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Thursday, 4 February 2016

[Coverage] “Let’s Eat” Eating Competition 开饭啦大胃王競賽

[Coverage] “Let’s Eat” Eating Competition 开饭啦大胃王競賽

Kuala Lumpur, February 2016 –  In conjunction with the release of Chinese New Year Movie “Let’s Eat”, Asia Tropical Films has organized a Let’s Eat” Eating Competition 开饭啦大胃王競賽 at Coliseum Midvalley a few days ago.

Date: 27th January 2016
Time: 8pm
Venue: Coliseum Mid Valley

Eating Challenge! Fastest To Complete The Food Wins The Competition!
The competition has attracted many big eaters regardless of race, gender and size. All of these contestants have the opportunity to savor the tasty food from Coliseum Café, but in a competitive way.

The first 10 contestants who won the first round then proceeded to the next round which is to eat as much Chicken Chop as possible!

Chapman To’s Appearance!
Prior to the beginning of the 2nd round of eating competition, the director and main cast of the movie Chapman To has appeared at the café and greeted the media members as well as the contestants!

Well known as a sporting and funny guy, Chapman To jokingly asked whether the fastest contestant from the first round just escaped from prison. Apart from that, he greeted the other contestants in a funny way. The atmosphere was suddenly livened up even more with his presence!

Final winner is born! Congratulations!
All of the top 10 finalists were given a pair of tickets to attend the Gala Premiere of “Let’s Eat” while the champion won away an additional prize which was the Chinese New Year hamper.

“Let’s Eat” is released today, 4th February 2016 in Malaysia Cinema!

I have already watched the premiere and the movie review will be up soon! Either way, the movie is very suitable to be watched by family during this festive season of Chinese New Year!

By the way, bumped into my old friend from matriculation during the eating challenge. He was actually one of the top 10 finalists too!

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