[Entertainment] BE:FIRST Released an Amazing Music Video for "Mainstream," their 4th Single, Declaring a "New Standard" from Tokyo to the World.

[Entertainment] BE:FIRST Released an Amazing Music Video for "Mainstream," their 4th Single, Declaring a "New Standard" from Tokyo to the World.

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 – BE:FIRST released an Amazing Music Video for "Mainstream," their 4th Single, Declaring a "New Standard" from Tokyo to the World.

While their recent single 'Salvia,' the ending theme song to the Netflix anime series 'Baki Hanma - Season 2 The Father vs. Son Saga,' is still topping the Japanese music charts, BE:FIRST has moved on to their fourth single, "Mainstream," and its music video.

This must-see music video begins with an aerial view of Tokyo, inviting us ominously deep into the city's underground, where BE:FIRST begin their performance. They transport us from the dark depths of Tokyo's underground to the rooftop of a skyscraper with their expressive singing and dancing.

"Mainstream" was inspired by BE:FIRST's desire to create. The song was inspired by their determination to pursue their own style and create their own'mainstream' rather than follow trends. A series of previously released documentaries in which the members discussed their thoughts on the concept of the mainstream will help you understand why they wrote this song.

SOTA from BE:FIRST collaborated on the choreography for the music video with ReiNa, an internationally active Gen Z choreographer who has recently worked with Stray Kids and NCT U.

Daichi Yasuda directed the music video, which has won awards at various film festivals, including the Gold Award at the Ciclope Festival. The video crew had to obtain filming permissions from places like The Metropolitan Area Outer Waterway, the subway, an underpass, a highway under construction, a multistory parking lot, an escalator, and the rooftop of a 123-meter-high skyscraper. BE:FIRST literally brought the lyrics "From the bottom to the top" to life by performing from a deeper underground level to the top of a highrise building. Daichi and his crew spent over 720 hours editing the futuristic 'Neo-Tokyo,' which included 154 backup dancers, drone and helicopter aerial filming, and the latest VFX technology. BE:FIRST's most ambitious music video to date.

Observation from SOTA

"This song pursues and expresses what we believe our'mainstream' is." We've combined dance moves from our youth with our current style of expression. After all, we worked obsessively on details and quality, which allowed us to achieve a somewhat'maniac' choreography. In the coming months, keep an eye out for how we will embrace our very own "Mainstream"!"

Statement by SKY-HI

"Most people are drawn to what is popular and trending. This tends to expand in tandem with the expansion of entertainment and culture. I believe that an artist's role is not only to follow trends, but also to create them. People may think that releasing this song as the lead track is 'unusual,' 'unexpected,' or 'contrary,' but that is not how we see it. We are not attempting to attract attention or to oppose the majority. BE:FIRST, on the other hand, is simply refining their own style, and they are now ready to present "Mainstream" as their classic in 2023. BE:FIRST define and demonstrate that they are a group that will create their own mainstream rather than following it."

Daichi Yasuda, Director's Note

"From deeper beneath Tokyo, the cameras follow BE:FIRST as it moves upwards." I wanted to express their aspiration for greater heights by presenting "Mainstream" to the world with that motion. We negotiated with authorities for permission to film in unusual locations, such as a highway that was still under construction, in order to create an original depiction of Tokyo that could not be found anywhere else in the world. We also aimed to set a new global standard as a music video by utilising top-tier VFX technology and overwhelming passion from engineers and creators."

"We also gathered a large number of backup dancers to literally depict the spread of the BE:FIRST trend." We achieved the best possible end-result by exchanging feedback and ideas with the members on the details, such as camerawork, editing, and VFX. All of the creators involved in this project were immersed in the production for several months, inspired by the members' passion. We now have this 'amazing' and 'crazy' music video, after all."


BE:FIRST 最新发布的音乐视频“Mainstream”震撼登场!

BE:FIRST 创作了史上最宏大的音乐视频,彰显了他们的决心,创造了“新标准”。

目前正以迅猛的势头崛起的七人组跳唱团体 BE:FIRST,他们演唱了 Netflix 全球热播的动画片《範馬刃牙》的片尾主题曲“Salvia”等曲目。而现在,他们最新单曲“Mainstream”的音乐视频正式上线。



这首歌的编舞由成员 SOTA 与在全球范围内为 Stray Kids 和 NCT U 编舞的 Reina 共同负责。

音乐视频的导演是安田大地,他曾在多个影像节上获得奖项,其中包括“Ciclope Festival”的金奖。为了拍摄这部音乐视频,他们获得了特殊许可,能够在地下50米的治水设施、地下铁、高架桥下、建设中的高速公路、多层停车场、电梯,甚至高达123米的高楼大厦屋顶等平时难以进入的地点拍摄。


SOTA 表示:“这首歌曲承载和表现了我们所追求的主流。我们将青春时代熟悉的动作以我们现在的风格呈现出来。整个编舞都追求独一无二的质感,是疯狂的编舞。请期待以各种方式享受‘Mainstream’!”

SKI-HI 则说:“流行、人气和潮流等等,人们都在追随或被其所追随。这与娱乐和文化的发展息息相关。在其中,我认为艺术家的角色不仅仅是跟随潮流,而是通过创造来塑造潮流。将这首歌曲作为主打歌,可能会有‘特立独行’‘为什么在这个时候’的声音出现,但我们本意并不是如此。并不是刻意炫耀自己,不是刻意彰显与众不同,而是坚持不懈磨练自己风格的BE:FIRST在2023年将自己的风格作为主流展示出来。BE:FIRST并不是追随‘Mainstream’,而是作为创造‘Mainstream’的存在,定义自身,证明自身。”

导演安田大地评论说:“这个影像表现了从‘东京地下’不断向上攀升,以更高点为目标创造‘Mainstream’的BE:FIRST。在这个影片中展现了存在于独一无二世界观中的‘TOKYO’。为打造出在世界上不存在的原始‘TOKYO’的世界观,不断协商拍摄困难的取景地,实现了在建设中的高速公路拍摄等通常情况下不可能的拍摄。此外,在MV中投入了日本最顶级技术和热量的特效,意在创造出世界‘NEW STANDARD’水準的作品。他们还邀请了许多舞者,将BE:FIRST创造的流行趋势逐渐扩大的样子可视化。在摄影、特效等各个环节成员也进行了探讨和争论,共同得出了最佳结论。受到他们的激情感染,创作者们也全身心投入到数月的制作中,因此令人惊叹的疯狂MV得以完成。”



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