[Entertainment News] BE:FIRST's emotional masterpiece 'Smile Again' - created as the international promotional song for the sunblock brand "ANESSA"

 [Entertainment News] "BE:FIRST's emotional masterpiece 'Smile Again' - created as the international promotional song for the sunblock brand "ANESSA"  

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - BE:FIRST, the popular new Japanese boy group, has released a second single after a two-month break after releasing their first digital single "Boom Boom Back" in mid-February 2023. On 26th April 2023, the new single, "Smile Again" was officially released on various digital music platforms.


"Smile Again" showcases the unique vocal abilities of BE:FIRST's seven members with its exquisite and minimalist musical style, giving the song depth and texture that makes for a rich narrative. It's their first sentimental masterpiece since their debut, with a refreshing and captivating melody. The vibrant dance moves also create stunning visuals that transport listeners into BE:FIRST's colourful world. The simple lyrics magnify the song's melancholy and dreamy atmosphere, allowing listeners to fully experience the work's emotions of sadness, fragility, determination, and hope.


BE:FIRST's new single not only features top-tier production, but also an impressive lineup of collaborators, including SKY-HI of BMSG, the dance and vocal legend from w-inds, Keita Tachibana, and the Seoul-born music producer JUNE. The choreography was handled by "s**t kingz" Japan's most powerful dance troupe, which includes shoji, kazuki, NOPPO, and oguri. They have won the "BODY ROCK" dance competition in the United States for two years in a row, and they have also collaborated with many Japanese and Korean artists, including Da-iCE, ØMI, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, Super Junior-D&E, SHINee, NCT 127, and EXO.


On April 24th, the music video for "Smile Again" was released on BE:FIRST's official YouTube channel, with the airport serving as the backdrop, showcasing the group members' stories of unwavering desire to find true love. They held a live streaming event on YouTube on April 26th at 6 p.m. (Singapore/Malaysia time) to share their new work with their fans to coincide with the release of the new single.


When releasing new works, BE:FIRST keeps their domestic and international fans, known as "BESTY" (BE:FIRST fandom name), in mind. As a result, they will be sharing more information and activities related to "Smile Again" via social media.


It's worth noting that BE:FIRST has collaborated with the sunscreen brand "ANESSA" to create an international promotional song called "Smile Again." The brand campaign will be launched in Japan as well as eight other Asian countries or regions, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, and the song will be available on major digital music platforms.


"Smile Again" will include the hit single "Boom Boom Back" which has become a TikTok social media challenge with the hashtag #BBBChallenge and has over 100 million views and counting. The song has also reached the top of several music charts, including Japan's Billboard HOT 100 and TikTok Weekly Top 20. "Boom Boom Back" has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube since the official MV was released in mid-February and is still rising. BE:FIRST has amassed 400 million total views on their official YouTube videos since their debut in November 2021.


BE:FIRST, who are known for their originality, creativity, and artistry in their works and performances, will continue to surprise their fans with new music, undoubtedly bringing a new wave of innovation to the music industry.


BE:FIRST 抒情大作《Smile Again- 防晒品牌「安耐晒」的国际活动歌曲

自从在2月中旬发布了2023年的第一支数字单曲Boom Boom Back之后,日本新晋男团BE:FIRST两个月后再次发布了全新单曲Smile Again》,并在426正式上架各大数字音乐平台。




此次BE:FIRST不仅邀请了众多音乐制作人的加盟,制作阵容强大,包括日本音乐界的超级rapperBMSG社长SKY-HI,以及舞蹈和歌唱的前辈w-inds的橘庆太和来自首尔的音乐制作人JUNE。同时,舞蹈编排由日本最强四人舞技团体s**t kingz负责,该团队由shojikazukiNOPPOoguri组成,曾连续两年获得美国舞蹈大赛BODY ROCK的冠军,并成为许多日韩艺人的舞者和编舞师。这些威名赫赫的艺人和专业人士的加入,无疑提升了这首歌曲的制作水平和艺术价值。


BE:FIRSTSmile AgainMV424日(星期一)率先发布于BE:FIRSTYouTube官方频道上。MV以机场作为拍摄背景,展现了成员们欲言又止的心情故事以及对真爱的不懈追求。此外,在歌曲发布之际,他们于426日晚6点(星马时间)YouTube上进行了直播活动,与歌迷分享新作品。


作为忠实的BE:FIRST粉丝,每次新作品的发行,都会吸引国内外的BESTYBE:FIRST粉丝昵称)的关注。因此,在接下来的几周中,他们也将透过社交媒体分享更多Smile Again相关的消息和活动。


值得一提的是,BE:FIRST得到了防晒品牌ANESSA”(安耐晒)的青睐,为其打造了国际活动歌曲《Smile Again》,这项品牌活动将在日本及亚洲其他八个国家或地区开展,包括印度尼西亚、马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡和泰国,而歌曲也会在各大数字音乐平台上线。


Smile Again的发行还收录畅销单曲Boom Boom Back和未发表的新作品Great Mistakes。凭借单曲Boom Boom Back所带动的社交挑战活动 #BBBChallenge(中文为#BBB挑战)在TikTok短视频平台上取得了巨大成功,吸引了用户的关注和参与,目前已累计1亿次观看次数并持续上升。这首单曲也成功登上了各大音乐排行榜的冠军位置,包括日本告示牌(Billboard JapanHOT 100TikTok周榜20。自从2月中旬在YouTube上发布官方MV以来,Boom Boom Back的播放量已经突破了1000万大关,目前仍在持续攀升。值得一提的是,自202111月以来,BE:FIRST一出道就表现出色,目前在官方YouTube视频总播放量已经突破了4亿的惊人成绩。




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