Wednesday, 2 July 2014

[Upcoming Event] Ivan Lee “What’s Up Buddy” Promo Tour In Malaysia 李安豪马来西亚宣传之旅

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Ivan Lee “What’s Up Buddy” Promo Tour In Malaysia 李安豪马来西亚宣传之旅
In conjunction with the release of his album “What’s Up Buddy”, Ivan Lee is coming over to Malaysia for a promo tour. Below are the details of his promo tour:

Wednesday (2nd July 2014)
8.30pm  City Food Court, Serdang
10.00pm Diamond Palace, The Scott Garden

Thursday (3rd July 2014)
11.30pm DongMen, The Scott Garden

Friday (4th July 2014)
9.00pm Fuel, Auto City, Penang

11.30pm Neuve, Precincts, 10 Penang

About Ivan Lee:
Ivan who was born in Hong Kong, has a mixed heritage of both Chinese and Portugal. He has received education in Hong Kong since young and possessed a good mastery over the language of Mandarin. He was living in a single parent family since young. Thus, he has started working since young to reduce his mother’s burden.

He is very talented in music. He has expressed his singing skill through Youtube in the past and also produced music at home to gain more experience in this field.

Recently, he has released his EP titled, “What’s Up Buddy” during May 2014.

Here's the official Music Video of Ivan Lee's song "What's Up Buddy":

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