is really sporting and all of the fans have had a lot of fun with her!

It was such a great comeback for Janice Yan after “hibernating” for the last few years. Fans have been waiting for years for her to return! This time around, Janice is coming back to Malaysia and will be having a concert 星光传奇演唱会 soon which will be held in Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands on 30th July 2016!

Once again, million thanks to Red Box Karaoke for bring Janice Yan to meet and greet with the fans!

For more info regarding upcoming events and promotions in Red Box, do check out I LUV RED BOX FANS CLUB!

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