[Concert Coverage] DEAN With Tabber Live In Malaysia @ Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur

[Concert Coverage] DEAN With Tabber Live In Malaysia @ Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, 2024 – On the evening of 10th March 2024, Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur transformed into a pulsating hub of music and excitement as DEAN, the South Korean R&B star, and the multi-talented rapper and singer-songwriter Tabber delivered an electrifying performance at their "DEAN with Tabber Live in Malaysia" concert. This event, organised by JioBuddy in collaboration with artist management teams you.will.knovv and Universal Music Korea, and facilitated by concert tour agent Altus Prohouse, was nothing less than spectacular. The production was by Level Up and the event’s official radio are ERA, MY, HITZ with Le Meridien Petaling Jaya being the official hotel. Malaysia, as the second stop of this Asian tour, sold 60% of the concert tickets as soon as they went on sale, and sold out completely two weeks after the tickets went on sale. The organizers immediately announced additional seats right after that!

Both artists brought their A-game, treating fans to an evening of soul-stirring melodies, high-energy rap, and an overall infectious vibe that held the audience's attention from start to finish. The night began with Tabber, who immediately raised the bar with his energetic performance and impressive vocal abilities. His set included fan favourites like "Healing Killing," "Baby Doll," and "Being," which had audiences singing along at the top of their lungs. Tabber's stage presence was undeniable, blending sleek rap flows with a charismatic demeanour that perfectly prepared the audience for what was to come.

As DEAN took the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers. He performed a wide range of songs, from hits like "Instagram" and "Howlin' 404" to "D (Half Moon)" and "21," captivating the audience with his smooth vocals and heartfelt performances. DEAN's ability to connect with the audience was evident, as he kept everyone engaged and energised throughout his performance.

DEAN's rendition of "Love," performed in the style of his Jazz Festival version, was especially memorable because it demonstrated his versatile artistry and created an intimate connection with the audience. DEAN and Tabber's collaboration on tracks "007" and "Chi-ka" was another highlight, demonstrating their chemistry and shared love of music in a performance that touched every attendee.

The concert culminated with DEAN's performance of his latest chart-topping single, "DIE 4 YOU," which has already captivated millions worldwide. The shared energy between DEAN and his fans during this song was palpable, creating an unforgettable sense of unity and passion. The evening ended with an encore of "I'm Not Sorry," leaving fans exhilarated and wanting more.

"DEAN with Tabber Live in Malaysia," a concert known for its exceptional organisation and production, was a celebration of music's ability to connect and inspire. It highlighted DEAN and Tabber's exceptional talent, creativity, and profound connection with the audience, resulting in a memorable night of musical excellence that emphasised the power of live performances and the unbreakable bond between artists and their fans.

[演唱会报道]DEAN With Tabber Live In Malaysia @ Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur

2024年3月10日晚上,吉隆坡世界贸易中心的Dewan Merdeka因为"DEAN with Tabber Live in Malaysia"变成了一个音乐盛会的集中点。这场活动由JioBuddy与艺人管理团队you.will.knovv及Universal Music Korea联合举办,并由音乐巡演代理Altus Prohouse协助策划,由Level Up制作,官方广播电台为ERA、MY、HITZ,而Le Meridien Petaling Jaya为官方酒店,在上周日强烈引爆!本次亚洲巡回演唱会选定马来西亚作为第二个演出地点,门票一经开售即售出六成,随后在两周内全部销售一空,因此,主办方迅速宣布增加座位。

两位艺人都发挥了自己的最佳水准,为粉丝们带来了一个晚上充满灵魂激动旋律,从头到尾都牢牢抓住了观众的注意力。演唱会以Tabber的表演开始,他立刻以他充满活力的表演和令人印象深刻的歌唱能力提高了现场的气氛。他的曲目包括粉丝最爱的“Healing Killing”、“Baby Doll”和“Being”,观众们随着高声合唱。Tabber的舞台魅力绝对无法抗拒。

当DEAN登上舞台时,现场爆发出欢呼声。他表演了广泛的歌曲,从热门歌曲“Instagram”和“Howlin' 404”到“D (Half Moon)”和“21”,以他的平滑嗓音和真挚的表演俘获了观众。DEAN演唱的“Love”,采用他爵士音乐节版本的风格,真的让观众难忘。DEAN和Tabber在“007”和“Chi-ka”这两首歌上的同台演出也是另一个亮点,展现了他们之间共同对音乐的热爱,在每一位参与者心中留下了深刻的印象。

演唱会以DEAN表演他的最新畅销单曲“DIE 4 YOU”达到高潮,这首歌已经征服了全世界数百万的粉丝。最后,DEAN以“I’m Not Sorry”的安可曲结束,让粉丝们兴奋不已。

DEAN with Tabber Live in Malaysia Setlist

Date: 10 March 2024 (Sunday)

Time: 8:30PM

Venue: Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur


1 Healing Killing

2 Baby Doll

3 shut the f**k up that's mine

4 Being

5 Untitled

6 Electric Animal

7 Devil may cry

8 Look at my

9 Like a Vampire

10 Reset + Wake up

11 Adrenaline


1 넘어와 intro

2 Howlin 404'

3 Bermuda Triangle remix

4 풀어 Pour Up

5 Bonnie & Clyde

6 Put My Hands On You

7 21

8 Love (Jazz Festival Ver)


10 And July

11 D (half moon)

12 Instagram

13 007 with Tabber

14 Chi-ka with Tabber

15 3AM FREESTYLE with Tabber


I'm Not Sorry

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