[Movie Review] Long Long Time Ago 2 “我们的故事 2”

[Movie Review] Long Long Time Ago 2 “我们的故事 2”


‘Long Long Time Ago 2’ continues to feature the original ensemble casts from the first movie.

The movie continues to take us through the olden days in Singapore with even more dramatic and humorous scenes!

What is the life of Zhao Di and the family post-event in Long Long Time Ago?

Is Ah Kun still treating the sister the same?

Let’s check it out in your nearest cinema on what Singapore is like in Long Long Time Ago!

Simple yet comprehensive storytelling of the people who has lived in a Kampung before!
Long long time ago 2 is the sequel to the film "Long Long Time Ago". Directed by Jack Neo, the movie tells the story of an era in Singapore whereby the people are still staying in Kampung houses. The movie depicts multi-racial differences in cultures and traditions, unity, earlier days of singapore plus the family internal conflicts.

A Movie About The Life Of The Previous Generation!
Jack Neo has a great intention of telling the good old days stories to the younger generation via movie. Thus, here comes these two movies of "Long Long Time Ago". Continuing from the first movie, the sequel this time still focuses on the theme of family conflict, traditional chinese family customs and also takes an interesting approach over interracial marriage.

As compared to the first one, the sequel has less CGI enhancement effects and but equal charms as the first one.
The storyline was simple yet can be heartwarming likely due to the depiction of the real life kampung life. Most people who have lived in a kampung before will totally feel the connection with the movie. My fellow reviewer Kent,who has lived in a kampung before kept on mentioning " That's how my life was when I was living in a kampung." Yeah. Those are the feelings you could get by watching the movie.

Please watch the first movie before you watch the sequel!
The sequel is a direct continuation from the first movie. There isn't much recap or reintroduction of characters. So be sure you watch the first one before you proceed to this second one. Or else, you can be quite clueless of the characters in the film.

A great comedic attempt about interracial marriage.
The interracial relationship is the funny part of the show. The whole process from how they first met their respective parents until they got married was well displayed in the film and Jack Neo has applied some great sense of humor in bringing these matters into good laugh.

The Great Passion in Capturing the era!
Seriously, Jack Neo deserve a lot of compliments for capturing so much details of that era of life. In this film, not just the Kampung Life that has been well-displayed. The transition from Kampung life into the life of staying in a flat house was very well choreographed in this film. The amount of details Jack has put in is awesome.

Good acting and casting for characters.
The casts in this movie especially Aileen Tan and Mark Lee really portrayed their characters very well. You can really feel for Zhao Di because of Aileen’s good acting. As for mark lee, he is really good in delivering his role as an ignorant and pampered brother.

Downside: Patchy Flow of story!
Undeniable, the movie has a great story to tell. However, as compared to the first instalment, I think the second one presented with a more disjointed flow. Chronologically, some scenes are quite patchy and less fluid as compared to the first one.

Downside: Commercialism in The Movie!
The movie actually spent quite a number of frames for many obvious product placements. The overly product placement in the movie is too prominent and some scenes felt like a purposely inserted advertisement scenes. Well, if you take it more light-heartedly, it can be another laugh for you and your friends whenever it appears. “Hey, it’s advertisement time again!”

Verdict: 7.0/10

“Overall, Long Long Time Ago 2 is another enjoyable and sincere storytelling from Jack Neo. Highly recommended for those people who have lived in a Kampung before, for Singaporean as well as Malaysian!” – WLJack

“Although this is a Singapore old kampong story, it is actually quite similar to our Malaysian Kampung life if you have lived in rumah papan before. Every detail of the movie like the props, the setting of the house can bring back so much memory of the old times. It is nice and recommended for a watch.” – Kent Room

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