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Sunday, 1 June 2014

[Recap] Breakout in Avenue K! Launching Its Real Escape Game Since May 2014!

[Recap] Breakout in Avenue K! Launching Its Real Escape Game Since May 2014!

BREAKOUT’s Grand Opening in Avenue K launching its Real Escape Game with Special Guest Amber Chia

I am a favourite fans of escape game and here's something which I really wished to share with you. It's about BREAKOUT!

The grand opening event of BREAKOUT’s in Avenue K had been held last month on 10th May 2014 which launched its unique and thrilling Real Escape Game to the public! The grand opening was attended by special guests Amber Chia, Eric Lin and Royce Tan.

During the event, The Managing Director, Mr Johnny Ong stated that he and his partner hope to expand the business to the other parts of the world in the coming years. The Breakout team also wished that they could hold a large scare real escape games which can take place in a shopping mall or involves hundreds over participants. In addition, Mr Johnny Ong is also a 5 years experienced magician and he even incorporate real magic tricks into one of the themed rooms.

Amber Chia has also tried her hand at one of the themes room, Chamber of Hocus. “This escape game was devilish difficult and my son would love it” said Amber Chia who had experience in real escape game before.

BREAKOUT consists of 4 differently themed rooms with a maximum of 6 players per room who have to complete the objective of the games based on the storyline within 45 minutes.

The room is designed in a way to give players a like-in-the-movie experience and each game has different characters with special abilities assumed by each player to help their teams strategize their gameplay to breakout from the room within 45 minutes.

A minimum of 2 players are required and the price per entry is RM 38 per person. There are currently 4 rooms offered with different themes ---THE GREATEST MURDER OF WESTWOOD, MR OSWALD’S GREATEST SHOW, CHAMBER OF HOCUS and THE INFINITY.

Choose from one of these thrilling escape games!


A body is found severely burnt in bath tub. Weird symbols suggest this was a murder and not accident. You and your friends are the detectives to solve this baffling crime!

Mr. Oswald is a famous marionette brought to life by mysterious puppeteer who has piqued everyone’s curiosity. Tonight, in what is billed as ‘Mr Oswald’s Greatest Show’, the puppeteer will reveal his true identity! But all is not what it seems!


Mr Hocus, a notorious swindler has stolen millions from the rich to give the poor. At the scene of each crime is a playing card---“Hocus Pocus, who is the Hocus?” You have to unravel his identity! Is he a modern Robin Hood or just a hood?

A square room is divided into infinite ones. Just try to find your way out---sounds simple but this devious and fiendishly fun escape game requires you to use your grey cells to the max!

For room reservation, call:  +603 21811835

Online booking:                  www.breakout.com.my

Facebook:                            www.facebook.com/Breakout.com.my

Instagram:                            @breakout_malaysia

BREAKOUT, L2-16, Level 2, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur

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