[Coverage] 1st Golden Wau Awards 金筝奖

[Coverage] 1st Golden Wau Awards 金筝奖
Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2013 – Our Malaysia 1st Golden Wau Awards has happened a few days ago on 15th October 2013 (Tuesday) at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar. It was filled with glitz and glamour as it was attended by a lot of well-known celebrities from both local and international.

Red Carpet Ceremony
It was no doubt a star studded red carpet ceremony. From the beginning of the red carpet session until the end, the fans and media members were greeted by many prominent figures in film industry.

Try and see whether you can spot any faces which are familiar to you?

Dato' Lai Meng saying her most prominent dialogues.

The host for Red Carpet Show, Dennis Gan!

Many of the international artists have also attended the event as a support and encouragement for our very 1st Golden Wau Awards. This is definitely a step forward for Malaysia film industry!

For more photos on Red Carpet Ceremony, can visit our facebook photo album: 

Awards Ceremony
Despite being organized for the first time, the event was very well managed and it has a good flow between awards and performances. Almost every time after two awards were given, the audiences were entertained by either LIVE Performance or some comedic sponsored videos for Sweet Dreams, the main sponsor for 1st Golden Wau Awards. All of the funny videos were parodies from the scenes in local films.

Many awards were given out during that night as an encouragement for all the people who have worked hard in this industry.  (The lists of awards and the winners can be found at the end of the post.)

There are quite a few highlights during the awards show:

The “daughter” Elanne Kwong awarding the “mom” Kara Hui!
I am sure most of you have watched “The Wedding Diary” before and if you did, you will know that Elanne Kwong is the daughter for Kara Hui in the movie. Ironically, the award for Best Supporting Actress was granted by the “daughter” to the “mom”. Kara felt very happy and she said that Malaysia has provided her with many great opportunities in her career.

Jack Lim became super Thin within a few months?
When Jack Lim was announced as The Best Supporting Actor by Mark Lee and Elanne Kwong, a thin guy went on stage to receive the awards from them. Mark Lee jokingly said, “You can’t lie to me! The Jack Lim I remembered was not this thin. How could it be possible for a guy to thin down so quickly within months?” Well, the guy was just a representative because Jack Lim was not able to attend the awards show.

Mark Lee has also added, “This has proven that 1st Golden Wau Awards is very fair because even the absentees can win the prize!”

This has shown that the awards were given based on fair judging by panels and were not biased to “only those who attend can win” basis.

Afdlin Shauki met Crystal Lee!
It was a moment filled with laughter as Malaysia famous actor/director Afdlin Shauki stood on the same stage with Crystal Lee 李馨巧one of the youngest Malaysia actress who has achieved unbelievable results at international level. Afdlin and Crystal were both praising each other in the beginning. Until Afdlin discovered that Crystal was actually already a Best Actress in the recent Shanghai awards at such a young age, he jokingly turned his face away from Crystal. His facial expression was priceless. Well, it’s all part of the joke either way and the moment has made everyone on the floor laughed.

Pioneer Awards! 黎明and 韩瑛!
Pioneer Awards is an award given to commemorate those who have made a great difference in Malaysia film industry. Without these individuals, Malaysia film industry would not have progressed until the stage now. Thus, 黎明and 韩瑛 who have been acting for the past 50-60 years in Malaysia totally deserved the award without a doubt. Everyone on the floor stood up as a respect for them when they were announced as the winners for The Pioneer Awards!

A Phone Call from Ah Niu! Lee Sinje screamed in excitement!
During the Best Actress Awards, when Lee Sinje was announced as the best actress, Ah Niu made a phone call for her. She screamed in joy when she was told that she was the winner. Ah Niu joked and asked her to calm down as her voice was projected to everyone present at the award show.

Ah Niu making a phone call to Lee Sinje!

Jack Neo as the Best Actor!
When Jack Neo was announced as The Best Actor, he has invited his wife on stage to celebrate the moment with him. This was his second awards during the night. Thus, making him one of the biggest winner of the night.

Best Director Chiu Keng Guan “Great Day”!
It was a great moment for director Chiu Keng Guan as his movie “Great Day” has earned him the best director awards. He mentioned that his upcoming film will be in cinema next year. Currently, it was planned to be released during CNY period but it was yet to be confirmed again.

Best Movie Awards, Ah Niu’s “Ice Kacang Puppy Love”!
“Ice Kacang Puppy Love” was awarded as the best movie in 1st Golden Wau Awards. Ah Niu was delighted when the result was announced. This was really a great achievement for him.

Full List of Awards during 1st Golden Wau Awards (According To Sequence):
最佳女配角Best Supporting Actress惠英红”The Wedding Diary 结婚那件事
最佳男配角 Best Supporting Actor林德荣 “Great Day 天天好天
最佳造型Best Image Design: E&W Styling Team “The Petaling Street Warriors 大英雄·小男人最佳美术Best Art: 傅文辉 ”Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰
最佳剪接Best Editing: 林伟德 “Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰
最佳音效Best Sound Effect: 杜笃之”Kepong Gangster 甲洞
最佳非中文电影The Best Local non-Chinese film: Hikayat Merong Maha Wangsa
最受欢迎新加坡电影The Most Popular Singapore film: We Not Naughty 孩子不坏
最受欢迎大马中文电影The most Popular Local Chinese FilmThe Wedding Diary 结婚那件事
最佳音乐Best Original Scoring: 马逸腾范翔登 “Kepong Gangster 甲洞
最佳电影主题曲Best Theme Song: We Are Gangster “Hantu Gangster”
最佳摄影Best Cinematography: 杨俊麟 “Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰
最佳编剧Best Script: 李勇昌 ”Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你妈
先锋奖Pioneer Award: 拿督黎明韩瑛
最佳女主角Best Actress李心洁(Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰)
最佳男主角Best Actor: 梁智强(Homecoming 笑着回家)
最佳导演Best Director: 周青元(Great Day 天天好天)
最佳电影Best Movie: Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰

Below are some post event photos:

For more photos please visit:

It has been a pleasant night and it was a great step forward for Malaysian filmmakers, actors and actresses! The startup of such a grand annual event needs a lot of efforts and the production of good films requires a lot of determinations.  

Let us all support Malaysia films and Golden Wau Awards so that they could become a stepping stone for the local film industry to achieve a higher ground at international level!

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