[Coverage] mtm labo Grand Unveiling @ Pavilion Damansara Heights (Featuring Ali Lee 李佳芯)

[Coverage] mtm labo Grand Unveiling @ Pavilion Damansara Heights (Featuring Ali Lee 李佳芯)

mtm labo Grand Unveiling at Pavilion Damansara Heights: TVB Star Ali Lee Dazzles

Petaling Jaya, 2024 – On the afternoon of Saturday, May 18, 2024, Pavilion Damansara Heights became the center of attention as mtm labo celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store. The event was graced by the presence of popular TVB actress Ali Lee, renowned for her roles in hit dramas such as 《BB來了》(Who Wants A Baby?) and 《智能愛人》(AI Romantic). Ali Lee's appearance added a touch of glamour and excitement to the occasion.

The event commenced with an introduction to mtm labo by the emcee, highlighting the brand's unique approach to custom-blended skincare. Attendees were treated to a special instrumental performance and a preview of the brand’s TV commercial, setting the stage for an afternoon of elegance and sophistication.

A highlight of the event was the series of interview sessions with local celebrities Diana Danielle, Wong Chui Ling, and Dr. Soo Wincci. Each shared their personal skincare tips and experiences with mtm labo products, providing valuable insights into maintaining radiant skin. Ali Lee 李佳芯), the guest star of the afternoon, captivated the audience as she discussed her skincare routine amidst her hectic filming schedule. She also offered a sneak peek into her new role in the upcoming Hong Kong drama 《麻雀乐团》, where she will sport a short haircut and portray a 17-year-old version of her character in flashback scenes. More details from Ali Lee's exclusive Malaysia media interview will be available on our website soon.

The grand opening culminated with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and a vibrant lion dance, marking the beginning of mtm labo's journey in Malaysia. The new flagship store, located at Pavilion Damansara Heights, promises to bring the brand’s renowned custom-blended skincare to Malaysian customers.

[新闻报道] mtm labo 隆重开幕 @ Pavilion Damansara Heights (Featuring Ali Lee 李佳芯)

mtm labo 在 Pavilion Damansara Heights 隆重开幕:TVB 明星李佳芯惊艳亮相

吉隆坡,2024 年——2024 年 5 月 18 日星期六下午,Pavilion Damansara Heights 成为了人们关注的焦点,因为 mtm labo 在此庆祝其旗舰店的盛大开幕。著名香港女演员李佳芯是这次活动的特别嘉宾。

活动的其他亮点是与本地名人 Diana Danielle、黄翠玲和苏盈之的访谈。每位嘉宾都分享了他们的个人护肤秘诀和使用 mtm labo 产品的体验,为保持肌肤光彩提供了宝贵的见解。特别嘉宾李佳芯也分享了在繁忙的拍摄日程中如何保养皮肤的心得。她还透露了在即新剧《麻雀乐团》中的角色。她为了这套新剧剪短了她的头发。这套剧里,她还需要在flashback场面里扮演该角色17岁的自己。(更多有关李佳芯在马来西亚媒体采访中的详细内容,请关注我们的网站。)

盛大的开幕式以剪彩仪式和精彩的舞狮表演圆满结束,标志着 mtm labo 在马来西亚新征程正式开启。位于 Pavilion Damansara Heights ,mtm labo承诺将品牌著名的定制护肤理念带给马来西亚的顾客。

mtm labo: Custom-Blended Skincare for Your Unique Skin

mtm labo, with its philosophy "Your Skin Knows," is dedicated to awakening the authentic beauty of each individual’s skin through personalized skincare solutions. Following successful expansions in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, the brand's entry into Malaysia signifies a major milestone. The flagship stores at Suria KLCC and Pavilion Damansara Heights, both opened in April 2024, offer meticulously curated products and expert consultations.

mtm labo’s approach to skincare begins with personalized consultations to understand each customer's unique skin needs. The brand’s custom-blended products are enhanced with botanical extracts from mtm labo's special library, inspired by oriental botanical applications from the 1990s. This method ensures that every product directly addresses the specific requirements of the skin.

The brand's extensive range includes essentials such as makeup removers, cleansers, essences, serums, moisturizers, eye treatments, and masks. Each product is developed by mtm labo’s Japanese research team, ensuring both safety and effectiveness.

The Custom-Blended Skincare Experience

One of mtm labo’s standout offerings is the custom-blended skincare service. This involves a detailed consultation session to identify skin issues, followed by the creation of a unique formula known as the Synergy Boost. Customers can incorporate this tailored serum into their usual skincare routine, enhancing the efficacy of their regimen. The Synergy Boost formulas target various skin concerns, including firming and anti-aging, calming and soothing, detoxification, hydration, and brightening.

Additionally, mtm labo offers the Genes Decode service for a deeper understanding of one's skin genetics. This involves a DNA analysis, providing a comprehensive report on skin sensitivity, barrier functionality, and potential risks. Based on these insights, a personalized Genes Decode formula is crafted to address specific skin needs and prevent potential issues.

Professional Facial Treatments

Apart from custom-blended products, mtm labo has developed an exclusive series of professional facial treatments. These treatments are tailored to individual skin requirements, using custom-blended extracts to enhance efficacy. Experienced estheticians purify the skin and stimulate cellular renewal, revitalizing the complexion to perfection.

A New Era of Skincare in Malaysia

With its innovative approach and commitment to personalized skincare, mtm labo is poised to make a significant impact in Malaysia. The grand opening at Pavilion Damansara Heights marks the beginning of a new chapter in skincare, offering products and treatments that are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of each customer. Experience the transformative power of custom-blended skincare with mtm labo, where your skin’s true beauty is awakened.

Location of mtm labo in Pavilion Damansara Heights:

Pavilion Damansara Heights Suria KLCC Level 2, Lot 2.27.07 & 08

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