[Coverage] Press Conference of Ivan Lee 李安豪“What’s Up Buddy” Promo Tour In Malaysia 马来西亚宣传之旅

[Coverage] Press Conference of Ivan Lee 李安豪“What’s Up Buddy” Promo Tour In Malaysia 马来西亚宣传之旅

3rd July 2014, Kuala Lumpur – A talented and energetic young singer from Hong Kong, Ivan Lee 李安豪 has come over to Malaysia for a three days tour to promote his latest ep album, “What’s Up Buddy”. Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given the opportunity to do a coverage on the press conference of Ivan Lee’s promo tour in Malaysia.

Greeted Malaysian Members With Live Guitar Performance of “Price Tag”!
The press conference started at around 6.30pm, 3rd July 2014 (Wednesday) at Neway One Utama. Ivan came into the room with a cheerful attitude and without further ado has performed a LIVE guitar performance of “Price Tag” as seen in the video below:

Press Conference Coverage: (Video coverage can be found at http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/07/video-coverage-press-conference-of-ivan.html)

Ivan Lee’s First Time Coming To Malaysia For His Album Promo! Cooperation with Chet Lam林一峰 for his album!
This is Ivan’s first time to come to Malaysia for his album promotion. He stated that he loves Malaysia and he said that some locals even commented that he looked like a Malaysian. Anyway, just in case you guys do not know yet, Ivan was actually the winner for a Neway singing competition in the year of 2012. He has finally released his first EP album on May 2014. He thanked the famous HK music producer 林一峰 for helping him so much for this album. He also said that 林一峰 has taught him a lot in not just music but also in terms of attitude which is essential in life.

Prefers Funky Style Song!
Ivan stated that there were many HK songs which are based on romantic themes. Thus, he hopes to try something different. He prefers to sing funky style song which is more positive, inspirational and motivational like his hit single, “What’s Up Buddy”. He stated that he actually dedicated this song for one of his friend who has fallen sick last year. He hoped that the song could provide some motivation for his friend and remind him that everyone has one or few buddies around who would support them when under tough times.

The album “What’s Up Buddy” consisted of 5 songs. Each of the song has a different  theme and each of them has a background story which is related to Ivan’s life.

Ivan’s Mother used to hope that his son can be in another profession!
Ivan said that he has a different view from his mother who hopes that he could become a doctor, a lawyer or etc. He admitted that he was not that excellent in academic. Due to the fact that his family is not that rich, he has gone for part time since 15 years old. His mother used to compare him with his neighbor’s son and etc. In order to make his mother proud, he has taken part in many singing competitions. However, his mother was not that impressed at first. Until he won the Neway Competition on 2012, he saw that his mother posted a status in her facebook, “I am so proud of you, son.” This whole incident has inspired him for the song of  “为你骄傲”. He stated that he is also very proud of his mother for bringing them up so well despite being a single parent.

Learnt Guitar To Court A Girl!
When asked about the reason for him to learn guitar in the past, he stated that his original intention was to court a girl. The first guitar score he learnt was Jay Chou’s 晴天. After learning guitar, he has utilized his skill for his following singing competitions that time.

Media Interview:

What is his ideal girlfriend type?
He prefers girl who is more cheerful yet introvert.

Does he take part in any betting for football games?
He doesn’t like to gamble and he said that it’s actually quite impossible to win in gambling.

How did he get the injury on his arm?
He got the injury from a football match. He stated that he likes to play football and he used to be in school football team.

Will he be interested to take part in acting? Which genre will he prefer?
Ivan said that he would be interested to take part in police themed or horror genre movies. He doesn’t like romantic genre movies.

Who does he hope to collaborate with in the future?
Ivan said that he wishes to collaborate with Eason in the future. He said that Eason was very inspiring during one of the awards show. Eason told the young artistes that while he (Eason) will try to push the HK music beyond Hong Kong to overseas, he (Eason) hoped that the young ones would handle and maintain the quality of music industry well inside Hong Kong.

That’s all for the press conference coverage. 

Do check out http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/07/video-coverage-press-conference-of-ivan.html for my video coverage on the press conference.

For more photos during the press conference, please visit:

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