[Coverage] Press Conference of ntv7 《The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单》 & 8tv八度空间《My Family我的全家福》

[Coverage] Press Conference of ntv7 The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单》 & 8tv八度空间《My Family我的全家福》

Kuala Lumpur, February 2016 – Just a few weeks ago, ntv7 and 8tv have organized a Chinese New Year dinner for the media members. During the dinner, they had carried out the press conference for ntv7 The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单》 and 8tv八度空间《My Family我的全家福》.

It was a great pleasure to dine and meet the cast members during the Press Conference dinner at PJ, Armada Hotel.

Lou Sang For All!

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year which is drawing nearer, ntv 7 and 8tv has provided an early lou sang sessions for the media members to Lou Sang along with the casts from two CNY-related tele-dramas  ntv7 The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单》 & 8tv八度空间《My Family我的全家福》.

Press Conferences: “The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单and “My Family我的全家福”!
As mentioned in my previous posts (http://www.wljack.com/2016/01/local-entertainment-ntv7-2016-chinese.html), the drama of “The Missing Menu记忆中的菜单 features artistes like ” Frederick Lee李洺中、Jojo Goh吴俐璇、Karena Teo 张惠虹、Jeffrey Cheng 庄惟翔、Jan Chin秦雯彬、东于哲member陈泽耀(阿哲)、Fabian吕志勤and Ivan刘益行 from 《非常演员》 The Ultimate Actor. The telemovie version features main casts of Jack叶朝明 and Pauline陈俐杏.

Frederick Lee Romantic Relationship Exposed?

Due to the recent photo upload via his social media, Frederick Lee has become everyone’s target during the starting of the press conference. When asked whether he was trying to hint about his relationship, he replied in a shy way that it’s just a coincidental vacation trip.

Ivan Acted Like A Veteran?

This is Ivan’s first involvement in ntv7 CNY drama. The other casts jokingly said that he behaved like he was a veteran. Ivan then replied that he was just being nervous to be cooperating with the other veterans for the first time. That’s why he acted a bit awkward initially. However, after a scene in the drama. Everyone broke the ice and became really close.

Jack Finally Playing The Role of a big cast after 5 years of being “KELEFEH”?
When asked by Nicholas on stage regarding why Jack would be able to be given a main role this time, Jack replied that it’s most probably because of his determination in the past. In the past, he claimed that he has been playing as Kelefeh for total of 5 years.

Pauline on the other hand said that because of Jack, she has to NG for a lot during the filming in response to his funny attitude.

《记忆中的菜单》(THE MISSING MENU tells a story of how a single mother interact with 4 of her children who are working away from home. The drama carries the message of love apart from spreading more info regarding Chinese traditional dishes. Besides, there is a telemovie version of the drama which will be shown during 1st day of Chinese New Year (8th February), 8.30pm.

Do remember to catch the drama from 26th January 2016 onwards, every Monday till Thursday, 9.30pm.

Casts from “My Family我的全家福also went on stage for the press conferenceThe drama features Gary Yap叶俊岑、小玉、Rickman谢承伟、Winson温胜光、Mei Sim云镁鑫、陈鸿、Wilson李伟燊 

During the press conference, all the casts have shared regarding the funny stuffs that have happened during the filming process.

Mei Sim Not Satisfy That Rickman Played The Role Of Younger Sibling?
Mei Sim mentioned jokingly that she was not satisfy that Rickman who is older than her in real life actually played the role of younger sibling in the show. Rickman replied an ironic answer, “I think it’s still acceptable that I played the role of a younger brother, at least it is better than if the younger sibling role being played by Gary Yap.”

My Family我的全家福 is being showed from 25th January 2016, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7.58pm via a 2 minute short version.

From 5th February 2016 until 9th February 2016, the short 5 minute version will be played every 8.30pm.

On 10th February, 6pm, the 30 minute special will be shown.

Well, Chinese New Year is drawing nearer, would like to wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year! And remember to catch both of these nice treats from ntv7 and 8tv.

Before I left the dinner venue, I took some selfie with a few of the casts as well as with my friends.

Me and blogger buddy, TianChad (from tianchad.com)

Me and 阿哲

Me and Frederick Lee李洺中

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