[Local News] Chap Goh Mei celebration: Goh Liu Ying engages the audience in a fun 3v3 badminton game.

[Local News] Chap Goh Mei celebration: Goh Liu Ying engages the audience in a fun 3v3 badminton game.

Kuala Lumpur, 2024 - HERSTORY, a charity organisation, held a "Chap Goh Mei Celebration" event at SJK(C) Pu Sze, Skudai Johor, to commemorate the meaningful Chap Goh Mei festival. Olympic silver medalist Goh Liu Ying was invited to share her experience at the event and led the audience in some fun three-on-three badminton games.

The event, titled "HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024," aimed to spread love through meaningful actions in addition to celebrating the festival with joy. Mr. Allen Beh, Chairman of the HERSTORY Women's Health and Wellness Day Fundraising Committee, stated, "As a charity organisation committed to promoting women's health, we believe that hygiene and exercise are essential for women's health and wellness. On this auspicious occasion, we not only distributed personal hygiene kits to the audience, but also held a 3v3 trial match, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of three-on-three badminton with our HERSTORY ambassador, Goh Liu Ying."

He also invited the audience to register for the "HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024," which will take place on 2nd March 2024 and 3rd March 2024. He also promised them a day full of exciting activities and programmes, including food trucks, seminars, a women's health corridor, health screenings, and more, giving them plenty of opportunities to participate and engage."

Goh Liu Ying, HERSTORY ambassador and founder of the GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament, not only brought signed rackets to give away to attendees of the "Chap Goh Mei Celebration," but also shared her story of pursuing her dreams with her father's encouragement at the event. She stated, "I've practically grown up on the court, with badminton being a central part of my life since I can remember. While my parents encouraged my interest in the sport, they also stressed the importance of education. I've realised the importance of taking proactive steps to demonstrate my commitment to pursuing my badminton dream.

Goh Liu Ying, who is still learning how to be a new mother, continues to return to the court. This time, she hopes to promote women's health and wellness through a cross-industry collaboration with "GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT" and "HERSTORY FITFEST". Goh Liu Ying thanked HERSTORY for elevating the importance of the 3v3 badminton tournament, and she hoped that participants would fully enjoy the unique style of gameplay. In addition, she announced that she will attend the event to support the participants and will perform the HERSTORY Women's Hygiene Day theme song "HERSTORY" for the first time with three other HERSTORY ambassadors: world diving champion Cheong Jun Hoong, singer Nicole Lai, and actress Mawar Rashid.

In addition, Goh Liu Ying, Cheong Jun Hoong, and Nicole Lai will collaborate with content creators Kevin Ong (member of 3P) and Tick Lim in the ultimate 3V3 entertainment match against the champion teams. At the same time, popular online personality "Yagood" will be available to meet and greet the audience.

For more information about "HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024", follow @Herstory.Charity on Instagram and Facebook.

元宵节不抛柑 吴柳莹与现场观众挥拍同乐


以《HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024》名义举行这场《元宵同乐会》,主办单位除了想让民众在佳节里一起同乐之外,也希望在这个充满欢乐的日子,以实际行动传递爱心。HERSTORY女性护理日筹委员会主席马伟伦表示:“HERSTORY作为守护女性健康的公益组织,我们认为卫生与运动是女性健康的重要关键。今天趁着这个美好的佳节,带来个人卫生清洁用品礼袋与现场观众分享之外,我们也举办了一场3V3体验赛,让大家可以有机会与我们的HERSTORY爱心大使吴柳莹一起在球场上感受三打三的乐趣。”

马伟伦还鼓励观众报名参加3月2日和3日的《HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024》,并承诺当日将有丰富多彩的活动和节目,如流动餐车、分享环节、女性健康展览以及健康检查等,供大家参与体验。

HERSTORY爱心大使兼GLY 3V3羽毛球比赛发起人吴柳莹,除了带来签名球拍赠送给出席《元宵同乐会》的观众之外,她也在今天的交流环节中分享了自己从小在父亲的鼓励下逐梦的故事。她提到:“从有记忆开始,我感觉自己就在球场长大。对于羽毛球这个梦想,父母会鼓励,但也会担心我是不是能照顾好课业,毕竟学业也很重要。对于自己的梦想,我觉得需要用行动去证明自己真的可以走到那一条路上。”

目前正在学习当新手妈妈的吴柳莹,仍不忘积极回归球场。这一次带着《GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT》与《HERSTORY FITFEST》进行跨界合作,一同为女性健康身体力行,吴柳莹说:“谢谢HERSTORY让这项三打三羽毛球比赛更具意义,希望参赛者们能够体验到其中的快乐,尽情地享受整场比赛。”此外,她也透露活动当天将亲自到现场为参赛者们加油打气,并与另三位HERSTORY爱心大使——世界跳水冠军张俊虹、歌手Nicole赖淞凤、演员玛花(Mawar Rashid),首次公开合唱HERSTORY女性护理日主题曲《HERSTORY》。

此外,吴柳莹、张俊虹和Nicole赖淞凤将与网络创作者Kevin Ong (3P成员) 和Tick Lim合作,参与一场精彩的3对3表演赛。同时,知名网红暴牙菇也将出席现场,与观众进行互动。

欲知更多有关《HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2024》活动,请在InstagramFacebook上追踪@Herstory.Charity 。

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