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Sunday, 2 November 2014

[Coverage] Ian 陳彥允 & Dino李玉璽《允文允舞》&《搖滾小日子》 Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

[Coverage] Ian 陳彥允 & Dino李玉璽《允文允舞》&《搖滾小日子》 Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014 - Newcomer singers from 老鷹音樂Eagle Music, Ian 陳彥允 & Dino李玉璽 have come over to Malaysia to promote their brand new album《允文允舞》&《搖滾小日子》 respectively! Their promo tour starts from 1st November 2014 – 4th November 2014!

Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com were given an opportunity to do coverage on the event at Sungei Wang Plaza thanks to the invitation by Universal Music Malaysia.

Ian 陳彥允 & Dino李玉璽《允文允舞》&《搖滾小日子》Promo Tour
Date: 1st November 2014
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Prior to the appearance of the artistes, the host emcee of the event MYFM DJ Emily Poon has interacted with the fans by giving away posters! She has also picked two lucky fans who would be able to play games on stage with Ian & Dino.

Ian Appeared On Stage First With Singing Performance! He said “Apa Khabar?”
Without further ado, Ian was welcomed on stage by the emcee and he proceeded with his first singing performance on stage! The title of the song is Revolution”!

After performing the first song, he then greeted the fans with Apa Khabar and followed by a short conversation with the emcee. Ian’s songs have been featured in a few Taiwanese dramas over the past few years. He said that he felt lucky that his songs were being chosen to be featured.

He said that he was a little bit anxious when on stage this time because it’s his first time coming over to Malaysia.  The feeling was almost similar to when he first debuted.

During the chit-chat session, the emcee mentioned that Ian’s recent participation in a Taiwanese drama 《喜歡。一個人》has changed from being just a cameo into a role with more screenplay time. The main reason for this was because his acting performance was good and the director decided to add more scenes for him. He replied that he has not much limitation to himself and he would just try his best to offer as much as he could in anything he does.

Impromptu, the emcee asked Ian to say a word to the fans in the same way when he’s acting. He then said in a serious tone, “Apa Khabar?” Everyone laughed at that moment when he said “Apa khabar” in that tone. He said that he only learned that phrase backstage. 

So, MYFM DJ Emily taught him another Malay phrase. He then said it to the fans, “Aku Cinta Padamu!” All of the fans cheered and screamed as he mentioned that! He then proceeded with another singing performance on stage!

Ian's performance @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Rockstar Dino Came On Stage With 《放下,旅行》! Five Takes of Funny Facial Expressions!
After Ian went to the backstage, another star of the day Dino then appeared on stage singing his song 《放下,旅行》!

The emcee then has an interview with him too on stage. She asked Dino about the meaning of the song 《放下,旅行》Dino explained that the song involved the story of a person after he/she has broken up and travelling with a “single” status.

When the emcee praised him for his achievement of winning 五大唱片, he humbly replied that he was happy that his works were being recognized and appreciated. All of the songs featured in his album 《搖滾小日子》 are consist of his own composed songs since he was 16 years old until now.

Being in the same recording label as Andrew陳势安, Andrew told him that one of the best thing in Malaysia is the food here. Dino also said that the fans in Malaysia are very friendly!

People said that Dino is a very fun and outgoing person. So, Emily has asked him to do a “5 take” posing of different facial expressions for the fans. He agreed spontaneously and came out with 5 different funny facial expressions.

Besides, Dino is the son of prestigious musician李亞明. The emcee asked him whether he would feel pressurized for having such a successful dad in the same field. Dino said that occasionally he could feel the pressure because his dad was very strict to him. Sometimes he just wrote some songs as a way to share his feelings but his father would take it very seriously and corrected him professionally.

After the brief interview, Dino then proceeded with his second song.

Dino's performance @ Sungei Wang Plaza:

Games And Interaction Session With The Lucky Fans!Apart from performing on stage, both Dino Ian have also interacted up-close and personal with the fans. Both of them were paired with one lucky fans each. They have to cooperate with the fans to insert as much tennis balls as possible into a bag. The catch of the game was that all of them can only hold the tennis balls using the assigned body parts such as forehead, back and finger.

The promo tour at Sungei Wang Plaza then ended with an album autograph session.

Besides Sungei Wang Plaza, Ian & Dino will still be continuing their promo tour at the following venues:

Atrium, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang
Atrium, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

馬來亞大學 University Of Malaya



That’s all for the coverage. Million thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for bringing both Ian 陳彥允 & Dino李玉璽 to Malaysia and thanks giving our team a chance to do a coverage for this event.

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