[Featured Coverage] Meet & Greet With Ali X TVB Anywhere KL 《李佳芯xTVB Anywhere吉隆坡粉丝见面会》

[Featured Coverage] Meet & Greet With Ali X TVB Anywhere KL 《李佳芯xTVB Anywhere吉隆坡粉丝见面会》

Ali 李佳芯Kuala Lumpur Fan Meeting Held Successfully! She Sang 《小幸运》 with Female Fans and Looks Forward to Holding a Concert!

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - Renowned Hong Kong artist, the "TVB Best Actress," Ali 李佳芯, successfully hosted her fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur at VSINGX, attracting a large number of enthusiastic fans to support her. She even sang 《小幸运》with female fans, leaving other fans in awe! The entire fan meeting was filled with interaction, touching moments, and joy.

Several months ago, Ali 李佳芯 came to Ipoh, Malaysia, to film the program 《随懿深度行》. This time, she made a rare visit to Malaysia again to attend events and meet her fans. Many fans arrived early at the venue and erupted into enthusiastic cheers upon seeing their idol. The atmosphere at the event was warm and lively. Ali 李佳芯 was deeply moved and expressed her gratitude, saying, "The warmth of Malaysia has touched me deeply, and I appreciate everyone's love."

During the fan meeting, Ali 李佳芯 interacted closely with lucky fans on stage and also gave away merchandise to some lucky individuals, which elicited enthusiastic cheers from the audience. The Q&A session provided a platform for her to have in-depth conversations with her fans. She not only warmly answered their questions but also encouraged fans to express their admiration and gratitude. Many fans fulfilled their dreams of sharing the stage with their idol. Our chief editor, Jack, also fulfilled his dream by interacting with his idol, Ali, on stage. Jack, who has been supporting Ali since 《学是学非》openly said to Ali, "I'm waiting for your new work, and I've been waiting so long that my neck has grown long!" He also expressed the hope that Ali could visit Malaysia more often and consider filming in Malaysia. Ali also shared her aspirations to tackle societal issues in her future work, such as emotional disorders and ADHD in children, and bring them to life through her acting.

Ali expressed her anticipation of the opportunity to film in Malaysia in the future, and she hoped that it wouldn't just be work but also a chance for travel. Fans immediately suggested that she visit Malaysia's famous islands like Langkawi and Redang for leisure, which excited her greatly. When she asked how many days would be suitable for a trip to Malaysia, a fan jokingly shouted, "7749 days!" which made her burst into laughter.

Ali also shared her journey in the entertainment industry and, when asked about the types of roles she would like to challenge in the future, she first asked the audience what kinds of roles they wanted to see her play. Many suggested roles like female ghosts, villains, psychological experts, aliens, assassins, and police officers, which made her laugh uncontrollably. When a fan shouted "kung fu master," she also said that roles like social workers, nurses, or martial arts themes would be good options. She even mentioned that in the future, when reporters ask her about this topic, she can provide this answer. What's even rarer is that Ali warmly took photos with fans and guests at close range, fulfilling every supporter's wish, showing her immense affection for her fans.

Furthermore, at the fan meeting, in response to fans' requests, she sang a short segment of 《小幸运》.When asked if she considered holding a concert, Ali said, "It's a challenge, and I will try my best to practice singing. If I can hold a small concert, I believe my singing will reach a wonderful level by that time, and I'm looking forward to it." She hopes the company will consider holding a concert in Malaysia!

The charm of the goddess Ali 李佳芯 cannot be denied. In addition to Malaysia's Dream Singer 2 contestants, there were "Champion Singer" Xair 彭诩越, Vincent 陈泓升, and Zev 梁宸语 who also attended the event. Other junior artists, including Jacy 陈玟蒽, Tyrell 刘泰麟, Nicholas 叶洺宏, and Jaytine 翁婕婷, also attended the event. The three guest artists, Xair 彭诩越, Vincent 陈泓升, and Zev 梁宸语, showcased their singing talents by performing songs like 《我们都是这样长大的》、《幼稚完》and《爱近在眼前》.Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed their performances.

On the day of the event, fans also got a glimpse of TVB Anywhere's upcoming works, such as :《罗密欧与祝英台》, 《异空感应,》 《旁观者》, 《香港人在北京》, 《状王之王》, 《你好,我的大夫》, 《夺命提示》, 《新闻女王》and many more. Additionally, we saw the convenience of TVB Anywhere's various language options and Chromecast functionality! If you, like us, enjoy binge-watching TV dramas, you can give TVB Anywhere a try!

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P.S. Editor Jack hopes for and looks forward to more of Ali's works and hopes she can visit Malaysia more often!

Ali 李佳芯在吉隆坡粉丝见面会圆满成功!她与女粉丝一起演唱了《小幸运》,并表示期待举办音乐会!



在见面会上,李佳芯与幸运粉丝近距离互动,还赠送了周边产品给一些幸运儿,引起了观众的热烈欢呼。问答环节也成为她与粉丝深入交流的平台,她不仅亲切地回答问题,还鼓励粉丝们表达对她的仰慕之情和感激之情,让他们实现了与偶像同台的小梦想。而我们的主编Jack也圆了他的梦,来到台上与他的女神偶像Ali互动。从《学是学非》就支持Ali的他,对Ali直言“等你的作品,等到颈项都长了”,也希望Ali可以多来大马,和考虑一下来大马拍戏。Ali 也分享了未来她也希望拍下一些社会性的状况如情绪病,小朋友的ADHD 等等,而把它们演绎出来。

Ali 表示期待未来有机会来大马拍片,并表示希望不仅仅是工作,还能来旅游!粉丝们立刻建议她前往我国著名的海岛,如浮罗交怡、热浪岛等地游玩,她听后感到非常兴奋!当她询问大家“来大马游玩需要几天时间比较合适”时,一位粉丝开玩笑地喊出“7749天!”这让她大笑不已。


另外,在见面会上,应粉丝的要求,她还和大家清唱了《小幸运》的一小段。当被问及是否考虑开音乐会时,李佳芯表示:“这是一个挑战,我会尽力练歌,如果能够开一场小型音乐会,我相信那时我的歌声将会达到非常美妙的水平,我也非常期待。” 希望公司可以考虑在大马举行音乐会!


活动当天,粉丝们也目睹到TVB Anywhere 接下来会有的作品如:《罗密欧与祝英台》, 《异空感应,》 《旁观者》, 《香港人在北京》, 《状王之王》, 《你好,我的大夫》, 《夺命提示》, 《新闻女王》等等。同时,我们也看到TVB Anywhere的各国语言功能和Chrome Cast! 真的非常方便!如果你们都像我们一样喜欢煲剧,可以尝试TVB Anywhere!

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P/S 主编Jack 希望和期待更多Ali的作品,也希望她可以多来大马!

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