[Official Press Release] Sodagreen returns to Singapore for 10th Anniversary World Tour

[Official Press Release] Sodagreen returns to Singapore for 10th Anniversary World Tour

Sodagreen returns to Singapore for 10th Anniversary
World Tour

Singapore, 29 May 2014 – Good news to all Singaporeans, Sodagreen will once again return to the sunny island this coming August for their 10th anniversary world tour.

Our beloved band has kicked off their world tour in Hong Kong this April, performing 3 sold-out shows for a 33,000-strong crowd at the Hong Kong Coliseum. No stranger to selling out upon ticket launch especially in Taiwan and Mainland China, the band has put in extreme hard work to ensure they only bring the best on stage – all in appreciation for their fans whose unwavering support has brought them through the last 10 years.

Apart from spending long hours in rehearsals to fine tune their performance, band leader and lead singer Qing Feng has been adhering to a strict workout regime, which includes him doing 8km jogs and yoga everyday. He has been known to reject gatherings and using written words to communicate instead of speaking, so as to preserve his voice for the concerts. There is little wonder why this dedicated and passionate band has garnered so much love, support and respect from fans over the past decade.

Sodagreen first started as a student band in one of Taiwan’s top universities, and facing the inevitability of disbanding upon graduation, the band got itself a mini-bus and began their farewell tour journeying across Taiwan. They eventually took to the stage at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival and in a twist of events, it was here that music producer Will Lin discovered them and gave the band a new lease of life.

The theme for this 10th year anniversary celebration concert is “AIR”, aptly named and inspired by the band’s debut album title “Aerial Visions, Sounds and Illusions”. Fans can expect to walk down the memory lane with Sodagreen and relive Sodagreen’s best and most memorable hits from their decade in the industry. In addition, the band has specially created a new catchy song during their recent concert rehearsals and released the track just days prior to the first stop of their new tour, inviting concert goers to dance and ‘get high’ together during their live performance of this new track.

To increase the anticipation and ambiance for the show, tour organiser AMC Live Group will also be gifting every concert attendee with an LED-wristband that has been set to change colours along with the flow of the concert, allowing fans to also be participants in this very show.

Whether one is already a fan of Sodagreen or is new to this band, the concert is definitely not to be missed. Be it the heartfelt lyrics, quirky tunes or the humorous antics of the very down-to-earth band members, all it takes is two hours for one to fall in love with this talented band.

2014 Sodagreen AIR World Tour Singapore is proudly brought to you by AMC Live Group Singapore.

2014 Sodagreen AIR World Tour Singapore
Date: 30th August 2014
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket Prices: $158*, $138*, $118*, $88* (*excludes $4 Sportshub booking fee)
Ticketing: www.sportshubtix.sg or Hotline 6330 5000

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