[Coverage] Press Conference of Aniu Concert 2023 《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》

[Coverage] Press Conference of Aniu Concert 2023 《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 – The music megastar 阿牛(ANiu) is back once again! After the postponement of the 《阿牛 2020 云顶演唱会》 due to the pandemic, Redbox Karaoke The Gardens has finally hosted a press conference for the 《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》, garnering attention from media outlets far and wide. This musical extravaganza is set to be presented in the coming months, promising fans an unforgettable experience.

As the event kicked off, the host warmly welcomed all the guests and journalists present. He mentioned that the press conference would reveal some secrets of the 阿牛 2023 《云顶世界演唱会》 and share the highlights of this grand musical event. Before getting underway, the host shared a statement from 阿牛(ANiu) on social media, "If there wasn't a pandemic in 2020, the concert would have taken place on May 2nd. However, life has no 'ifs'. Perhaps now is the best time." These words highlighted the unique significance of the upcoming concert, heightening the anticipation among attendees.

ANiu made his appearance in a light-hearted and humorous manner, elevating the atmosphere of the venue. He discussed his expectations for the concert and why he believes now is the best time. During the press conference, he hinted at a song and dance performance, referring to it as the “牛马 Hop” (ANiu's Malay dance). He also acknowledged the musical influences he had received from artists like 梅艳芳, 李宗盛, 周华健, and Michael Jackson.

Adding to the fun, 阿牛(ANiu) initiated an engaging song-guessing game for the media. For the first song, the media swiftly identified it as the 《MAMAK 档》 with added Pipa elements. For the second song, ANiu performed a brief excerpt to make it more challenging. Despite the increased difficulty, some journalists managed to guess it was 《用马来西亚天气的来说爱你》, a song incorporating Indian drums and Malay flutes. The final song left many puzzled, with ANiu revealing that the answer would be disclosed during the concert on 2nd December 2023, further building the anticipation.

Subsequently, the host invited media representatives to pose questions, leading to 阿牛(ANiu) addressing a series of engaging and in-depth queries about the concert's theme, unique performance elements, favorite songs, impromptu acts, and audience interactions.

Concluding the event, ANiu shared the significance of this concert for him and what he hopes audiences will take away from it. He mentioned that the concert is not only a musical feast but also an expression of gratitude to his fans. He further announced a promotional event on November 25th at the Sungei Wang Plaza. Before wrapping up the press conference, ANiu treated everyone to a rendition of 《小肚腩》, ending the event amidst laughter and applause. ANiu expressed gratitude to all attendees and looks forward to sharing memorable moments with fans during the concert. Details of the concert will be gradually released in the upcoming months, keeping everyone in eager anticipation of the 《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》's remarkable moments.

《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》记者发布会

音乐巨星阿牛(ANiu)又一次回来了!因为疫情导致的《阿牛 2020 云顶演唱会》延期后,Redbox Karaoke The Gardens 为《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》举办了发布会,获得了众多媒体的关注。这个音乐盛宴将在接下来的几个月呈现,保证给音乐迷带来难忘的体验。

活动开始,主持人热烈欢迎所有到场的嘉宾和记者。他提到,此次发布会会透露阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会的一些秘密,并分享音乐活动的精彩部分。

在发布会正式开始前,主持人提到了阿牛在社交平台上的话:“如果 2020 年不受疫情影响,5 月 2 日,这场演唱会应该已经完成了。但是,生活中没有如果。也许现在就是最好的时间。”这些话表达了此次演唱会的特殊意义,使大家更加期待。

阿牛轻松幽默地亮相,令现场气氛更加热烈。他谈到了对于此次演唱会的期望,以及为何现在是最佳时机。在发布会上,他还暗示会有歌舞表演,并称其为“牛马 Hop”(阿牛的马来舞蹈)。他还提到自己受到了梅艳芳,李宗盛,周华健等和 Michael Jackson 的影响。

阿牛还为在场的媒体带来了有趣的猜歌环节。第一首歌媒体迅速猜到是加入了琵琶的《MAMAK 档》。随后,阿牛为第二首歌做了简短表演,虽然难度增大,但仍有记者猜到了是融合了印度鼓和马来笛的《用马来西亚天气的来说爱你》。最后一首歌让大家困惑,阿牛透露这首歌的答案会在12 月 2 日演唱会上公布,使人更加期待。


在结束前,阿牛谈到了这次演唱会的重要性和希望给观众带来的体验。他表示这是一个音乐的盛宴,也是向粉丝表达的感谢。他还宣布了 11 月 25 日在金河广场的宣传活动,并为大家演唱了《小肚腩》作为结束。阿牛对所有参与者表示感谢,并期待在演唱会上与粉丝共同分享美好时刻。未来几个月会逐步公开演唱会的更多细节,让大家对这场演唱会更加期待。

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