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Friday, 18 October 2013

[Local Entertainment]《了解我》Singles CD Sold Out During Promo Activity! Young Girl Kissed Zen俊倩!

《了解我》Singles CD Sold Out During Promo Activity
Young Girl Kissed Zen俊倩!

Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2013 - Zen俊倩’s《了解我》单曲CD has been sold out during her promo activity a few days ago. She felt very touched because all her efforts have been paid off. Before her promo activity, she felt very nervous. She has been practising her new song all the time and hasn’t been sleeping that well prior to the event. However, after the event, she felt very touched as her fans have supported her all the way!

《了解我》 has been played and recommended in many Chinese FM Charts
Worth mentioning is, her singles 《了解我》 has received many positive remarks from many Chinese radio stations. The song has also achieved good rankings in a few music charts. For example, the song has reached MyAstro 至尊排行榜 No.16 recently. 《了解我》official MV has also been available online. 

Young Girl Kissed Zen 俊倩
Zen俊倩has invited some audience to the stage for a game session. There was one very young girl that joined along. The young girl and her mother are Zen’s fans. She kissed Zen’s face and this has made Zen felt so heartwarming. Zen said that, “The little girl is not afraid of strangers at all. She’s so nice.”

Zen俊倩fans’ club theme colour is yellow. During the event, we can see a lot of fans with yellow t-shirt that came and supported Zen. Even the song producer for《了解我》, 陈彦珲also wore a yellow T-shirt as a support for Zen.

环东Junior Full Support To Zen!
A few环东Junior has come and supported Zen during the event. They have performed a series of singing and dancing. During one of their performance, Zen even sneaked in the group and appeared on the stage to greet the fans!

Inviting Zen俊倩as a Performance Guest!
If any society or school intends to invite Zen俊倩 for performance, please email your event details to johnhew2973@gmail.com .

For more info about Zen, please visit:

Or you can also visit Easternworld Music Facebook Page:

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