[Upcoming Event] Nine One One “BROMAN” World Tour 2023 Live in Malaysia

[Upcoming Event] Nine One One “BROMAN” World Tour 2023 Live in Malaysia


The Taiwanese band Nine One One will perform at Malaysia on 12th August 2023 with tickets going on sale on 23rd May 2023!

The second stop of the "BROMAN" World Tour 2023.

Bringing an exciting concert through classic Taiwanese hip hop songs!


Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - The Taiwanese band Nine One One will perform at the Nine One One "BROMAN" World Tour 2023 Live in Malaysia. Jazzy Group is organising the concert, which will take place on 12th August 2023 (Saturday) at the Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second stop of the "BROMAN" World Tour and the band's first concert in Malaysia.


Nine One One is a rap-pop group from Taichung, Taiwan, formed in 2009 by three members: KEN-G, Onion, and EO. Nine One One's music is distinctive, combining elements of rap, hip-hop, and pop music. Their lyrics are profound, and their melodies are dynamic, but more importantly, their performances are brilliant, full of energy and vitality. Their songs frequently elicit empathy and emotional resonance in young people, becoming a spiritual solace and pillar for many. Their songs "LOCAL", "9453", and "Like Boom Boom" are all rap-pop music industry classics that are well-loved and sought after by listeners.


The <Nine One One "BROMAN" World Tour> kicked off on 15th April 2023 at Taipei Arena, with a total of 11,000 people in attendance, hyping up the entire arena. They performed songs such as "BROMAN", "Dark Society", "Welcome to My Home" and many more in a very explosive manner. Guest performers included Iron V Vivian Hsu, EggPlantEgg Ng Ki-Pin, and famous hit song producer Starr Chen on the day of the concert. Simultaneously, Nine One One used the occasion to announce that their next stop will be in Malaysia on 12th August 2023 to meet with their fans.


Nine One One comes to Malaysia to sing not only to promote and publicise their latest single and album "BROMAN" so that more people know and understand their music, but also to thank and give back to Malaysian fans for their support and love over the years. They stated that Malaysia has always been an important music market for them as well as a significant milestone in their acting careers. As a result, they are honoured and excited to be coming to Malaysia to open the show, and they hope to provide the best music and performance to their Malaysian fans. In this concert, fans and music lovers alike will be able to experience the allure of Nine One One's music and stage performance.


This time, Nine One One is coming to Malaysia for the first time and promises to wow Malaysian fans with their best performances. They will perform several classic songs as well as new works and stage performances to provide the audience with a feast.


Fans and music fans alike have always looked forward to and enjoyed Nine One One's concerts. This concert is not to be missed if you are a fan of Nine One One or are interested in their music and stage performances. Let us all look forward to this much-anticipated night of music!


Nine One One "BROMAN" World Tour 2023 Live in Malaysia

Date: 12th August 2023

Time: 8pm

Venue: Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur


A T-stage will be added to the main stage for this concert to allow the audience to feel the enchantment of the song better. This will allow Nine One One to be closer to the crowd. The concert will be divided into two sections: the ROCK ZONE standing area and the CAT1 seating area, allowing everyone to choose their seats and experience the concert ambiance and stage. 

The Nine One One "BROMAN" World Tour 2023 Live in Malaysia is set to begin on 12th August 2023 (Saturday) at 8 p.m. at the Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets will be available at ticketcharge.com.my for RM388 (ROCK ZONE) and RM338 (CAT1) on 23rd May 2023 at 10 a.m.

Stay tuned to Jazzy Group's Official Facebook and Instagram for more information about the Nine One One concert.


玖壹壹《BROMAN 世界巡回演唱会2023–马来西亚站




Jazzy Group主办的玖壹壹《BROMAN》世界巡回演唱会2023年马来西亚站将于812日(星期六)在吉隆坡Mega Star Arena举行。这是该演唱会的第二站,也是玖壹壹在马来西亚举办的首场演唱会。








这是玖壹壹首次来到马来西亚,他们承诺用他们最擅长的表演方式为马来西亚的粉丝们带来震撼的演出。他们将会演唱多首经典歌曲,还会呈现全新的作品和舞台表演,给现场观众带来视听盛宴。 玖壹壹的演唱会一向备受粉丝和音乐爱好者的期待和喜爱。如果你是玖壹壹的粉丝,或者对他们的音乐和舞台表演感兴趣,那么这场演唱会绝对不容错过。让我们一起期待这场备受期待的音乐之夜吧! 这场演唱会是由Jazzy Group呈献的,《玖壹壹《BROMAN》世界巡回演唱会2023-马来西亚站》,定于812日(星期六)晚上8点在吉隆坡Mega Star Arena举行。演唱会门票将于523日上午10点正式开售。如欲了解更多玖壹壹演唱会的详细信息,请留意Jazzy Group官方脸书IG


玖壹壹《BROMAN 世界巡回演唱会2023–马来西亚站



地点:吉隆坡Mega Star Arena


为了让大家更好地感受音乐的魅力,此次演唱会的舞台不仅有主舞台,还会加入T型台,让玖壹壹离观众席更近。演唱会将分为ROCK ZONE站区CAT 1座位区,大家可以根据自己的喜好选择座位,尽情享受演唱会的氛围和舞台。

<玖壹壹《BROMAN》世界巡回演唱会2023 - 马来西亚站>铁定于8月12日(星期六)晚上8点在吉隆坡的Mega Star Arena拉开帷幕。门票将于5月23日上午10点ticketcharge.com.my 正式发售,票价为RM388(ROCK ZONE)和RM338(CAT1)


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