[Upcoming Event] Starlight Festival 2023 @ Resorts World Genting

[Upcoming Event] Starlight Festival 2023 @ Resorts World Genting

It's "Prost!" at Resorts World Genting this September as the Starlight Festival 2023 takes centre stage. 

Genting Highlands, 2023 – As September approaches, Resorts World Genting transforms into a glorious and exuberant display of festive entertainment and cheer under the stars! Raise a glass to gemutlichkeit and dig out your dirndls and lederhosen as Starlight Festival returns to add zest and plenty of excitement to your weekends!

Starlight Festival 2023 will take place over four electrifying weeks from 14th September 2023 to 7th October 2023, with Madison Square serving as the primary hub for unparalleled entertainment. 

As you walk down Gohtong Way, make a beeline for Madison Square's massive LED-lit star-shaped entrance. As dusk falls and the night air becomes cool and crisp, the grand marquee decked out in tavernesque splendour comes to life, bathed in a stunning kaleidoscope of technicolour. Surrender to the festival's pulsating beats and infectious joie de vivre beneath a canopy of stars as the event ramps up and live music and entertainment take centre stage! Relax and unwind while sipping frothy Danish beer. Crispy pork knuckle, onion rings, and grilled German sausages are among the hearty Bavarian indulgences on the menu.  

For the duration of the festival, the Starlight Festival 2023 promises a sensational lineup of musical acts. Opening act Raymond Ng and party band Alan S. and Lenny kick off the first week of live performances on 14 September, followed by Kenny Low and Elva with Best of Cantopop on 15 September and Alan & Min on 16 September, accompanied by the sick beats of DJ Felix and MC Richard. Winnie Goh and Lyee Cheok kick things off with Kelson Ng & Min on 21-23 September, and Alex and Daniel crank up the Best of Wubai on 22 September and Best of Mayday on 23 September, accompanied by the stylistic tunes of DJ Felix and MC LadyAnna from 21 to 22 September, and DJ LadyAnna and MC Milli on 23 September. Beyond Tribute is presented by Starlight in Week 3 (28-30 September) with headlining acts Sharon Wong on 28 September and Beyond Tribute by Kai on 29 and 30 September, supported by party band Alan S. & Lenny, DJ LadyAnna, and MC Milli. Headlining acts Ena Hon and Boon Ong on 5 October, FABBA and Beatlemania on 6 and 7 October, and Justin & Lenny and Justin & Min from 5 to 7 October, with rave music accompaniments by DJs Reeve, Wasabi, Maq, Amber Na, and Jenna round out the festivities. 

The Starlight Festival 2023 is a free event, with Madison Square festivities limited to non-Muslims aged 21 and up. On festival days, guests can enter Madison Square via SkyAvenue Gateway or the Arena of Stars escalator beginning at 6 p.m. 

All transactions at Starlight Festival 2023 will be cashless, with credit card or e-wallet payments accepted (TNG/Boost Pay/Grab Pay/Alipay/Maybank QR Pay/Genting Points (GP)/GeM (Genting Electronic Money). 

Visit rwgenting.com and/or our official social media platforms for the most recent updates and happenings at RWG.

Certainly, I've bolded the important information in the article for you:

Starlight Festival 2023 将于9月重临云顶世界


云顶高原,2023- 迈入九月云顶世界将蜕变成一个充满欢乐和节庆气氛的绚烂乐园!加入Starlight Festival 2023,穿着传统的德国服饰dirndl和lederhosen,在闪烁的星光下,举杯与朋友们共享快乐时光。美丽的灯光和装饰,美味的食物,以及令人印象深刻的音乐和现场表演,将在Starlight Festival 2023为您的周末注入无限的激情和活力

为期四周的Starlight Festival 2023将于每周四、周五和周六的下午6点至午夜12点举行,主要活动将集中在麦迪逊广场。

漫步在Gohtong Way多彩的大道上,缓缓走向麦迪逊广场的巨大LED星形入口。随着夜幕降临,夜晚的空气清新宜人,像酒馆一样的华丽大帐篷充满生机,灿烂的晚霞为其增添了绚烂多彩的色彩。在星光的照耀下,尽情沉浸在现场音乐和娱乐活动的激情节拍和令人陶醉的氛围中!一边品尝丰富多样的丹麦啤酒,一边享受美味的巴伐利亚风味美食,如脆皮猪蹄、洋葱圈和烤德国香肠等,绝对是人生中的一大乐事。

Starlight Festival 2023将呈现一系列精彩的音乐表演。第一周(9月14日至16日)的现场演出将由Raymond Ng和Alan S & Lenny于9月14日开场。9月15日的演出阵容包括《好声音·决战好声2017》亚军刘国辉(Kenny Low)和Elva,粤语流行音乐(Best of Cantopop)由Alan S & Lenny和DJ Felix & MC Richard助阵。9月16日的助阵乐队是Alan S & Min

来到第二周(9月21日至23日),9月21日的演出由华语经典K歌之星吴玮琳(Winnie Goh)和《Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛2015》亚军石鲡仪(Lyee Cheok)开场,并由Kelson Ng & Min乐队和DJ Felix & MC Milli助阵。9月22日由Alex & Daniel呈现“Best of Wubai”Kelson Ng & Min乐队和DJ Felix & MC Milli助阵,23日则是Alex & Daniel呈现的“Best of Mayday”,并由Kelson Ng & Min乐队和DJ LadyAnna & MC Milli助阵。

第三周(9月28日至30日)将向Beyond乐队致敬,9月28日由《Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛2013》亚军黄雪云(Sharon Wong)开场,9月29日至30日最像黄家驹的艺人王维锴呈现“Beyond Tribute by Kai”,并由Alan S & Lenny乐队和DJ LadyAnna & MC Milli助阵。

最后一周(10月5日至7日)的现场表演将在10月5日的Ena Hon & Boon Ong、10月6日至7日的FABBA和Beatlemania以及10月5日至7日的Justin & Lenny和Justin & Min以及DJ Reeve、Wasabi、Maq、Amber Na和Jenna的狂欢音乐伴奏下圆满结束。

Starlight Festival 2023免费入场,麦迪逊广场仅对21岁及以上的非穆斯林开放。宾客可在活动期间从下午6点开始通过SkyAvenue Gateway或云星剧场的自动扶梯进入麦迪逊广场。

活动期间只接受无现金交易,宾客可选择使用信用卡或电子钱包(TNG、Boost Pay、Grab Pay、Alipay、Maybank QR Pay)、云顶积分(GP)或GeM(云顶电子现金)进行付款。


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