[Entertainment] "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert" made its premiere in Macau (Dual Language Post)

 [Entertainment] "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert" made its premiere in Macau (Dual Language Post)

The highly anticipated "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert" made its premiere in Macau. Following through on his original goal, Jacky Cheung realised his greatest self during the "60+ World Tour Concert." The programme produced a visual and audio feast for the audience by combining modern ballet, orchestral music, and pop music.

Jacky Cheung and Shu Qi reunited after a 10-year hiatus at the "60+ World Tour Concert."

Macau, 2023 - The "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert," which debuted on 9th June 2023 at the Venetian Macao's Cotai Arena, piqued the interest of the global Chinese community. Each of Jacky Cheung's concerts explores new performance techniques, demonstrating his resilience in the face of adversity and his pursuit of perfection, making "Jacky Cheung" a one-of-a-kind quality benchmark in the Chinese music industry. Jacky Cheung's "60+ World Tour Concert" is his tenth solo performance, and he always brings new and remarkable originality to each performance. The concert seeks to offer a flawless display and let Jacky Cheung uncover his best self after nearly nine months of hard preparation by the production crew. The programme combines ballet, orchestral music, and pop music to precisely depict Jacky Cheung's quest of elegance and taste at the age of 60+, offering the audience with a refreshing cinematic feast.

Unlike "Jackie Cheung’s classics 《学友 经典》” which has a four-sided stage, the "60+ World Tour Concert" has a three-sided stage with a four-story high musician stage, creating a big and breathtaking environment. Jacky Cheung's deep and steady vocals, the seamless integration of symphonic and pop music, the graceful and mesmerising modern ballet performances, and the magnificent lighting effects all add to the exquisite and creative presentation of the "60+ World Tour Concert." After over forty years in the profession, this is Jacky Cheung's tenth solo concert, and he intends to present the audience with a unique audiovisual experience and impact. The inaugural Macau concert charmed and engrossed the audience in the unique ambiance of each song. The concert was immediately energised by songs like 《Ooh La La》and《马路英雄》.When Jacky Cheung performed the melancholy classic《等你等到我心痛》, a surprise came on the big screen—a music video featuring Shu Qi and Jacky Cheung that had been particularly created for the concert. This cooperation came 10 years after Shu Qi's appearance in Jacky Cheung's "1/2 Century Concert" in 2012, cementing their relationship. The four-minute short showcases Shu Qi's remarkable acting abilities, effectively depicting the heart-wrenching sorrow of waiting day after day for the person you love after losing them. The two lead performers' outstanding performances deeply moved the audience and left them wanting more. "Let's shoot a music video every ten years," Jacky Cheung joked to Shu Qi on the set. I'll be with you as we get older." "Will you accompany me as I grow old, too?" he asked the crowd. This speech elicited a passionate response from the audience, who pledged to accompany Jacky Cheung with his music till his death. 

Jacky Cheung's powerful and penetrating vocals perfectly showcased his ability to handle various musical styles. Professional male and female ballet dancers on stage executed clean and exquisite spins and magnificent jumps while the music ebbed and flowed, exhibiting the ballet's unique beauty of being both delicate and powerful. Every action caught the audience's emotions. "Do you know why I chose ballet?" Jacky Cheung joked. It's because I wanted to do less dancing. I'd like to dance, but I doubt you'd want to witness it!" Later, he performed classic hits like 《分手总要在雨天》and《只想一生跟你走》 in a clever combination with various string, wind, and percussion instruments, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere at times and a grand and extraordinary ambiance at others. The audience was transported to a Baroque theatre while listening to the lovely music.

With the "60+ World Tour Concert," Jacky Cheung hopes to communicate the notion that everything begins in the heart. "I just love performing," he stated. Despite my age, I feel that at all phases of life, we can still display various types of beauty and provide wonderful performances appropriate for our age." "Although I'm already 60+, my physical strength isn't much different from the last time," he joked. I'm just worried that the audience will think I'm having trouble dancing." Jacky Cheung didn't make things any easy for himself in the encore part. Instead, he chose to sing "Blue Rain," the most challenging song he had addressed in interviews, demonstrating his unwavering attitude and passion once more. The concert ended with a stunning performance by the great orchestra and ballet dancers, flawlessly integrating modern and classic components and concluding with the rock rendition of 《吻别》. It was the perfect culmination to the concert. The "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert" is unquestionably a must-see event. After all, "many more decades are yet to come."

The "Jacky Cheung 60+ World Tour Concert" offers fans painstakingly crafted and high-quality products. The gear, which includes commemorative T-shirts, tote bags, and baseball caps in a classic black, white, and grey colour scheme, combines practicality with memorable value. The pre-sale has already begun, and more different and plentiful things will be available soon. Stay tuned for additional information.



《学友 经典》不同,《张学友60+巡回演唱会》采用了三面舞台的形式,其中乐手舞台高达四层楼,气势恢宏令人震撼。张学友以更加纯厚稳练的歌声与管弦乐和流行音乐高度融合,舞者展现出优美而曼妙的现代芭蕾舞姿,配以绚丽夺目的灯光效果......在《张学友60+巡回演唱会》中呈现出精妙且极具艺术性的表演。已经出道近四十年,这是张学友个人的第十场演唱会,他仍希望能给观众带来与众不同的视听体验和冲击。《60+巡回演唱会》在澳门的首场演出让观众陶醉其中,深深沉浸在每首歌曲独特的氛围中。从节奏强劲的《Ooh La La》《马路英雄》,现场气氛瞬间达到高潮。当演唱到抒情经典《等你等到我心痛》时,大屏幕上出现了由女神舒淇与张学友特别为演唱会拍摄的音乐电影,延续了他们十年前合作的《1/2世纪演唱会》,再次续写前缘。这部时长四分钟的影片由导演翁子光倾力拍摄,展现了舒淇实力派的演技,深刻传达了相爱的人在痛失另一半后每日痴心等待的心痛。两位主角的精湛演技让现场观众为之动容,意犹未尽。张学友开玩笑地说他在拍摄现场跟舒淇小姐建议:“我们每十年拍一个音乐视频,我陪着你变老。”然后他反问观众:“你们也会陪着我变老吗?”接着他笑着说:“哎呀!我忘了,我已经老了,坐公交车只要两块钱,谢谢你们陪伴着我变老。”这引发了现场观众热情的回应,约定与张学友的歌声共同陪伴彼此到老。




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